Would you miss Colors’ Tu Aashiqui?

Colors’ Tu Aashiqui may be having a closure in September. The show is reported to end in the coming month owing to its low TRPs. The tracks have got much stagnant and repetitive. Viewers have liked the villainous character of JD, which brought much drama in Ahaan and Pankti’s love story. JD took Reyansh’s identity to stay close to the lovers and back-stab them. JD got exposed in front of the family, who were just fed up of his evil ways. JD couldn’t get Pankti and landed behind bars. JD accepted his defeat to Ahaan’s love for Pankti, but cursed them to never unite. He warned them against a new negativity coming in their lives to drift them apart.

After JD’s chapter, Rangoli’s entry was planned in the show. Rangoli turned into the new vampish character. Rangoli gets seriously crazy about Ahaan. Her pursuit for Ahaan’s love makes her stoop to low levels. Pankti and Ahaan will be fighting with Rangoli’s wicked plottings to finally unite. Rangoli’s track may become the last one if the show doesn’t get any extension. Ahankti is close to heart. Ahankti would be really much missed by their fans. Tu Aashiqui might be replaced by new show Internet Wala Love. Would you miss Colors’ Tu Aashiqui? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Show lost its charm long back.. Hope it has happy ending and writers too unite monty and purva in end…

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