Udaan 20th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram brainwashes Anjor

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The Episode starts with Vikram recalling Abha and going away. Abha tries to see him. Suraj says if Rajeshwari has one more gang member, he will try to save her, you be here and come to court later, we will catch the culprit. Anjor asks who is going to police station. Chakor says we are going to thank inspector. Anjor says fine, thank Lord from my side, take this thread. Leela takes Abha to guest room. She says sorry, Vikram is already stating here.

Abha gets shocked seeing the cubix cube. She recalls Vikram and asks can I meet your guest. Leela says sure, why not. Suraj asks Chakor not to worry about lying to Anjor. Chakor says I will tell truth to Anjor after winning the case. He says not now, we have to catch the third man. She says we will not leave him. Vikram calls someone and asks for changing the plan. Leela gets Abha to him. Abhi gets shocked seeing him. Suraj and Chakor come to the court. Chakor goes to give statement against Rajeshwari. Chakor says Rajeshwari and bacha Pandey are stain on the name of humanity, they are responsible for Tuntun’s death. Someone records her. She asks judge to punish them.

Vikram stops Abhi and tortures her. He ties her up. Chakor says I have given evidence against Rajeshwari Devi, some third person is also supporting them, once I get him, I will expose Rajeshwari’s true face completely. Vikram says no one will get proof of you, I did mistake to leave you alive, I should have sold you, you will be responsible for everything now. Vikram gets Chakor’s statement video. He smiles. He goes to Anjor. Anjor makes drawing for chakor. Vikram says you mum doesn’t deserve this love. She says she is good and loves me a lot, I also love her. He says you are innocent, see this. He shows the recording. Anjor gets shocked. He smiles. He says my reporter friend had sent this video, I m worried, why did your mum lie, she hasn’t gone to temple, she went to court, she doesn’t love you, she lied to you. Anjor says how can mum do this, she is a liar.

some goons attack the court. Chakor runs after Suraj. Suraj gets kidnapped. Rajeshwari threatens Chakor about Anjor. Chakor finds Abha and Leela tied up. She asks where is Anjor. Leela says Vikram is Rajeshwari’s son.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I don’t understand how the case will collapse without Chakor, there are so many witnesses. Sukor shouldn’t have lied to Anjor.
    I think the MU will go on for longer.
    I hope Chakor doesn’t withdraw her testimony because of what happened to Suraj and Anjor.
    Anjor may agree to go with Vikram or she may run away and leave Chakor.
    Hope Suraj can save himself or better, collect evidence against RD.

  2. Safiya Hosein

    Has it become that easy to kidnap Suraj. This is the second time this has happened.
    I have been watching old episodes, and I would really like to a bit of old Suraj again. Ans i dont mean just his fighting skills, but also his attitude and interlect. I need him to be smart Suraj again. It seems Chakor is doing all the thinking these days. I mean in worst times a man would go to any length to protect his family and that’s the reality of it.
    And Anjor shouldnt be the center of the show, it’s boring. And her character is absolutely nothing like her parents.
    Suraj and Chakor are the show and the writers need to remember that and keep the momentum going.

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