Qayamat Ki Raat 20th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Everyone knows Tantrik’s truth

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Qayamat Ki Raat 20th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kalasur says to Garui I know you have killed Karuna. But this isn’t going to help you. Go save your husband if you can. I know you know the secret that I have been after. Gauri says that secret is responsibility of our family. I will protect it from you. With black smoke he attacks Raj. raj faints. Kalasur says he doesn’t have much time. Everyone picks raj and takes him to room.
Doctor checks Raj and says he looks normal not sure what happened. Kalasur says to Gaur what have you decide? Do you want to see him ill and on bed all the time? Gauri is in tears. Kalasur takes out the smoke from him. Raj wakes up an says what happened to me? Doctor says relax. You are find. He says to prithvi we have to find the problem out. Raj keeps fainting without reason.


comes to Laxmi and says I wont give that secret to tantrik ever. I have to save Raj’s life too. Guru ji help me getting back to that world. Guru am sends arohi back to that world.
Arohi comes to a dark house. She says whose house is that? My secret should be here.

Raj comes downstairs. The wedding functions start. Ajay comes with kalasur. Everyone brings the bride downstairs too. A monster stops Gauri and says you made a mistake comin here. You can’t go out of here. You will see me everywhere. Gauri opens doors and looks for Raj’s soul. The devil says you can’t see anyone here. When someone comes they can’t go back.
Gauri is crying. she says every room looks similar. Where do I go? Gauri sees a door in mirror. she follows it. Gauri sees Raj’s soul there. There is a devil’s idol.

Raj isn’t feeling well in the wedding. He takes off his shirt. There are marks on his body. He says what is happening to my body. The devil stops gauri and says you can’t take this soul from here. gauri sees an idol and says there is God even here. You can’t do anything. Ganesh is here with me.
Laxmi says only 3 minutes are left to 12.
Winds start blowing. Gauri kills the devil with trishul. Gauri says how do I go back. SHe picks Raj’s soul. Gauri sees an axe. Garui picks it to go back. She takes out Raj’s soul and places it in the temple. Laxmi and Guruma pray with er.

Kalasur says there is something wrong but what? Raj comes downstairs. He says how is he alive? It is 12. This means Gauri found his soul. She brought him back. Mishka says how is he alive? Kalasur says Gauri brought hiss soul back. Ajay and Aditi stand up for rounds. Garui comes back. She throws gangajal on Kalasur Mishka and ajay. they burn. Kalasur and Mishka fly off as bats. Gauri sits down crying. Everyone is shocked and dazed.

Scene 2
Next morning, Gauri is in her room. Raj comes to her and says I want to say a lot of things. You did so many things for me and my family. I dont’ deserve to say sorry. I never trusted you. You said tantrik is there but I always stayed mad at you. You fought alone. I didn’t trust you. I am ashamed. I left you alone when you needed me the most. He hugs. He says I am our sinner. I never supported you. You did all this for my family. gauri says our family. She hugs him.
Everyone comes in. Prithvi says I am so sorry Gauri. Gauri says don’t say that. Menakshi says we all did this mistake. You saved our lives. Roma says thank you so much. Gauri says I did this for my family. Prithvi says this is my friend’s up bringing. They all hug Gauri. Menakshi says tantrik isn’t dead. He will come back.

Dharam’s mom is out with anjali in market. Dark winds start blowing. people are scared. Anjali sees Kalasur and Mishka. Mishka comes to Anjali and floats her up in the air. Dharam’s mom screams but they stop her.
Gauri says we are all wearing this thread. Prithvi says you are not wearing one. Gauri says he can’t harm me. Roma says Raj doesn’t have one either. take mine.
A man comes and says tantrik has attacked the village.

Precap-Tantrik says to Gauri you have to come to me if you want to save this village. Dharam gauri and raj fight him together.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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