Dil Dosti Dance 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Karma comes to Sharon. Sharon says she is sorry, she got Ishika as her 10th dance and has deposited her full fee. Sharon tells him to try and understand. Swayam comes there, Karma leaves thanking him. Swayam comes to Sharon and asks ready for the date? She says she has to fresh up. He says you always look fresh, she says I am tired. He says watching this, you must fell fresh. She opens the gift, it is a red dress. She asks happily is it for me. He says no, this is for me. She laughs and says its beautiful. He tells her to go, change.
Ishika tells Vishnu she doesn’t look comfortable with the western clothes. Vishnu says that we attended the karate classes as well, we wore the special dress; likewise there is no problem in wearing a dress for dancing. She says Sharon appears to be strict, but Vishnu says that it’s the beginning of her practical life.
Huma arrives to the function; the lady invites her and sends her to the costume room.
Sharon and Swayam come to the restaurant for dinner. His dad calls him; he talks to him asking Sharon about the menu book. He puts the phone and gets Vicky’s. Sharon places the order, while he talks on phone. He asks did you order something for drinking. He asks the waiter, but he gets Bharat’s call. He says he has to give him carpenter’s number for placement of mirror in the garage.
Huma is introduced as Monika on the stage. Sonali says that in events, real names aren’t taken and sends her to the stage. Huma performs there, a guy notices her during the performance.
Swayam and Sharon puts bites into each other’s mouths. He is about to put a bite is Sharon’s mouth but Vicky calls again saying the drilling isn’t taking place. Swayam scolds them to call again and again and says mirror is important for them. Sharon thinks he didn’t look at the mirror while with her, but now he doesn’t look at her now.
Sonali makes Huma meet her boss. He gives Huma her card, and offers her a drink. He insists upon a drink. Huma’s mother was there, and thinks this girl seems like her Huma, and goes to tell her. She breaks her spectacles. Someone holds Huma’s hand and pulls her in the corner, it was Raghv. He says it is his friend’s party. She asks why he brought her in the corner, he tells her her ammi is here. Huma gets worried; Raghv says he is pretty sure she came hidden. Huma says she will explain all this later, and has to leave taking Sonali’s payment. He offers her lift, but she denies and leaves. Sonali comes to her and asks her for the payment. Sonali says that payment will be done tomorrow, Huma asks if she can get it today but Sonali says she can collect it before going to college.
Sharon was frustrated, Swayam says he will have to go to garage but he wants to spend the time with her. Sharon says she is also waiting for that. He asks for what? She says her mom must be waiting so she has to go. He says they haven’t ordered the food yet, but she says she is full. He asks the waiter for the bill. She thinks he didn’t stop her for once.

PRECAP: The man follows Huma; she says her boyfriend knows a good kick for people like him. A boy comes on the bike; she says this is my boyfriend. She comes to the biker, it was Karma who tells her to pop on.

Update Credit to: Sona

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