Love? – Episode 4 – Om and Munni

the next day:

anika took gauri somewhere whilst kids were at school so munni had no one to play with. she was searching for her teddy and bumped into a tall man revealing to be om.

munni: aji (ajeeb) man, hewp (help).

om: what?

munni: teddy lost.

om: oh..

he was least interested in what munni was up to so he walked past her and then he heard little sobs. he turned and saw munni crying. he goes towards her and picks her up.

om: what happened that you are crying?

munni: no one hewp! mummy with anu chichi (chachi) all mean!

om: ok….. so you want help?

munni looked confused as he said help and not hewp.

om in mind: can’t believe i have to speak munni. (talking) hewp?

munni: hewp chayu (chaya). teddy lost. lost.

om: ok i will help.

he walks with munni in his arms and they reach a room where kids play but viren, aadhira and munni.

munni: here no!

om: arre it could be.

he puts munni down and searches for the teddy. he found it in a box.

om: yeh?

munni: yes. thankooo.

om: no problem.

munni: play!

om: what?

munni: play!

om: no. i got work.

as he started to walk, he heard….

munni: sab mean hai. mummy, renvi bauya and hira didu nice.

om felt sad hearing this and came to munni.

om: play?

munni smiles and says: play!

she finds some dolls and a toy tea set and goes to aadhira’s room.

aadhira’s room:

munni: tea party!

om: oh no! please munni, no!

munni: you evil!

she goes on her sister’s bed and throws a pillow at him.

om: not fair!

munni sticks her tongue.

om: fine i’ll play.

munni goes off the bed and starts to torture om with a tea party (he deserves it thank you very much).

whilst playing, om learnt something about munni. she is a number one chatterbox but he felt a beautiful connection with her.

precap: not decided.

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