Qayamat Ki Raat 16th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kalasur kills Vikram

Qayamat Ki Raat 16th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Gauri hugs Raj. Uma comes to the house. She recalls what Prithvi said. Uma recalls everything that happened in the house. Uma laughs, Kalasur laughs with her. He says you have brought me back. You kept all your promises. You have given me enough sacrifice. I give you this house and entire Ram Ram garh. I will sit there in the temple. I will get everything I want. that stone will do it all for me. This stone will give me so much power that I will live forever. We will all rule the world.
Menakshi says we should run from here. Vikram says we can go t the city house. Raj says no Uma knows that address. We should go to farm house. Gauri holds Raj’s hand. She says what are you thinking? He says that kalasur took everything from us. We lost our house too. Gauri says we ill take our revenge from them.

Everyone comes to the farm house. They clean it. Gauri says to Raj we have to go to haveli. We have to stop them from doing what they are doing. He says you have given me this life. When I was about to fall in the ditch I was only thinking of you. Gauri hugs him. She says Raj we have suffered a lot. We lived at a distance. Raj kisses her and says we wont anymore. She says we will always be together. We have to end Kalasur and Uma. After that I will become an annoying wife. You would be bored with me. He says yeah I might get bored of you too. She says what.. Se beats him jokingly. They fall in bed. Raj comes close to her. He says I would hold you so tight I wont let you go anywhere. We would have a daughter. She says will all that happen? He says yes. Gauri says lets go to haveli. we have to disguise as someone else.

Scene 2
Gauri and Raj come to the haveli. There’s a celebration n the house. Raj says he thinks we are all dead. They are celebrating. Gauri says where is Kalasur and Uma? She says our idol is not there either. They have placed a devil there. Gauri says there is something weird going on here. Raj says we have to stay here and find out what are they upto. Gauri says how would we go in? Raj says I have an idea.

Everyone in farm house gets ready to eat. Savitir comes to Raj and Gauri’s room.
The witches are dancing. Gauri and Raj dance with them. A ghost says i smell humans.
Uma knocks at Raj and Gauri’s room. Prithvi says what happened? She says they aren’t opening the door. I am really scared. I want to know if they’re okay. The ghosts come near Raj. Gauri says looks like they recognized Raj. Raj drunks something adn gives it to them. He comes to the center. Avni Uma nad Kalsur come there. Uma says we have the power we always wanted. Today is the coronation of my brother. He is the ruler of the dark now. He will rule everything.
Everyone breaks the door. Raj and Gauri aren’t in there. Uma says see I told you raj and gauri aren’t there. Where are my kids.

A phone rings Avni says to Uma there’s a phone ringing. That means some human is there. What if Raj and Gauri are here. Gauri says Raj I have to keep my phone here. Uma looks around to see if any human is there. Te phone rings near the temple. Uma says they left it there. They al died. They break the phone. Dharma says their phones are off. savitri says has kalasur taken them? Dharma and Prithvi go to look for them.
Kalasur comes to the party. Uma says time to make you king of kaal. Sit here. He sits on his throne. Uma picks the crown and makes him wear that. Kalasur says all devils here will have a lot more power now. My powers are yet to be alive. I have to use 12 women and then burn them alive. Then I will become the ruler of the dark. Gauri and Raj are hidden. The vase breaks. Uma says who is there. Kalsur says if someone else is here they will come near me. I have the powers. Raj says go from here Gauri. She says I wont let you go from here. Dharam comes there. HE takes them out. Dharma says are you crazy? Dharma says where is vikram? Gauri says vikramm came too? He is in there. His life is in danger. Gauri sees inside she says vikram is there.
Vikram is in front of kalasur. Kalasur says how many of you are alive? He says only me. Everyone else died. All devils come nears Vikram. Gauri cries. She says raj please save my brother. She cries. All devils kills Vikram. Gauir cries. They come back home.

Gauri and ananiya cry. Raj says Dharam why did you come there to save us? Gauri says vikram gave his life to save us. He killed so many people. I wont let him live anymore. I will give him a terrible death.
Precap-Gauri says we will play the one last trick now. He will be trapped in his own game now.

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  1. Best cute moments between Raj and Gauri.

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