Love? – Episode 5

One hour later:

Aniri came back and Gauri quickly went upstairs only to find Om with a sleeping munni, she quickly goes to them.

Gauri: what have you been doing with her?

Om: arre she just wanted to play with someone so I just thought…..

Gauri: I don’t need an explanation.

She takes sleeping munni from Om’s arms and leaves the room.

Om: curse that b*t*h!!!!

Gauri hears what Om said abou her and started to walk to her room. Just then Anika came in front of her.

Gauri: what happened.?

Anika: Gauri, how can you live with a man who hates you?

Gauri: please bhoojal, do not be  Aadhira and Viren.

Anika: matlab?

Gauri: nothing.

She was about to walk but Anika stopped her.

Anika: aadhira and viren even tell you to leave Om?

Gauri: you see….. voh…. um….

Anika: um um what? Just say.

Gauri: yes they tell me to leave omkaraji.

Anika: didi I just hear ‘omkaraji’? Gauri, only call him that when he respects you!!

Gauri: but I respect him.

Anika: respect him?!? He tries to kill you through wounds, tortures you, forbids you to do anything with family. Your children hate him due to this. They hate him. And munni….. she is too young to know the real truth so she will think anyone is good and sometimes a bit bad. Please keep munni away from Om.

Gauri: she was with Omkaraji bhoojal. When you took me to shop.

Anika: oh no! Meaning now munni has created a connection with Om!!!

Gauri: I don’t know.

Anika: if she hasn’t, good but if she has, Om will use that as an advantage

Seven ends on worried faces.

Precap: aadhira gets slapped.

Who slaps aadhira?

And why?

Find out in th next chappy.

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