Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi fights Deep

Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi prays that she gets to take her revenge and kills Deep. Arohi touches baba and Guru’s feet. She says baba thank for all the love and care you people have given me. I will never be able to return what you people have given me. Guru ma says there is a reason why God has given you this life. Arohi is leaving. She says where is Abhi? I want to thank him. Guru ma says he isn’t here. You will meet him again if you have to. Baba says to Guru ma those people are very dangerous. Arohi is still weak. Guru ma says if Abhi has asked her to fight she sure can.

Arohi walks out. Abhi follows her secretly.
Tara comes to deep and says come with me. You have to go out with me. Deep says I am busy. She says today is Dasehra. Please lets go we have to prepare for the pooja. Deep says I have no interest in doing pooja with you. We wont have any pooja here. Ma comes and says why are you saying there wont be any pooja? Deep says if you want we will have pooja. Tara says will you go out to get the stuff with me. He says okay.

The pooja starts. Tara and Deep do the pooja together. Arohi is outside. She peeks in. Ma asks deep to do Rawan dehan. Arohi hides her face. someone calls deep. He goes out to take the call. Arohi comes there with her face covered. Deep says who are you? Arohi attacks him. He says you look like from a good village. Who sent you? Virat? He can’t do anything. Deep fights back. Deep says you think you are expert of this fight? Who are you?
Tara wonders were is Deep. Ma looks around for deep as well. Tara says I hate it deep when you leave me alone.

Arohi picks a rod and attacks deep. Deep defends himself. He says who are you? You know I will recognize you. They pick up swords and sword fight. Arohi fights better than deep but he defends himself. Arohi is about to stab deep but his mo comes and takes the sword.
Precap-Deep and Arohi fight. Deep says no one can save you from me. Abhi keeps an eye on Arohi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. finaly tara become arohi
    perhaps its the way who makers find for calm down a lisha funs !

    1. Satya127

      But i think we should not fall in their trap…..That mamtha should bring our alisha as arohi till then we all should see that TRP decreases that badly that she should immediately kick that cheater nia out and bring the soul (alisha as arohi) of immj back…

  2. i guess that the story has shifted to some othwr track
    this is not that revengeful story as it was a few days back
    i want to see deep and arohi back and the TRP will also increase
    And nia should go back
    and what about arohi’s mom and dad

    1. Satya127

      The plot has completely changed and has turned into worst….Only nia going out of the show can change its fate…

  3. Yesterday I was happy. Because am live chat with Alisha.

    1. Satya127

      Hi rhivanya after so many days…..
      And thats great u and alisha live chat wow….Congrats…..
      And miss u too….

      1. Hi r u?
        I miss you too.

      2. Satya127

        I am fine…..

    2. Ardeep die hard fan


  4. Hi guys
    I don’t think if Nia will go out show will become good
    It’s problem with the story maker not with the characters

    1. Satya127

      But neelam once this nia is out the story will come on track automatically…..Because nia presence is killing that taste of immj she does not deserve arohi role if they could had introduced nia as tara it might give this show a rise in its level but they in turn spoiled everything….Now this revamp is only kidnappings murders fighting and vulgar romance….U know these all created onky negativity in the show but alisha as arohi can bring that positivity to the show….

  5. I wonder, how they managed to ruin such a wonderful show. It was to be a story of a successfull revenge. And Deep was to turn good and live with Arohi forever… But since they killed Niku and Babi just because they didn*t need these characters the show doesn*t make sense anz more! This rosy period of love after the death of Arohi*s sister-in-law was the most unnatural thing they could show, and finally the crown of it – Nia*s appearance. Since then the story is just a mix of continious kidnapping, blackmailing and murders. I have nothing against Nia but the scenario is getting since then worse and worse. The viewers are sometimes teased with some occasional romantic moments and that*s. They think the ratings are good, but the viewers are only watching the show hoping that Arohi*s real face finally come back.
    Alisha is doing such a great job playing Tara. It is always more difficult to play a negative role as a positive one. But we all are missing Alisha as Arohi. They have turned the delicate, tender, womanly, innocent Arohi into a Ninja-Warrior! What a ridiculous betrayal of the viewers! Nia can just not act that. She is another person! Remember the most beautiful moment when Deep has told Arohi for the first time “I love you Arohi”. It was all so gorgeous and touching, Arohi so weak, devote and tender! What a bitter disappointment now!

    1. Satya127

      I too feel the same…..When i get the glimpse of the real ardeep and their cute twisted love story i really feel how perfect they were but now there is nothing in the story…..Now mamtha plays games with deep virat tara and mausi stating them as masterminds…..And is soo interested in showing vulgarity…she should first think about it ARDEEP (arsha) was the loving jodi of recent times because there romance is never vulgar and as pair they look damn cute….Viewers will love to watch swret moments between lead pair not a web content indecency…..
      And now coming to trp,before two weeks thid rotten khichidi was having lowest trp…But the next week they showed the deeps murder plan so everyone wanted to watch how that cheater got punished so that week there is a rise and the coming week nia played her cheap trick on the viewers and played with the emotions and we fans with a hope that alisha will return watched the show so them thete is a rise but after her cheap trick revalation everyone left the show because now everyone hate the show…..
      Before at 200 episodes the immj has all their fans support and love with perfect story with perfect lead pair and all good wishes for the show with a best show award but today when it gonna complete 300 episodes it is crowned as the worst show with meaningless tracks and worst lead pair with all the negative comments to shut this creepy show and protests to bring alisha back as arohi…..What a great change of phase in 100 episodes…..

      1. Satya127

        And yes i too love that episode on 27th November where deep confesses really that he loves AROHI…..But i think my favourite is the episode where arohi and deep meet for the first after jail where arohi tells deep that she still loves him after wht he had done to her and there she states one dialogue that parivaar tho humara hota deep kaha tum hote main hote or humari pyar ki choti choti neshani be hote ese hi spane dekhyete tumne amd for that deep remembers and literally he is shocked and felt too bad and i can see how emotional he was to there….In that episode i found the true love of ardeep….Such a sweet love story now turned into a khichidi of all the meaninglessness emotions…..

  6. Does anyone watch this…. this is so funny… this is what happens when you have lots of funding but 0 ideas….

    Did the writer watch the karate kid or something and get influenced…. I feel sorry for those holding on with some hope for this show…. the next step is going to be some supernatural shit, maybe Arohi will become a bee… I just read the written updates and comments…

    1. Satya127

      I am with u….They literally made the arohi character the worst…..When they don’t have ideas they could have given a nice ending to the story and end it we would had been happy that we watched a nive show why to create this much of worst meaningless tracks…..

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