KAATIL ~{A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 39


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Episode 39
Next morning :::
The Episode starts with Sidhant waking up due to alarm and didn’t found Jasmin beside him he closed his eyes and remember their kiss he touched his lips ..

What happen last night oh my god where is Jasmin I kissed her what if she left getting angry no no she can’t he quickly got up and went downstairs and sees Jasmin with Shweta and Sakshi and sighed ..

She scared me like anything he murmured Nd turned to find Neil ..
You aren’t ready yet we have to leave sidhant Neil said ..

Haan I’ll be back in 5 mins he said and ran to his room quickly moving in bathroom soon he was ready too and came downstairs Sidmin shared an eye lock but soon looks at other sides ..

Chale ??? Neil asked while they all nodded both the brothers sat in their cars and left for their farmhouse which was far away from the city ..

They were driving having fun too racing with eo along with their wives who was cheering .. for them after some hours of driving they stopped at nearby dhaba where no one can actually spot them to be celebs they were all covered from head to toe evening speaking like villagers …

Jas and Avni went to have water while Neil and sidhant sat and ordered something Avni got a call from shanaya asking Jas to go and sit with them ..
Soon their order comes while Sidmin looks at each other ..Avni comes there and all started having their lunch ..

Avni Di ..don’t eat that it had curd in it jas said while Avni Neil sidhant looks at her ..
Why ? Neil asked ..
She is allergic to curd Jas said while Neil looked at Avni who nodded in yes ..
How you know ? Sidhant asked ..

She knows because she used to stay with us na you are really a duffer Avni ended ..
Shut up dayan sidhant replied and they continued having Thier lunch soon they were done and again their journey started after sometime they reached ..

Avni and Jas came out and find a big beautiful farm house Infront of them they looks at it wide eyed ..scared as only few houses were there rest place was isolated …

NeSid took them inside and showed the whole house soon they got freshen up and started roaming near from that house having fun clicking pictures ..
Soon it was night time and they came back after having their dinner at NeSid favourite place as soon as they entered lights went off while they were shocked ..

What happen why current went ?? Avni said ..
It’s happens here Avni don’t worry we will check they said and left ..
Avni ran towards Jas who was shivering as she had a phobia of complete darkness and the sounds of birds during night ..

Jas Jas don’t worry see everything is fine see I am here with you ..
I want mumma papa Jas said while Avni hugged her consoling her NeSid too came back and saw them sidhant was shocked seeing Jasmin like that ..

What happen to her ?he asked worriedly while Avni looks at him and told him about phobia …
Jas come here Sid said but Avni nodded in no and said she will stay with Jas ..
What happen you both went to see lights na ?? Avni said ..

Yeah we haven’t visited from many days na so invertor is not working too …Neil said ..
Take me from here i don’t want to stay here Jas started crying while Avni was rubbing her back consoling her ..

Let’s do one thing Sidhant said and went outside he arranged bonfire and asked them Neil and others to come ..
Avni and Jas sat together while Neil and sidhant was looking at them shocked to see bonding Avni wasn’t ready to leave Jas while jas condition was same too she was not screaming in avni’s embrace …

After sometime lights came while NeSid looked at them ..
I think we should sleep now sidhant said
Haan Jasmin replied still shivering with fear ..
Avni Come with me Neil said ..

No I can’t Neil I can’t leave Jas alone she answered him ..
Alone sidhant is here Neil said ..
Sidhant ? Then toh definitely I’ll not leave her with him Avni ended …

What do you mean if you are forgetting let me remind you I AM HER HUSBAND sidhant said loosing his temper ..
So what ? EVEN I AM HER SISTER she too spoke loudly making them shocked ..
What ?? Neil asked wide eyed …

I mean I am her sister in law too and see her condition Neil Avni ended convincing them ..
Don’t worry I’ll go with him Jas said and left with sidhant whole avneil went to another room ..sidhant took care of her whole night …

The night passed again bringing a new morning for them ..they decided to leave back early seeing Jasmin condition they went back home ..
Days passed by again Sidmin were coming close to each other while Neil started to doubt seeing Avni and Jas he didn’t wanted to but was doubting Avni even sidhant too agreed their was something fishy with them but he couldn’t focus that much their shooting resume too they were working again falling in love with each other Jas was finding about his past too but failing miserably …days were going on and on Sidmin became possesive about each other and started caring about each other too …
@ sidmin room ::
Sidhant was on bed talking about someone on call while Sakshi knocks on the door ..
Shall I come in she said naughtily ..
Haan maa come aap bhi na sidhant said and let her in while she smiled ..

Where is Jas??? She asked ..
Sidhant pointed near washroom while Jas came after bath and sees Sakshi she greeted her and touched her feet …

Long live puttar she said while jas smiled ..
You are here mom ? Sid said ..
Haan wo Shweta Didi’s friend had kept a pooja in Mandir Avni is coming I wanted Jas to come too she said ..

Okay I’ll come too Jas replied ..
Good Sakshi said and left ..
I had work I am going bye sidhant said while jas picked his blazer making his wear it ..
Come soon she said ..

Yeah he replied pecking her forehead and left from there ..
I realised the fact that I couldn’t stay any longer more without you Jas these idiot who never believe in love had fallen for his wife who changed him so much in these few months of our wedding I want to make your birthday special sidhant said driving smiling cutely blushing too .
Shweta Avni Sakshi Jas left for Mandir while Neil was at home only Raj comes to him ..
Neil are you free today ? Raj asked ..
Yes dad say…

Wo I and my friend had a meeting today we have to meet someone else to sign this business deal so can you go and meet him? Raj said ..
Who dad ?? Neil asked ..
Mr Sarna Raj ended ..

Okay I’ll go and meet him ..Neil said ..
Thanks Raj said and left after giving Neil’s some documents ..
@ Mandir ..
The pooja was going to start when some ladies stopped Sakshi from doing so ..
She can’t do pooja or else it will be really bad said one of the bitcy aunties there ..
Why Jas asked loudly getting angry ..

Why means what these pooja is kept for happily married ladies someone said taunting ..but her husband toh left her for someone else na another one added ..

Shut up Jas said and they all decided to go back home ..Sakshi started crying as soon as they reached she ran in her room ..
@ Sarnas enterprises ..
Neil entered with Raj pa he went and asked receptionist about Mr Sarna ..
Wo sir he went for important meeting as you came late he waited and went receptionist said ..

Ohh Neil replied ..when he will be back ? Neil asked ..
In an hour sir you can wait in his cabin till then she said ..
Haan okay Neil said while she showed her his cabin ..

Neil went inside and sat he was with his pa and the receptionist who gave them coffee …Neil started getting bored when his eyes went on a pic kept on the table ..
He turned it and was shocked seeing the pic it was pic of kush with Avni and Jas on his either sides ..

Avni ? Jas ?? And this kush ? Why their pic is here Neil murmured ..
Who is this Neil asked receptionist on Jas and Avni pic ..
They are Mr Sarna sisters she replied ..
Mr Sarna sisters? Neil said Mr Sarna full name he asked ..

Mr kush Sarna they are his sister Tani Sarna and Jasmin Sarna receptionist ended .

Tani Sarna he said eyeing Avni he didn’t know why she lied to him about her identity he was now getting why they all were staying together why Avni was so concerned about Jas and how Jas knows that Avni is allergic to curd ..

I have some work give this papers to Mr Sarna Neil said and left in hurry ..
Next scene ::
Do the arrangements perfectly I need every single thing to be perfect for us sidhant said to someone on phone ..he smiled soon he got another call and left for hospital …
@ s Vihar ..
Sakshi was crying while Jasmin went and kept a hand on her shoulder ..
Maa she called out while Sakshi turned and wiped her tears ..

What rubbish those ladies were talking about she asked Sakshi ..
Nothing Jas you go I am fine Sakshi ..

You consider me as your daughter na plzz tell I wanna know everything of sidhant past maa I have seen him suffering sometimes really badly Jas said pleading ..

Okay I’ll tell you Sakshi said while jas desperately wants to hear her ..
So many years before when I was very young my papa came up with a proposal for me of arav (sidhant dad) I agree to him even arav that’s when we got married a arranged marriage though I know arav from childhood ..we both were really different from each other and that lacked compatibility in our relationship but soon these was decreasing we started understanding each other that’s when sidhant was born bringing us more close arav was fond of kids and he used to love sidhant like anything more than me days passed and he was 2 year old arav business was having loss and he used to be in stress and oftens fights with me for that I used to stay quiet thinking of sidhant this all continued for an year ..one day arav again lost his deal and I was asking him the reason for his bad behaviour towards we both had a fight and he pushed me with force I fell on floor and had a cut near my forehead but it was not just me and arav there it was my papa too present he witnessed our fight and even how arav pushed me he got angry while arav left the house embarrassed ..papa decided to take me and sidhant back to his house and we went with him I thought arav will come and take me back but that never happened he never came back to take us ..

Papa me sidhant used to stay together with Shweta Didi Raj Bhai and Neil who became sidhant support they were more than real siblings I also lost my hope of getting arav back and decided to live for Sidhant when arav brother viraj came to us Sakshi said weeping ..
Viraj ? Who ?? Jas asked ..

Sidhant chachu and vihaan father Sakshi said and continued he told us that arav had moved on with some one else I was broken thinking how he can do this with me I was just living for my sidhant who grown up without father he used to ask me many times but I used to give him random Reason but he was matured enough to understand me …viraj was in our touch stating as a well wisher but he was a devil Sakshi angrily ended ..

He started disclosing Infront of sidhant that arav left me for another women who ditched and killed him and started filling poison in his minds sidhant who was just 20 years old the young blood the agressiveness in his eyes viraj made sidhant indulge in bad activities of taking drugs and ..made him turn into a womaniser too Sakshi said and closed her eyes she looked at Jasmin who had tears in her eyes too ..

Then Jas said ..
I got drugs once from him and I was shocked to see it that’s when I met jay (arav pa) who was with arav he told me that arav got obssed with twinkle his childhood friend but he didn’t moved on instead twinkle and her husband got him arrested he was in jail for many years after his release from jail he never met anyone Sakshi said while jas was shocked to hear twinkle ..
Twinkle ..she said ..

Yes twinkle Sakshi ended I don’t know from where sidhant and viraj found twinkle and kept her captive when I heard viraj plan of getting sidhant arrested in twinkle murder case I was shocked ..I called sidhant and ask him to come home soon or else I’ll kill myself he came home running …

I was with jay while sidhant came I told him everything that his chachu is framing him and twinkle is not at fault he was shocked with the truth when he got call from goon that twinkle ran from their cluthes and viraj is behind her to kill her so that he can put blame on sidhant Sakshi stated ..
But why he was behind sidhant ? Jasmin asked ..

After we left arav he worked hard and made so much money and buy many properties he named everything on sidhant name before going to jail that was the thing only viraj knows so he came to us in disguise of well-wishers he knew that when sidhant will turn 21 all the property will go to him so he did that Sakshi said ..
Then ?

Sidhant decided that he will rescue twinkle and also apologize for kidnapping her they all reached cliff ..I don’t have clear picture about it ..
I just know that twinkle and her husband had fallen off the cliff sidhant tried to search them alott while rescuing them sidhant shooted viraj on his leg ..while he was hospitalised he gave statement that sidhant wants to kill him when police arrested and kept him in remand home I somehow managed to bring him back he started living in guilt that twinkle and her husband died because of him he went to rehab to get rid of his all bad habits it was really difficult for him after a year he came back but he was no more my sidhant he used to say me many times that incident still comes as his night mare he still gets scared of that day Sakshi said while jas was hell sad hearing the reason thought she knew that sidhant killed twinj she was very much scared and was crying ..
@ hospital ::
Sidhant saw vihaan who was back from coma but still his wounds are there he was having difficulty in breathing and talking
Who did this with you vihaan sidhant asked him ..

Ja…smi..ne he managed to say but again went unconscious ..
Why he took Jas name how I will find out he said and called someone to ask CCTV footage if that day ..

It wasn’t a clear video we recovered it will difficulty the man says passing the pendrive while sidhant thanked him ..
He took it quickly and opened the video was not full he just heard Avni and vihaan confession ..

Ahh no rubbish you are for REVENGE from sidhant right vihaan said .
What ? Avni was shocked ..
Yeah I heard your convo with Jasmin vihaan said smirking ..

The video went blurry after it and again the screen clears and shows Jasmin hitting in his head with vase ..

You vihaan said ..his vision started to blurr still he holds jasmin tightly choking her neck ..Avni move forwards and pushed him pulling jasmine off his cluthes he falls off the balcony …while jas and Avni was shocked ..video ended
Sidhant was shocked seeing it ..

REVENGE ?? WHICH REVENGE sidhant didn’t get why Avni and Jas wants to take revenge from him he didn’t got to know about vihaan real intensions he was angry on Avni and Jas ..he needs an answer from Jasmin of why she agreed to get married to him and why they pushed vihaan like that ..and which REVENGE vihaan was talking with Avni
On the other side ..
Shweta Sakshi and Raj went out to clear Sakshi mood while Avni and Jas didn’t wanted to go …Jas was in garden thinking what all Sakshi told she still didn’t have a clear picture of what she saw and what actually it was ..she was confused between her heart and mind..
Neil came back home and called Avni ..
Avni he shouted while shee came ..
What happen Neil ?? She asked worried as she had never saw him this much angry ..

Who are you ? He asked ..
What ?? She replied ..
I asked who are you ? Neil said ..
Avni khanna what you are talking what happen to you Neil ??

Hah seriously miss Tani Sarna ?? Neil said making her shock ..this is your real identity right and jasmine and kush your real siblings hai na Neil said ..

Neil listen to me I wanted to tell you about my real name but that’s when I got to know that sidhant is your brother Avni answered honestly..

Wait why sidhant is in this convo what’s his connection why are you all here for ?? Neil asked ..
Revenge we came to take revenge from sidhant that’s why I never disclosed this to you Avni said ..

Oh you guys wanted Revenge from sidhant hAn that’s why Jas too agreed to married him taking advantage of situation how cheap Neil ended ..

You are talking rubbish Neil hear my whole side once Avni said ..
No I’ll not you liar you betrayed wait ? You also married me for taking Revenge from him right Neil said ..

No it’s not true I married you because I love you Avni said ..
Hah is it true you sisters came here to take revenge from my innocent brother but I won’t let you both succeed in it understand ..Neil said .

You are taking us wrong Neil sidhant is a bastard he ki…before she could complete Neil raised hand on her and stopped in middle while she was shocked seeing his hand …
Before I do something which I don’t want to get out from here …Neil said angrily
You don’t believe me ? She asked ..

No I don’t he replied with hatred…
Your brother is important for you that you raised a hand on me I understand everyone was right it was my mistake to get married to you but no I’ll correct it Mr khanna Avni ended angrily ..she left from there …while sidhant came back home he saw Avni moving there and Neil standing angrily he asked him what happen while Neil told him that Avni and Jas are real siblings even kush is their sibling just and left from there too ..
Jas decided to go back to her room and have rest she went inside and reached their room ..she opened the door to find all the lights off she stepped inside and on the lights she was shocked to see the room beautifully decorated she smiled tearfully seeing happy birthday jas made with rose petals …

Sidhant looks at her who was sitting on couch Jas too looks at him ..
You did this she said happily while he smiled with pain in his eyes ..
Yes he managed to say ..

Thank you so much she ran to hug him while he stopped by showing his hand ..
What happen she asked ..
Why you pushed vihaan ?? He aksed making her shocked ..
Wo she started to say ..

No lies for which REVENGE YOU ARE HERE ??? sidhant question her calmly ..
REVENGE ? Jasmine said ..
Yes for the REVENGE you are here in my life In my room Sid replied with pain ..

I’ll not lie today I came to take revenge from you killing my parents Jas said while sidhant was shocked ..
Parents ? He asked ..
Yes she replied ..

Who are they ?? He asked.
Twinkle and kunj Sarna Jas said making him shock again ..
So you are here for taking their revenge Haan and I thought babaji send you to heal me but I was wrong again he said ..

He pulled her closer to him tightly you should have asked me once I would have told you he said tears eye he gave a phn in her hand ..
Call your siblings he said ..
Why ?? She replied ..

Just call them or else it will be worse hereplied with dangerous voice ..
She dialed quickly kush number ..he picked up quickly ..
Hello he said from other side
Bhai Jas said teard eye ..

Jasmin kush said ..hearing her voice ..what happen my baby Bacha why your voice is so low he asked .. while sidhant snatched phn from her hand ..
Reach xyz place if you want to see your sister safe sidhant said sternly ..

If anything happen to her then I’ll kill you kush said from other side ..Avni too shouted at him ..

We will see that come soon sidhant said he kept his phone and held her hand dragging her with him ..
Where are we going sidhant..
Just shut your mouth and come with me he said and drove off
Screen freezes
Shocked ????
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So again a happy friendship Day to everyone here and even who are not here too I miss you all guys ..
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  1. Kiya1234

    Hey babes I’m late sorry but I read episode ???. First happy Friendship day ???????????.. my soulmate sister from another mother my raj my love everything best think I have you in my life as a bestie what else I wanted 2 years complete our friendship now ???????.. we are far from each other yet closer ?????.?????. Kamini.. allah make our bond more strong after this writing we remain friends till my our
    Last breath. Don’t dare to forgot me ???Kamini kills you.. always support in my hard time understands me make me laughs always with her talks and emojis ????.. my Hyderabadi poti ????… come to the episode episode the best energetic.. finally get happy sidmin fall for each other’s ????.
    And that scene where jas make him wear his blazer awww for me so cute.. after kiss their eye contact hehe farmhouse moments too cute..
    Sid said right he is her husband.. each and everything was fabulous I loved it.. core..
    Shakshi sad for her finally truth come out.. sid was innocent he planning for her birthday aww.. but become blast day.. Neil come to know about each and everything that person is kunj is this… neil love for sidhant amazing.. sidhant anger for jas hell now waiting for next part this idiot man have to wake up today only let them celebrate their love.. pls pls post soon and give sidmin romance and don’t end..
    pls request by your Kamini Simran..☹️☹️☹️?.

  2. Shalu Choudhary

    Superb episode dear post doon waiting for next episode plz make twinj together

  3. Happy friendship day sweetheart ?????????????????????
    Are yrrrrr ek episode me itne sarre dhamake omg Mindblowing superb fantastic episode dear
    Sidmin scene soo cute

    Neil ko sab pta chl gya sideil bond amazing neil ne sid ke liye avni pr haath.
    uthaya ….dono brothers ka pyaar awesome
    Finally sakshi ne sarre raaz khol diye
    Sid ab kya karega avjasush ke saath
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    Luvvvvvvvvv u sweetheart ????????????

  4. Appi post soon plz….:)

  5. Shocking episode
    The reality of avni’s identity and jas’s mission got revealed
    Also the past got revealed
    Sidmin scenes were soooo cute????
    Poor Sid;he did so much efforts for Jasmine’s birthday
    I think twinj are alive and sid must be taking them to twinj
    Excited for next
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  6. Awesome amazing superb
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    It’s like first part before intermission.
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  7. SSK

    Sorry for the late comment.
    The episode was as usual an amazing. Siddhant and Neil finally came to know about Jasmine and Aditi.
    Sid has made so many arrangements for Jas b’day, but he wont be able to celebrate it feeling sad for him.
    I just hope things get cleared. Lovely episode. 🙂

  8. Aamna_2690


    Yeh Kya Hua ??

    Yaar Kya bolun ??

    Tujhe sakoon nahi milta na shock diye aur rulaye baghair ??

    Itna saara revelation ??

    Hate you kamini ??❤❤

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