Qayamat Ki Raat 4th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Karuna tries to kill Ananiya

Qayamat Ki Raat 4th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raj says you are spice Meena Kumari. You did chance py dance. She leaves him. He says I have more power. I handled a girl like you. She smiles. Dharam sees them. He says lets go. Raj says dharam you here… He says I came here to tell everyone pandit ji has passed away. Raj says what? How? Gauri did you know? I will bring everyone. Gauri says thank you Dharam you didn’t tell Raj I knew. Dharam says I knew he wont trust you. He says people don’t trust us. Gauri says the day he sees Tantrik he will believe. Go to pandit ji’s family. I will meet you there.

Gauri comes home. She tells everyone that hospital has shifted. Everyone is sad over pandit’s death. Menakshi says who killed him and why.
Karuna says I have to take this kalash and get blood from it. Prithvi says his son died too. His family is our responsibility. Who killed him and why.

Everyone comes to pandit’s house. Karuna says to Ram (servant) go and give me kalash. She shouts. Damini comes ad says what are you doing. Why are you taking kalash. Go and do your work. Ananiya saw Karuna talking like this.
Karuna follows damini. She goes to the temple to put it back. Karuna can’t enter the temple. SHe falls down. Damini says what happened? Ananiya saw all this.

Guru ma comes to Gauri and says every character in this story is related to you. This is your story. Guru ma says get that kalash. Gauri says let me get the kalash.
Karuna sees the kalash and says I have to get it out. Damini says to dadi I am really worried for karuna. Ananiya checks her bp. She is shocked. She looks at Karuna’s face. Damini says whats her BP? Karuna says why is there no voice? She checks her heart beat. Karuna shoves her and says I don’t need all this. I need rest. Ananiya checks her pulse. She is dazed. Aaniya comes to her room scared. She says her pulse was not running. How can she move? What is all this? Pandit ji.. Door knocks. Ananiya says who is this? Karuna says its me gauri open the door. Aaniya opens the door and is scared to see Karuna. Karuna says you thought it was Gauri but it was me speakig in her voice.

Gauri comes home and looks for the kalash. Its not there.
Karuna says Ananiya I am not dead. I am living dead body. You medical sciences didn’t teach you right. Gauri was right. That tantrik is there. I know you will tell everyone. You will die and so will this secret. She says please dont’ kill me. I will do what you ask me. I got you this kalash as well. Please don’t kill me.
Gauri looks for Kalash. Menakshi says I picked it. Karuna was replacing it for pooja.
Karuna floats Ananiya in the air. She says give me this kalash. Anaiya says I will give you once you let me go. Karuna says you know I am and what can I do. Give me this kalash. Ananiya says promise that you wont kill me. She gives it to her. Karuna says if you tell anyone I will cut you into pieces. Run out. Ananiya is scared. Gauri sees her. She says what happened? Ananiya runs. Gauir says what happened to her? Ananiya comes to her room. Gauri says what happened? Ananiya hugs her and says Karuna has died. She is not alive. SHe is a livign dead body. Karuna turns into gauri. She says you thought I was karuna but I was Gauri. I told you not to tell anyone. She shoves her from the balcony. Everyone sees her and is dazed. They pick her. Menakshi says how did she fall? Its like someone shoved her.

Gauri comes to ananiya room and sees the thread on the kalash there. She says that means di got it. I have to stop her.
Karuna comes to jungle. Gauri stops her. She says its wrong. I wont let you do this. Karuna says you can’t do anything. I will get tantrik out. No one can kill him. You can’t stop him. Guru ma comes and says you are not bigger than God’s power. She locks Karuna. Karun says gauri its hurting me. Tantrik is doing all this. He will kill me. Please get me out. Guru ma say she is trapping you. Dont’ listen to her. Karuna says gauri its hurting me. Guru ma says she has died. Its a body that tantrik is using. Her soul has passed. That was your sister. This is your tantrik. She is dead. This is a dead body. Karuna says gauri I am your sister. Please get me out. Gauri walks towards Karuna. Guru ma says no gauri. Karuna throttles Gauri. She says I will kill her. Gauri releases herself. Guru ma says she can’t come out of it for 24 hours.

Doctor checks Ananiya. He says she has internal bleeding. Our doctor is out of town. Raj says I will go where he is and I will find him. Gauri says in heart SUmindar? I will go there as well to find the secret. Gauri says I will go with you. Gauri and Raj leave. Dharam sees them together.
Guru ma does pooja. Gauri tries to come out of her lock. A person in black dress comes. Gauri says get me out I will give you a lot of powers. The person gets her out. Karuna smiles. Karuna throttles her and says how are you here? The person shoves her. Karuna says you helped kalsur. I will go and find Gauri first. The person gives her paper that says sumergarh. Karuna says I know why they went there.
Precap-A truck hit Guru ma. Raj and Gauri meet an accident too. Karuna stabs Raj.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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