Bigg Boss 12 20th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Salman takes Sree’s class

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Bigg Boss 12 20th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says we saw pairs breaking up this week and Anup, Sree cameback in house. He Urvashi, Saba, Sristy, KV, Sourabh, Jasleen are nominated. Salman says a big issue was created over smoking in house and a lot happened in jail.

In house, Sree is throwing things in jail, Surbhi keeps irritating him. Sree says to camera that I will leave if she doesnt stop. Surbhi says I will sing if I want. She laughs. Sree says talk to me looking in my eyes. Deepika comes infront of Sree and tries to calm him. Sree says to Bigg boss that stop her otherwise I will take action, I am getting crores to do all this but what are you getting? Later Surbhi talks to Deepika and says my emotions are high, I was hurt that my friends didnt support me. In house, Romil

says to Somi that this is happening because of Jasleen and Anup.

On stage, Salman says Sree shouldnt have said that he is getting that much money to do all this, Surbhi was innocent, we all know this but inmates dont know.
Saba says to Shiv that you got influenced and supported all against Surbhi. Surbhi says to inmates that Anup and Sree plotted against me, Jasleen joined them and made all against me.

On stage, Salman connects call to inmates. Salman says to Romil that I couldnt sleep after hearing that Romil liked a girl which was actually a boy, how did you find out? Romil says I went to disco, she looked like a girl but when she opened her mouth, I realized she was a girl. Salman says thank God you got to know early. Salman says Anup is very mature.. right Jasleen.. all laugh, singer plays chayian chayian. Anup says I knew about her ex, Jasleen says I didnt know. Salman congrats Shiv for becoming captain, now underwears and captaincy will be tight, Shiv says underwears get stolen in house, all laugh. Salman says Deepak you played well but you didnt hear Saba telling you that she was behind secret, she was giving Deepika’s name to distract others but you didnt listen to her when she was telling you the truth. Salman says to Saba that you should have told him clearly like Jasleen told to Shiv. Salman says horse task was done nicely but why did Sree quit? Sree says I was running on treadmill but people started talking so I had to slow down and then my toe didnt allow me to run. Salman says you played for country and you ran for 0.4KM? Sree says I had 12 surgery in toes so I cant run a lot. Surbhi says he likes to seek attention, he wants to support people but he has grudge in heart with them so he cant decide if he wants to support or not, he could have ran with slow speed but he was running high, Romil commented so Sree felt bad and got down, he said few things to Romil then he acted like he is ill, next day Deepak hid horse caps, nobody could run without it, he didnt want to support Deepika from heart so he started running on treadmill without cap, then he threw spit on Deepak’s name on board, he just wants attention. Romil says he fakes pain, he was running fine next day, Surbhi says then he starts behaving irrationally in task, Salman says it brings focus on him. Deepak says he told me that he doesnt want to support Deepika. Surbhi says his relation with Deepika is pretentious , they want all attention on them. Sree says I dont want to say anything. Salman says to Sree that you are a sportsman, you used to play for India, you cannot skip tasks, people expect you to do tasks, walk, run, you come with a baggage, I know its difficult but you have to put your 100% in tasks, if you give up it like this when you played for India then its not fine. Sree says you are right, it was my best at that, I know I have to think about my life ahead, I cant even walk in morning after surgery, like Romil said, I cannot walk without advice of doctor. Romil says he gets fine suddenly. Salman asks you think its strategy? Surbhi says yes, he starts acting ill when he wants to, if he was ill then why did he make issue with Deepak’s name and all? he could have taken rest. Salman says to Sree that if this is strategy then well played, you were in limelight. Surbhi says he is right. Romil says he is playing smartly. Sree says I cameback, I talked to Deepika, she was taking care of me when I was not well, I will respect that for life, all were against me at that time. Salman says all were against her because you said a lot against her. Romil says if he is taking stand for her after saying bad for her infront of all then he should clear infront of all. Salman says when Sree was making an issue, all are behind him, but when Surbhi was making an issue then nobody went to her. Jasleen says we dont have a problem in calming Sree, if he is angry with Romil then he wouldnt curse anyone else but if someone is trying to console Surbhi, she makes everyone afraid of her, she pushes everyone away, when someone tries to talk to her, she was eyeing me evilly and pointed me to not come to her. Salman says Surbhi gives good performance. Jasleen says she makes people awkward. Salman says what Sree does? Somi says he break things, keep attention on him. Salman says then dont give him attention. Somi says I stay away from him, Sree says good. Salman says to Sree that you planned to put Surbhi in jail and it succeed, the reason you gave after planning it that she was smoking in washroom, how much truth it was? Sree says we saw Jasleen asking her to not smoke in house. Jasleen says I just asked her to not smoke in washroom, she asked me to not say that infront of all. Surbhi cries and says its not easy to smoke openly in India, I confessed it and I knew my mother wouldnt like it, I didnt want this topic to be raised again so my mom would listen and get hurt, I told them I didnt do it, I accept my mistakes, I didnt do it. Salman says Surbhi didnt smoke in washroom. Salman says to Sree that what you saw in washroom, Surbhi didnt smoke, let me show you the clip which you saw in outhouse. Clip shows Jasleen coming to washroom, she asks her to not smoke in washroom. Surbhi says I didnt, remain silent. Clip ends. Salman says see nothing like that happened. Surbhi thanks him. Romil says they made a deal with me that if I accept that I sleep in washroom then they wont tell about Surbhi. Anup says Romil told us that he sleeps in washroom, he thought that we would not bring Surbhi’s smoking up but she started it, she made so much issue, I got so scared that I have asked to put my bed away from her. Surbhi says Anup made this issue a big thing, I dont like him talking behind people’s back, I get scared that I will be diplomatic like him if I sleep closer to his bed. Romil says they decided to make this an issue about her smoking, they didnt even see her. Jasleen says we agreed to ask her even when we were sending her to jail. Romil says they didnt talk about it, all start shouting. Saba says to Jasleen that you have put fire in this issue, Jasleen asks her to stop it. Salman asks them to discuss and ends call.

In house, Surbhi says I dont lie. Saba says Jasleen made story.
Jasleen says to Shiv that this Saba and Somi are too much.
Sree says to Sourabh that Salman compared me with Surbhi, its not good.
Anup says to Deepak that Jasleen told as much as she saw. Deepak says she said a lot more so she became liar.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman says 6 inmates are nominated. Salman says to KV that your great deed moment was at that time, you were confident. KV says I was a fool, I should have fought more. Salman says KV IS SAFE. Salman says people know that Deepika has fans but still she didnt let herself get nominated. Caller connects call and talks to Jasleen, he says you have made a force in house like Shiv, Anup and Sree, what is your plan? Jasleen says I dont have a plan, I have started taking stand. Caller says you make mistakes then how will you lead your pack? Jasleen says I am making friends, Deepika have a gang here, call ends. Salman says SRISTY IS SAFE. Salman asks inmates who is biggest sinner this week? Just give name. Sree says Romil, Deepika, Sristy, Deepak takes Jasleen’s name. Urvashi, Jasleen, Anup, Shiv, Sourabh, KV takes Surbhi’s name. Saba, Romil, Surbhi takes Sree’s name. Salman says Surbhi is selected and she have to go to torture room where she will smell a rotten fish. Surbhi says I am vegetarian so I cant do it. Salman says we care for your sentiment so you take one name. Surbhi says I want Jasleen’s name. Jasleen says I didnt do it, Sree asked so I told what I saw . SRee says I am going. Salman stops Sree and says Surbhi needs to decide. Surbhi says Romil is close to me so he can do it. Romil wears safety glass, he goes in room and gets slapped by a fish. Sree says to KV that is not torture.

Deepika says to Somi that people keep saying I am doing everything fake.
Sree says to Jasleen that Deepika talked to Surbhi yesterday and now Surbhi wants her to make captain, imagine what she has done. Sree says we should send Romil, Surbhi, Deepika, Saba and Somi to jail. Jasleen says Deepika went to Surbhi’s side last night, Sree says I wont let Deepika become captain now.

Salman says Urvashi, Saba, Sourabh, Jasleen are nominated, one will be evicted tomorrow.

PRECAP- Sree’s wife says to Shoaib that Deepika took Sree’s name for elimination, it was shocking for me. Debang says it was like a betrayal. Shoaib says this is a game and Sree plays it too.
In Sultani ring, Romil says Sree doesnt play and thinks its all imaginary. Sree says this game is imaginary, he knows I am popular. Romil says I dont think he deserves respect.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I see some deserving candidates now.

    Surbhi – She is loud, I agree. She is aggressive, I agree. But she is NOT fake. She is bold, brave and straightforward. She doesn’t give a damn who is what. She says what she feels right ! She isn’t dirty from inside. Yeah, she is good.

    Deepika – What l really love about her is her judgement. She listens to both the sides, gives her piece of verdict even if her friend is at fault. Her tears are not fake, by nature she is like that. Caring yet brave, sweet yet a fighter, and strong one to stand alone. So nice when she was against Jasleen today.

    Romil – The sharpest mind he has. He keeps his points so perfectly that he is bound to be correct. I have not seen him making teams but the way he spoke today for Surbhi was reviting.

    Karanveer (special mention) – I love him more than any other contestant but let me be frank, he doesn’t deserve to win.

    Saba is a nice woman, if u clearly observe. She is emotional too. As in case of Saba Somi breakup, she being the elder sister, took everything upon her. (I never mentioned her before)

    And, Shree – I Hate You.

    1. I hate him toooo

  2. So a big slap on the face of the people who are now exposed. I hope their supporters learn a lesson. Yesterday, i read comments of people who called Surbhi a monster and what not. Where are your manners? They trusted Jasleen who is faking a relationship more than Surbhi Rana who was truthful from day one.

    I read comments about people supporting kvb. Frankly speaking,i haven’t seen him playing till now. So can you guys please tell for what are you supporting him?
    Bcz he is a good soul but good souls are not meant to be here. Atleast, play and then prove you are a good soul then you are worth supporting.

    Sree sucks. Really u don’t deserve to be in this house.

    1. I dont like sree for his tantrums and I dont think he has any winner quality. At the same time I still dont like surbhi for her over aggressive nature..if she knew she was right and she didnt smoke then she should have let it there..ya she can express her anger and feelings but you dont need to overdo it..Salman would have clarified like he did anyways and proved sree anup wrong..if surbhi can tone down her hostile nature and have a little more fun in the house then she can definitely be in top 3…
      Other than that anup sree urvashi jasleen sourav are seriously non deserving..urvashi is no doubt sweet but there in no contribution from her of any sort…
      At the end the tough competition should be between dipika Deepak romil surbhi saba somi and hopefully kv/srishti if these 2 start giving some content..otherwise I dont see kv and srishti kuch on screen these days

    2. what slap yaar? the clip itself clears that jasleen indeed smelled cigarette in bathroom and immediately came out saying so it’s a different story she later changed her statements again and again but that’ll be cause of surbhi’s overreaction made her doubt herself…whether surbhi is a monster or not she definitely has some different sort of contract with BB and it’s clear by salman(who just blabs out the script)micro analysis when it comes to topics that favours her or complete ignorance where she’s wrong, this selective ignorance is on purpose

      1. @Baid…
        Nice observation… U exactly noticed the same thing…
        Even i saw surbhi accepted that n denied then suddenly salman said aisa kuch nhi hua…
        If u didn’t do anything then y u changed ur statement?
        On the other hand.. Anup, sree and jasleen was very strong on their words…

      2. Silent Reader

        @Baid totally agree with you … Clip proved nothing that supports Surbhi and it really confirms that she smoked

      3. @Baid, Xyz, Silent reader… So true.!
        “Surbhi bekasoor hai”…. ha ha ha … We knew it already that , Sallu and BB are very good at hiding their favourite’s mistakes… so no surprise at all… but i am very happy even after Salman tried, it slipped from Surbi’s tongue…Actually it’s a slap on those who said yesterday Surbhi won’t lie…

        Salman asks Shreeshant how much truth is there in wht he accuse… Obviously there s no recorded video of surbi smoking inside washroom & sree Nd anup can’t smell it frm secret room… So Salman is misleading other housemates against them.. but jasleen who just went inside washroom after surbi, smelled it and evn questioned Surbi on spot… What did surbi say “she didn’t, remain silent”..!
        Guys don’t u feel like if she was Indeed innocent in this accusation ,she should have questioned other housemates for who smoked inside washroom?? She was the captain also that day..
        She knew it’s her she just avoided it cunningly… She didn’t even double checked if smell is real or not… Neither she questioned anyone else…!
        Yesterday she was abt to admit it. she said ” it’s not easy for women in India to smoke openly. She doesn’t want to hurt her mother, who dislikes it..” Salman immediately intervenes and announce ” it wasn’t surbi”!
        Surbi was about tell she didn’t want her mother see it ,so choose washroom… but Sallu saved her… She never wanted this issue to come out ,only bcs it’s herself who did it..!
        We know Sallu from many seasons.., they will surely hide video clips of Surbhi taking cigarette secretly to washroom if they had it…
        If it wasn’t surbi indeed, sallu would have exposed the real HM who did… But now he can’t name anyone else to save his favourite bcz definitely they will say ” No , we never did smoke inside..”!

        Only Sallu and Surbi got exposed yesterday..!
        Surbhi is indeed liar and hypocrite.! But she and khan sisters makes sure their presence is there unlike KV, Shristy, Sourav, Urvashi and Anupji..

      4. @ezra…
        Each n every word is true…
        This is exactly what i analyzed after watching the episode…

      5. Agreed baid

    3. @Aditi…
      Yesterday i was supporting surbhi and blaming sree jasleen and rest of the housemates bcz i thought sree planned a fake story… But in today’s episode it 8s cleat that he was not lying..
      He exactly told the same thing.. He saw in that clip…
      Haan ye reason dena to sent her jail was totally wrong.. But the thing he said was not fake..

      1. Btw I just loved how jasleen took a stand and said she wont go to torture room..she was like those 2 who saw the clip and confidently said surbhi smoked should go…that was good…she should voice her opinion and take her own decisions and not let herself be a puppet of anup or anyone else…other than that surbhi equally deserved a strict confrontation from Salman for her behavior which I missed

      2. Silent Reader

        @XYZ trueeeeee

  3. Honestly I support Romil and shree should know that he is not popular instead he is notorious and everyone knows he is here to clean his image. Popular nahi hai tu. ?.popular for bad things.?

    1. I think sree will do more damage to his already sinking boat than any good..he shouldn’t have come back..

    2. Aditi,
      I agree with your above comment about sree…
      He is indeed infamous!!

  4. People seems so against shree lol and he indeed is more irritating than entertaining{so is surbhi} however I find some people over exaggerate his mistakes like for instance today when he angrily said(heavily paraphrasing here) “iski aukat hai mujhse compare karne ki” he wasn’t talking about money or fame it was all about the difference in behaviour and action as jasleen said his shouting and screaming is always under some limit he never goes maniacal like surbhi he never provokes the way she does and he certainly doesn’t joke about mental illness or cut his thumb to put blood tilak on his head…biggest disappointment are saba and somi they imo seemed like thali ke baingan today…

    1. Silent Reader

      @Ja sooo truee … Even in twitter and everywhere whatever Sreesanth does is overanalyzed and exaggerated …. Sreesanth has done nothing when compared to Surbhi … Yuck how ppl are supporting Surbhi just bcoz she is against Sreesanth

    2. @Ja, comparing Surbi his antics are like an immature kid only where surbi is just seems like a Psycho and she is violent too..

  5. Glad that Salman.cleared the issue but still.some of the channels are desperate to.prove her a chain smoker even if she is its none of our concern unless she viollates d house rules some r even saying Surbhi had a contract with bigg boss to hide her smoking habbit as a result of which Salman deliberat took her side all this literally illogical luke a smoking clause incontrct like seriously ..
    But her khoon teeka should have been mentioned as its not very pleasant in.a family sho.w …bur again surbhi is surbhi?
    Today the show stealer was the caller
    Kya has has k li h jasleen ki…?
    The best part now aleast aj nos his actual value in the house
    Deepak againflipped according to convienience..bnda bahaut age jayega?
    Romil.was good atleast he has a stand

    1. “unless she violates house rules”>umm but if the story was true then she did infact violated biggest bb rule they are heavily advised against smoking IN the house issue was never about her smoking it was always about where she did it and if some channels are making about smoking then they’re idiots

      1. Ya thats what i meant that she didnt smoke in washroom the issue is resolved
        She smokes or not is her personal choice

    2. But caller was BiggBoss crew only yaar…
      Who pretends like public view!

      1. @Reema..


  6. What I could make out of Surabhi’s clip was that she smokes so the smell was coming from her mouth and she didn’t do it in the bathroom. She denied Jasleen about smoking in the bathroom and then perfumed herself and went away. So, her mother will get upset about her smoking in the bathroom but not in smoking room. In reality we prefer to be around people who are not fake but also not volatile, loud and foul mouth. So, I think Surabhi needs to be a bit civilised and yesterday I felt she blew things out of proportion just to get the viewers attention. She could have handled it without aggression.

    1. @shruti… Completely agreed

  7. Yesterday, I thought smoke thing was planned by sree was a fake story.. Just to sent surbhi to jail… But after watching today’s episode i just want to say..
    Sree was not lying… he exactly said the same thing what he saw in clip… He made it an issue and it was wrong..sree should have to be smart… He tried to be smart but failed very badly so sree needs to understand this thing that he should not give up any task and should control his anger ..

    Romil – he is a smart player but he should respect others.. I really dont like whenever he talked about sree’s career… Sree jo bhi h jaisa bhi h but indian team k liye select hona is a huge thing

    Surabhi – i am confused after watching today’s episode bcz first surabhi accepted amd said i told jasleen that i will mever repeat this mistake again.. Then suddenly she denied and after that salman said she didn’t do that.. It really seems like bb is favouring some contenders…

    Anup – for the first time i like this person… And hats off to him… Whenever salman asked him. About surbhi thing his answer was the same.. What we saw we tell the same thing to other

    Jasleen – i like her for the first time.. Bcz i dont find her wrong and she was not lying..

    Sristy – dumbest contender.. Who dont even know with whom she should go further

    Deepak – irrtating… He is a thali ka bengan..

    Deepika – she thinks she is a smartest player and in bb 12 she is the strongest player so its not true.. Neither she made any good bond with anyone.. Nor she performed any task, not give any entertainment..
    Publ8c thought she will be the toughest competition and will be top 3 contender.. But she is doing nothing except crying over silly things..

    It seems like er of the week had some problem woth jalseen… She clarify the things 2-3 times to him.. Still faviquick k jaise chipak gaya tha apne queastion pe.. ?‍♀️

    And that was really funny surbhi nominate his brother romil for the punishment who is vegetarian like surbhi… What a frnship. ?

    1. Yes Salman was confident that surbhi doesnt smoke.but clip itself is giving a different story…I do not know why Salman didnt say a single word on surbhis aggression..he is being very biased

      1. I don’t think so salman said surbhi na bathroom me somke nahi kiya tha

    2. Ya that was a contradictory statement indeed but i think she was trying to say that she always accepts her mistake and she is innocent here if jasleen really saw it then should have made that issue then only as she said in some teaser that if she is wrong then accepts it and never repeat it but here jasleen is wrong ,bb team might have edited the whole conversation footage as Surbhi was trying to justify herself they have to extract 40-50 minute footage from 3-4 hr shoot and all knows that when her conversation is more of rant?

  8. Shrishty is the only one I’m openly supporting and voting she’s sweet and isn’t overtly diplomatic or biased
    Other than “darwaza kholo” fits I really don’t mind shree and infact find leaning to his side in most matters, tbh most of the time I empathize with his whole conversational skill lacking nervous clouded thoughts yet smart self tho still isn’t enthusiastic enough to vote him
    I’m indifferent to Romil he clearly is a strong contender but he isn’t a new vikas tho that people are already calling him
    Deepika seems finale material maybe that’s why all of them either seeking friendship with her or attacking her
    If there was a system to vote for people who you wanna evict i would do that for deepak in a heartbeat chugalkhor aunty needs to go home
    Urvashi is sweet but she clearly won’t survive long in this game
    karanvir bohara was smart to still stick with deepika after anup and shree strategised against her he knows both anup and shree are idiots and he could only fairwell if he stays with her
    shiv really seems like a genuine (dumb) guy
    Jasleen and anup are flip and need to go home
    Surbhi rana is natures answer to dolly bindras loudness

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I totally agree with ur points here
      Even I m supporting Sristy
      She has potential and entertainment skills
      But this week she isn’t shown much

  9. Sree told mere ko aur Surbhi ko ek jaisa compare kyun Kiya. Duffer that is insult to that girl ki tumse compare Kiya. Sree always shows that he has better shoes, comments ki mereko paise mil rahe ye sab karne ko tu kyun Kar rahi. Sree should remember that Surbhi being much younger to him, is still a good soul, has better judgement. Love Surbhi and Romil bonding.
    Dipika, I hated her initially but she has brain and patience. She knows Sree well but is letting others expose him and is letting time do justice. She also is mature.
    In this season loud people are at least fearless and not belonging to any clan, Saba somi too are good for that reason.
    Sree-playing against Dipika too is not bad but being back stabber is. If he played for India, he must know ki kuch added expectations hoti hai. Confused, self obsessed person. He never dares say on face that Dipika I am against you. Sree thinks he has done something so awesome that he is above all but truth is just opposite. Anup and Jasleen-out of all people they give moral lessons. Anup-people should be scared of your back bitting nature. And tum nikal love Bhai. There were so many celebs who played game with dignity-Sree and Anup, show some class.
    Sree is trying to be Vikas but is a failure because Vikas was on another level. Dipika is Shilpa with added instinct of bravery and balance. Dipika waits for right time. At least she took jasleen name when she knew that she is wrong but should have taken Sree’s name instead, but fair enough.
    KV seriously man I don’t know who votes for you for not doing anything.

    1. but he did said to deepika that he is against her the very first day he returned?later in an extra dose video he even said that regardless what he said he still can’t deny the brotherly sisterly bond they have and she can play as much as she want but he won’t anymore, his little quips about the fees he’s getting were only triggered by surbhis continuous poking about his standing in life

      1. My only point is if Sree is playing against Dipika then it should be either in open or if he is doing it strategically thoda lamba sochna padega. He plans, excutes and then takes his step back thinking image kharab you Raha hai and then panics and ultimate response is main Ghar se jaunga. Jyada clever to phir Anup hai itna aag lagaya par sab culprit ban jatea hai but he remains Anupji.

      2. yeah to me too he wasn’t being a back stabber either he openly told deepika he is upset with her and will play against her however later he made amends with her which were not shown in main episode but were in extra dose video i don’t get why housemates expected him to declare he’s with deepika again when they are all playing for their own self and not for him?why his equation with someone matters to them?and he didn’t even talked bad about her to all of them it was just his own circle of friends he shared his dislike of her with it was anup who did that smh

    2. @Hope, wow ! I literally loved your words. ❤ This is so true that one can’t deny. So well written. I agree to every point. ?

    3. And yep, even I felt that Dipika is letting time do justice to her. She never played against him, cared for him genuinely. Patient and intelligent. And when Romil was saying that Sree hadn’t been playing for Dipika in the whole task, and that they are against Dipika just because of him ~ the smile Dipika had on her face was engrossing. Like she knew everything yet letting time do justice to her.

      1. Thanks @Aarohi

  10. surbhi can demean sree’s social status, religion and career all she wants but he can’t reply back with same ferocity and vileness? okay then…ab kya pairon mein pad kar maafi mange ke usse zyada achievements hasil kare?heck he didn’t even bring up that subject either like i’ve been seeing since last few seasons that it’s always commoners poking about stature of celebs then crying wolf when they shoots back with facts and then “janta” attacking that celeb for being arrogant hadd hai………………………………………………… as for his little auqaat comment today it again proved nothing but that he has limited hindi vocab

    1. @jamal… Correct…
      Commoners celebrities ko kuch bhi suna dete h jb celebrities kuch bolte h toh inke andar ka aam insan jag jata h.

      Even first surbhi, romil, deepak, saba, smi started to taunt celebrities on their status.. For eg. Surbhi taunted on kv’s looks but when he responded to her that comment.. Celebrity commoner ka drama start ho gaya..

  11. If shreesanth wasn’t such a dumb b*tch he could’ve been the finest winner choice but nope he keeps getting played by everyone

  12. hi..its subhasish…
    i learned today dat nvr joudge people.we hv to wait nd watch..i said lot about surbhi bt she mean it..she took mom prms nobody belive her.nt evn us …she is playing like hell bt wht a brave girl she is…we lov celebrity dats our prblm..sree bht kharap play kar raha h..we lov him cz we saw him as an dis is biggboss..every 1 playing r indians.i m sorry surbhi…i will respect u today onwards..indian ladki aisi honi chahiye..u r loud very trust me u r very brave nd true..tum winner ni ho par tum dolly bindra ya priyanka ja muse ni ho…india me ladko ko aadat ni ladki ko chilana..sirf ladke chila sakte h..ladki chilayi apne aap ko prove karne to wrong…respect u lot…thanks to salman.sree ko apni aaukat dikhane…ego
    prblm h usko.atleast i m sure har ladki surbhi k saath koi ladki hi samjhsakti h ladki ka izat kya h…brave ladki

    1. After waiting and watching is this what you learned???
      So sad..!
      She wasn’t talking abt Indian culture or any restrictions on women , she had concern for her mother only…
      She wants to smoke ,so she did.., at the same time she didn’t want her mother come to know abt she chose Washroom.. unfortunately Jasleen turned as a detective.

    2. Love ur comment subhashish

  13. i m awake till now its 2.30 am 1st tym i was wrong to understood u..10 season me pehli baar i was wrnj…loud ladka ho to thik..par ladki ho to phr…tum pehle season me aati to manveer aur gautam pe bhi bhari tum sach ka saath dete ho..ur tears r true…koi ni samjh raha h den unko bhi pata h wo wrng persn ko vote kar rehe h cz dey lov dem…aaj sab pata chal tum kitni sachi ho..thoda control karlo anger pe to u will be best..sree anup jyada din ni rehenje cz aise insaan sirp me..

    1. I second that. I love your comment. Thank u for saying what was needed.

  14. they ruined the neat and strong direction the show could’ve gone in had sreesanth stayed with others, after jail task it already have started to shape as that, that whole trip to outhouse was a waste it just exposed his cards to all and made all his moves motivated by ego now he can’t fully be part of deepika’s gang or romil’s gang or form one of his own…I don’t understand why the least participating and least motivated contestants were sent to that room when they could’ve made for much more entertainment inside the house?why didn’t they bring wild card and put them there instead? and if they wanted to sent someone from existing housemates then saba and somi could’ve been best suited for it

    1. Silent Reader

      @Jap True that …..

  15. If we defend Sree saying what he is saying he doesn’t mean that and Hindi ka problem hai. Hindi ka problem nai hai because he said in English I am getting money to do this what are you getting. He has mentioned about shoes and all previously in English but his Hindi went from being poor to perfect in outhouse, at least good enough aur nai aati Hindi to nai aane ka.
    Celeb are being trolled more can’t be excuse for him because he doesn’t have an image of celeb only. He has represented India. I mean that in positive way that when you have represented a country you have extra responsibility of watching your conduct as you are not a celeb but role model.
    I agree to person who said that Surbhi escaped fish torture saying that she is vegetarian but sent Romil who is a vegetarian.

    1. That’s not defending that’s giving benefit of doubt to him, all non Hindi or nonnative language speakers knows this sometimes you speak heavy words without an intention or knowing their intensity or implications, as for him speaking about his salary for doing the show he’s someone who’s always emotionally and egoistically charged when surbhi romil and somi kept taking digs at his personal and professional life only then he went there and that comment wasn’t even him being arrogant it was just a reaction to same nature of action I never saw him being arrogant about his money but yeah I’ve seen him being a snob about his talents moreover I don’t think there’s any wrong in being proud of your hard earned achievements..besides i don’t think he have to always uphold certain sort of image even when housemates go overboard and keep taunting and poking him for several days everybody has a right to fight back and so does he

      1. Oh yes Sree deserves benefit of doubt and second chance without any doubt for his sportsman’s spirit 🙂

  16. Stfu to all those dipika fans your haters man can’t see her doing good fml just cuz she’s good and dah don’t mean your gona say bs dumb shit and dipika your playing very well sree I hate you man honestly just gtfo out bb you don’t desersve to be in bb let alone being the winner dipika or Kv desearve to be the winner this sree is very annoying I’m so glad that your truth has been exposed your face has gone black after all that tbh i like Surbhi I agree she’s aggressive shouty loud she says what she says but what she said about sree was abosolutly right I support dipika and Surbhi and even if she did smoke what’s with the biggie issues dmn lol i hate ANUP JI fs man why did you al come back should of gone home sree I hate your wife this was a game god dam it she kicked u out simple why big issues and ur like imma do dis to dipika and shit babe control your mouth and control your man he’s mentally disturbed daft cunt says he plays for the India dead asf does he f**ks those who play for India dey never quite sree your a baby you need to fix yourself up if you wanna win this show dipika your amazing love everything bout u hope tomorrow epi wil be good

    1. Oo fan girl’s outrageous loudmouth abusive comments. Control yourself ?

  17. I may be wrong but isn’t the torture thing supposed to be “topon ke salame”..if yes then why was the fish there for surbhi..was it just to let go of surbhi exciting her being a vegetarian..that is some clear favoritism..
    OR I’m wrong??

    1. Nah… U r right…

    2. Sandeep,
      Indeed it is favouritism..

  18. I meant excusing surbhi being a vegetarian

  19. Agree with u arohi and hope……

  20. I still feel that Surbhi didnt smoke in the washroom Shree just exaggereted what he saw and that the ‘dheere bol’ thing might be for camera as smoking is a sensitive issue for her she may be smoker but here was innocent
    All her problem is her extra aggression and needs to control that Salman should have told something abut it or maybe he did and chnnel edited it who knows
    But i agree on one thing that Salman likes Surbhi or may be scared of her!?

  21. Sree does not deserve to be in the house.
    He is disrespectful towards others, but expects others to respect him.He always boasts about his money, status and cricketing career.He is manipulative.

    1. @Xyz…
      Wow… Same name and even same dp.. ?

      1. @XYZ, ?
        But how that’s possible to get same dp??

      2. @ezra…
        That’s what i am thinking?

  22. It’s so obvious surbhi is desperately trying to create same dynamics vikas and shilpa had last year but neither does she have that entertainment factor nor does sree have vikas kind of patience so either he won’t react at all or soon will be thrown out for thappad maring her bande ko serious anger management problem hain & she needs to back off before she’s left with dislocated jaw…………….I kinda still feel bad for sree tho he sometimes just don’t understand what’s even going on he certainly never have seen this kind drama in life(actually none of them had but they still can digest it a little cause they’re either actors or aspiring entertainers)

    1. “she needs to back off before she’s left with dislocated jaw……………” ???
      They can never be Shilpa and Vikas… They can’t bring any entertainment like previous season… Surbi and Sree irritates us most of the time.

  23. I see a few similarities here…in previous seasons.. Salman ne baba om aur jagga ko sar pe chra rakha tha and always complemented their annoyance as entertainment..aur baad main usi Salman ne un dono ko dhake deke ghar se bahr nikala because paani sar se upar chla gya..I’m afraid same situation might happen in surbhi case if her annoying antics and aggression goes unnoticed on weekends for too long…Salman might himself end up evicting her..

    1. It is proved by the co-contestants itself.. That priyanka wants to leave the show but salman and makers dont want to eliminate her just for the sake of trp…
      In that episode in which jagga throw out of the show, jagga said it first that she wants to go.. Even manu punjabi cleared this thing in one of the after finale interview….
      And that part was not shown on tv where she argued with salman to broke the contract…

      And u r right makers apne benefit k liye in contestans ko use karte h and then trp lene k baad jab paani sir se upar jata h nikal dete h..

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