Bigg Boss 12 16th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Rohit is eliminated

Bigg Boss 12 16th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Elimination Day
Salman comes on stage and welcomes everyone to show. Salman says one will be eliminated today. Salman welcomes SRK on stage. All cheer.. Salman says wait for sometime, he will come later. Salman connects call to house and asks Surbhi how is she? She says I have headache. Salman says your brother talks non-stop. Surbhi laughs and says he is my life. Salman says we will say some statements and you have to guess who said it and have to hit them with cupcake. Salman says someone said Dipika and Sree are playing their own house game here (Somi said it). Dipika guesses Surbhi and hits her with cupcake. Salman said someone said Romil have ordering wife, she seems to order him around (Surbhi said it) but Romil guesses Rohit. Salman says someone said that Romil was not really happy to see his family and said that he will meet them in 3 weeks. Romil guesses it as Dipika and its correct. Salman says someone said that Deepak is double faced and can go to any level. Deepak guesses it to be Rohit but Romil said it. Rohit says check your friends first. Deepak says Surbhi must have said it, Salman says wrong. Salman says someone said that Deepak is ill-mannered. Deepak guesses it to be Surbhi which is right.
Salman says its time for caller of the week. Caller says KV doesnt have bond with anyone, he is of no one. KV says I was cheated a lot but bond with Deepak is strong, I have connection with him, I have connection with Sree too, Sree hugs him. Salman says KV’s purpose is no purpose, all laugh. Salman says he is the only one, caller ends call. KV says its not only like that. KV says I dont play for my benefit. Salman says you are accepting that you have no purpose. Sree says he is a good guy. Salman says it doesnt matter. Salman says Sree and Romil will come to sultani ring.

In Sultani ring. Salman welcomes Sree and Romil. Salman says first will be verbal round. Romil says I was involved in tasks but he gives up, he have give-up attitude. Sree says he is sleeping, he doesnt seem interested now. All vote for Sree. Sree says he has ego and doesnt even listen to BB. Romil says he talks about how he has trophies, 4 vote for Romil. Romil says he says things and doesnt take them back. Sree says Surbhi accepted that she provoked and even saved me, all vote for Sree. Sree wins first round.
Salman says you have to throw each other from plank using dumbbell. They both attack each other. Sree loses first round. Sree wins second round, then Romil pushes him off and wins second round. Romil wins Sultani fight. Salman gives him medal.

On stage, Salman says welcome my brother SRK. Shahrukh comes on stage and dances with Salman. Salman welcomes him and says lets start from start. Shahrukh promotes his movie. Salman says your dialogues are nice in movie. SRK says you say my dialogues in your style. They say dialogues together. Salman says you have to sell few things, you wont see it, I will give hints and you have to guess what is it. They bring things. First is washroom shower. Salman says how much you use it? SRK says its very important. Salman asks if he gives on rent? SRK says its like my wife, I am attached to it. Salman says if you want to gift it? SRK says you can take it or Amir, he is perfect and will take care of it. SRK says I am thinking its a watch. Salman shows it that its shower and jokes about it. Next is Salman to guess it, its fake teeth. SRK says you have been using for how long? Salman says since childhood, I was happy to get it, SRK says you share it? Salman says yes with girlfriend. Salman says she gave it back and then Sohail took it. SRK shows him fake teeth. Salman laughs.

Salman hides SRK and connects call to house. Salman welcomes SRK. SRK says you all looking nice. Somi says you are handsome. Salman says Deepak is talented, he can enact you, he thinks that. SRK asks him to enact. Deepak says his line from Om Shanti Om that if you want to get something really hard then everything brings it to you. SRK says now say it in English. Deepak tries it. Deepak says I have prepared a dance for you. They play Gerua, Deepak funnily dances alone, he plays with colors when rang toh gerua plays. SRK and Salman laughs. SRK says dont do it to a girl. Deepak goes to wash it. SRK says to inmates who is hero or zero here? zero means that you lost everything and get a new opportunity. Sree says I think I am a zero and this is my opportunity in life, I have just started movies and I think Dipika is hero. KV says Romil is zero and have another chance, Surbhi is hero as she has bravery. Salman says Surbhi is looking nice. SRK says your face is glowing, Surbhi says I feel more strong. Somi says Romil zero and KV hero as he thinks about others. Salman says you called him undeserving last day. Romil says Surbhi is zero and Somi is hero because she helps others. Salman says Rohit, KV and Somi are nominated, one will be eliminated. SRK wishes them luck and ends call.

On stage, SRK asks him to bring drinks. Salman says we will answer all questions today, if you answer nicely then you wont drink. SRK says first question is how many days you go without underwear? Salman laughs. Salman says 6. SRK asks how many girlfriends you have? Salman says 6. SRK says he is lying, Salman tries to drink juice. SRK says how many 0s he got? Salman says you had 0 girlfriends before marriage? SRK says yes. Salman asks what I did in age 17? SRK asks for hints. SRK says you used to give tuition, Salman says right. They ask some other questions and joke. SRK asks when he is marrying? Salman says nah. SRK asks when he is having kids? Salman says its not in my hands. Salman takes selfie with SRK.

Salman hugs SRK, SRK gives his merchandise to Salman and leaves. Salman connects call to house. Salman says its time for elimination. He asks Dipika who is safe? Dipika says KV and Rohit are safe. Sree says same. Salman says most think Somi got least votes but we will tell who is eliminated. Salman says ROHIT IS ELIMINATED. Salman ends call. Rohit hugs Sree and Deepak. Somi says misbehaving is an illness. Rohit leaves. Dipika hugs KV. Deepak says to Romil that you were not acting nicely. Romil says you want to argue? Come.

KV says Dipika said that I dont know what I am doing here but now she said I am safe, she is fake, they say Sree is nice outside so he is negative here because he is fake?

Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Ticket to finale week have started. Romil says its time to play. Dipika says its 14th week, all want to fight for themselves. Deepak says to Romil that he will favor KV, Romil says all have cheated me at some time. Deepak says to Romil that he will remove Sree. KV tells Somi that he will play for himself. Sree says I will stay here and fight. Somi says I want contdership and I will do anything for it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Lokesh

    Finally Ratan SA, evicted I loved the way he left the house, no regrets, although Abhi ye baccha hi tha, kuch saal Baad aata to jyada interesting hota wo season, so Somi a commoner won over a celebrity.gud Somi but not in the next one I think. Now I want sree ki Deepika ji to be evicted as unhe SAB Hina Khan samajhte the but she failed in all stream , he is much like Karan Mehra season 10 wala.

  2. Didn’t they show the part where KV and sree enact as Rahul Anjali?? I don’t like it how Salman demeans KV each time. There was no need to say he doesn’t have any purpose.. and ya I felt Srk Salman game quite boring

    1. Salman and everyone from TV industry had high hopes with kv but he never step forward and played nicely as he was expected to, salman did make fun of him but baseline of it always had been that he wasn’t showing his full potential mid season he started to but then he started to rely on surbhi way too much and gave his gripe with sree more importance than his image & game and now season is almost over so I think salman was just showing his disappointment through that purposeless comment

  3. I’m so happy for surbhi. Change in her behavior was appreciated and also she looked very happy. Kisi ka elimination khushi nhi deta, I wanted rohit to leave but ab yaaad aa rhi hai uski. Lookwise so innocent thaaur cute bhi. Sree aur romil mein agar romil jeeta toh I’m happy, koi aur hota then I would have not favoured him. How can kv say ki uske sree ke saath bond acche hai….d3pak ka samj mein aata hai but Sree was a bad choice. Surbhi ne 2 baate kya bol di dosti khatam. Waise toh bdaaa friend aur apni beti(bella) bolta tha ab kya hua.

  4. Wkw (yesterday n today) both were boring… nothing much to say…
    Rohit evicted..he was definitely misbehaving with everyone…as megha said badtameez … But was childish n couldn’t understand what was good for him…BB encouraged him when he was bullying n misbehaving…so he thought he is on right path…I would say bb Used him max like a lemon… squeezed it to the max n now that no juice is left, they are just throwing it away..
    Last few talks btn deepak n Romil…I didn’t understand..

    1. I would say if rohit has got the same feedback very first time he misbehaved then we would’ve got a really active straightforward but not as ill mannered contestant. His presence actually brought some life to the show & honestly even though I hated him first however after his behavior change he actually has become somewhat likable & I’m gonna miss him somi should’ve beennthe one evicted instead of him…

    2. @Jagannath
      I agree…he worked on himself last week…had BB given him the feedback earlier, his journey would have been much better…
      I hope Somi gets evicted next week..

    3. @Jagganath and jisha…

      agreed to u guys..

  5. More than love, a respect coated with fear – works for Sree. Sree wouldn’t have come to this show if he had nothing to prove to this world. Sree should feel grateful to Bigg Boss.
    Not Bigg Boss.
    ‘Nepotism’ is such a strong word, people forget to understand what’s what. Not nepotism here, but if someone is very popular, people tend to follow his/her words blindly as if they are the ultimate truth.
    Neither Salman Khan nor Shahrukh Khan watches the show. But, whenever they(salman khan) just give a hint to mock someone, they leave their own thoughts, become puppets at the hands of Salman Khan, start mocking that very person for a wrong which only Salman Khan can see and once again come into slavery! Same for KV, DIPIKA, SURBHI, ROHIT!
    Personally , this one quality is something that I hate from my core of heart.. people who don’t have opinions !
    Romil is the only person who uses his own mind and I am very proud of him. Very very proud of him. I don’t know why, but everytime I feel, you SHOULD listen what the other person is saying if u’re inside the Akhada with Sreeshanth.
    The biasness for Sreeshanth is so much inside the house and more in the akhada– is just because he is an international cricketer.
    All fears him and respects him, but if he can get that respect even after THESE THREE MONTHS abusing almost everyone,
    what wrong did Romil do ?
    Is it because he is a commoner just like us without whom even celebrities are incomplete ?
    Guys, think.
    Think hard. U aren’t sleeping like Romil. U are keeping your minds slept.

    1. To be frank if romil became winner of this season it will be a win for media tactics editors used this season which quite obviously ruined it, he’s the one they tried revolving everything around besides sree who was just too egomaniacal & jumped in everything with his off attitude and in process they never let show run its honest course……..

      (I don’t understand why people support this man? Or want him to win when he just doesn’t have one winner quality none of them have it but he’s the least deserving half the contestants who came out called him fake who uses people yet here we are people still shouting his name like zombies)

    2. AnuAnu

      @Acha___na bcz like Surbhi says ‘words doesn’t matter actions speak louder’. Sree is very good and heart.
      some people just never appreciate the good things. They always dug up negative things about the ones they don’t like..learn to appreciate the good also..

    3. @Aarohi so true

    4. @Aarohi.

      Agreed to some points.. And disaagreed to some points too..
      As u said there is biaseness for sree inside house and mostly in akhada… But i wants to say there was a time when HC was so much of wrong.. They didn’t support right or wrong… They only thinks about theor team members and always supported only them in every situation either it is right or wrong..

      There was a time when everyone was against of sree even on theright things… He got insulted by salman very badly.. 2 to 3 times…

      Most of the time celebs loose verbal tound just bcz of there were unity in HC and el3bs k kuch pate nhi they…
      Most of he time verbal round HC win karta tha..
      I am feeling bad for romil somewhere cx now even somi is disrespecting him but it is not celeb thing that now all are supportimg sree.. But romil’s own tean members or frnds who are not supporting him.. Dpka, sree knows very well romil is a strong competitor for them.. And i respect sree when he didn’t take romil’s name for ghar m na rehne layak sadasya..

      Its not about sree’s celebs status.. Its about getting betrayed by ur own frnds… And 90‰ of janta knew it way bfr. That these ppl is not going to be frnds for long lasting.

      Abhi sab apna a0na dekhne m lage h.. Grp dissolve hone ka reason bhi own benefit tha
      Romil is competition for everyone sree n dpka se compete karna is lil tough cz they have huge fan base.. After that only romil is worthy..
      Kv is good but not strimg as romil.. So his own grp is targeting him right now.. Romil ko side karo.. Nomination m daalo aur apna pehle dekho..

      And second point..No one fears of sreesanth… If they really fear.. Then they didn’t provoke him for his career and on personal things..

      It is not about fear… Its about benefit… Sree ko kuch bhi kar k nahi nikal sakta koi bhi.. Hc has been dissolved sree finals m jane wala h agar abhi uske sath acche ho jao tph dpka ka bhi support milega.. So eeveryone is tryimg to be good with sree..

      Favourism toh tha starting se.. But as per the need makers k liye person for favour change hote gaye..

    5. @XYZ,
      I never told Sree has any fault in that. Sree never made any fake promises, neither was biased to anyone. He played completely on his own.
      Sree is good from heart. But I didn’t tell anything against Sree.

      I am saying KV, Dipika, Surbhi and Rohit to be wrong. Why ? Because they don’t try to understand what should be the correct judgement. If Salman bashes Surbhi one day, Surbhi becomes a ‘zero’ to housemates in a fraction of second.
      If Romil sleeps, none had any problem.
      When Salman mocks Romil, Romil is a big ‘zero’ to housemates !
      Who is Salman Khan ??
      God ?
      Let me keep few more examples.
      1) Dipika feels she is right. She feels she’s correct making KV the captain. Once Salman tells her that she was a bad sanchalika, she accepts it. So does KV !
      2) KV feels his strategy was correct in keeping the board of “team black” in the opponent box. Salman trolls him. Now, KV feels Surbhi is right and he is wrong.
      3) KV vs Sree in akhada. KV kept amazing points. Salman laughs forcefully to troll KV. Housemates feel to support Sree (even Sree had so many haters that week) !

      I appreciate Sree, Shiv and Romil here.
      Sree ka kuch nahi jata. Woh khud chalta hain, khud rehta hain apne duniya mein. He doesn’t care what others think, and I love him for that quality.
      But KV, DIPIKA, ROHIT, SURBHI — they are just puppets at Salman’s hand !
      Yesterday, Romil was correct at few more points, but just because he slept too much this week, housemates supported Sree!!

    6. @Aarohi..

      agreed with ur all points
      these yr except 4 ppls no one have any stand…
      they just follows host and majority…

    7. It is not celeb or commoner who are wrong
      Makers are more responsible for evrything..
      If commoner will not do chikhna chillana they will be eliminated like saurabh, roshmi
      and celeb like neha..

    8. Sree showed his gratitude and respect towards bigg boss in yesterday and today’s episode he kept saying it’s his new beginning and all even on random times he has said he love this show etc… it’s really confusing to me that you all skip the nice things sree says but hold onto one bad thing he said in frustration and it’s not just this trophy thing it has happened too many times really not to fight or anything does his tothi phothi language is the reason of it that you guys don’t get it or you just don’t want to let go of his problematic behavior for whatever reasons not understandable to me

    9. @???.

      Check once more. I never told anything against Sree. Housemates and people have lost their minds completely because Romil committed a “BIG CRIME” this week.
      What ? He slept too much !!!
      In Sultani Akhada, majority of the times, housemates supported Sree because Romil is the villain this week !!
      Why man???
      That initial week when Sree was scolded for being called “ghamandi”, Sree showed attitude and was very angry at Salman.
      Salman Khan was still so polite to Sree because he was Sree.
      But, if u see, there is a constant mocking or ‘making fun of’ by Salman Khan towards these people — Initially, KV and Shiv.
      Now, Romil.
      Here comes the problem.
      1) Shiv didn’t even care about that dumb Salman. He left happily. Bigg Boss got trolled for the first time.

      2) But, KV is a puppet to Salman. He feels Salman is always right! So is Dipika.

      3)And, Romil stays quite. He doesn’t argue but he knows he doesn’t deserve to be the villain for such a minor issue !!

      (I have told nothing about Sree)

    10. @Aarohi
      It’s not coz of fear of Shree…the reason is happy club members are busy backstabbing each other at this point of time…u can see majority is still with happy club and shree only have deepika on his side…but happy club chose not to support Romil…

    11. @Jisha,
      Why you know ?

      1) Surbhi – Salman sir scolded her. Sree’s wife told so much to her. Shoaib told her to be a nice person.
      You should know from yourself when u are going wrong!! Duniya ne usey bol diya ekbar that she is wrong (specially Salman Sir), she now has to support Sreeshanth !!

      2) Somi – Duniya ne bol diya she is very close to Romil. Now, she has to keep a distance.

      3) Deepak – He says what he feels like. I don’t agree if u say he is a backstabber.
      He called Romil proud, Surbhi aggressive and he says everything on face!
      Even told Dipika fake on face. He is very straightforward now. He is a little sweet towards KV because KV did many things for him.

      But KV and Dipika and Rohit — these telly people are biased towards Salman Khan!

    12. @Jisha and AnuAnu..

      well explained…

    13. @Aarohi

      1) Surbhi – she went against romil way earlier before this family week n Salman scolding episode.. she was against him coz she got jealous of him getting all the credits of happy club saga…
      2) Somi – as per you, Somi didn’t whisle for romil as people might think in other way…but she wasn’t afraid of these people, when she had to shred family pics for him…both happened after family week.. whistling for him was way too small thing than shredding family pic …
      3) deepak – I would give that…coz he is straight forward… n is back to the first three weeks guy after family week.. I am liking this side of him…
      Rohit – had issues with romil from start as he blamed him for the destruction of hc.
      kV – goes with deepak nowadays…n Salman
      Deepika – was on shree side…n gets influenced by Salman…I agree on this…

  6. Karan ne Jo rohit ko bola tha na WO khud wohi hai,deepika I understand might behave with him as he feel she does but sree ?i’m i dont like this guy but he has been trying to patch up with kV he has shown 3 times already that at the end he do care about him and he & deppika stands above others for him yet here is kv b*t*hing about him AGAIN in 14th week :/ the personality he has been showing since last few weeks i yhink rohit deserved more than him to stay, he’s a hateful person who hold grudges and would go to any limits to satisfy them.. rohit was disrespectful but he was blunt too and didnt act sweet on peoples face and planned revenge behind them thats a toxic persona

  7. Wait where did the act sree & kV gonna perform go? Editors can eat shit seriously they showed deepak stupid dance sequence and acting but not something that actually looked quite funny…honestly bigg boss should just tie a big boulder around editors legs and throw them in the well before next season starts cause this lot don’t cut it, they’re absolute shit & I don’t want them to ruin next season as well

  8. Sree saying mere mein improvement hua, he is a good player but bhai school k bachea nai ki handwriting mein improvement as jayea practice se. Common contestants kly sikhne kly ye platform hoga. Sree tum jish platform se aate ho you don’t need Salman to say ki improve Kya karna.
    Surbhi ne Sree ki improvement kly nai khud acha dikhne kly sacrifice Kiya. So Sree could have picked up some other point. But like his positivity from last week.
    But my preference is Jo pehle hafte se khela not at the end of game. Romil happy for akhada

    1. @Hope,
      I agree to the maximum.
      Agar jeetna hain kisiko, pehle hafte se judge karo kisne improve kiya.
      Sree became a nice person just one or two weeks ago !

    2. Surbhi has repeatedly told salman that sree has shown no improvement making a big deal every time that used to be uttered on every wkw so he could be referencing to that that he is finally showing “sudhar” and even the one who used to keep bringing that point up tried to save him

  9. Why did srk looked so nervous?I never saw him like this he wasn’t his natural self at all

    1. Last time bhi jab big boss me aaya tha toh aise hi behave karta tha…pta nhi ye salman se sab darte kyu hain

    2. Shahrukh and salman are frenemies maybe that’s why

  10. Pehli baar stand liya KV ne. KV way to go, ishe week you surprised me. You told Salman ki aap kuch bolo farak parts hai. Good, samne kaun hai uski respect karne se important hai ki apni Respect rakho. TJ will be proud.

    1. @Hope,
      I don’t really want that.
      KV ka stand looks like Duniya ne usey bola stand lene ke liye, isilye liya!!!
      Somi and KV are better as sweethearts.

    2. Somi & sweetheart? That girl oozes unpleasantness and is rude

  11. Zayn malik's sister

    Deepak looks like a popla(teethless) zayn ?

  12. Loved Deepak. Sayad pehle se aisa hota to but he was always good.
    Salman is bullying KV more than required. Somi gave justified reason for KV so need to bully KV for what somi says. And somi POV confused nai hota.
    Sree ka zero right but dusron ko Dena would have been better. But behaved humble.

  13. Deepak was on it?Omg he killed me when he put haldi on himself but I must say his dance is quite good wow and can some pls tell me what exactly happened between sree and dipika omg I love dipika so much I hate too see sree and dipika fighting sometimes I feel that sree is using dipika it’s either way but I think it’s time dipika distance herself away from sree I don’t feel good watching both of em its too much I want dipika to get along with others and sort her stuff out with kv why and omdz karan how much are you back bite bout dipika and sree seriously man I just can’t take it dipika seemed wel lost behind her smile I felt she’s hiding something idk its probly my thinking I ain’t sure but today was ok not to good not to bad I love you so much dipika x HATERS GONA HATE AS ALWAYS?But love you dipi nd sree x

  14. Sree used to look negative and a victim and romil used to be like a typical hero but now sree is giving really positive vibes but still a victim of circumstances and romil is coming off as negative & arrogant??why this change and it’s only after family week that this happened I never even imagine sree will give off more cheerful & happy vibes than romil it’s weird seeing them in reversed roles

    1. @fanatic
      It’s because of the feedback got from family…
      Shree was feeling demotivated and demoralised by every wkw…but his wife gave him feedback that u r doing good and people are liking u as a person…
      Romil was going on right path…his wife came n spent the whole time of her in emphasizing the word ‘choti behen’. He was confused..Saba came n made it more evident..he took back seat for a while… in a confused and drained situation gets irritated easily and makes mistakes…yet not accepting and going on…

    2. He never have anything positive about him the way he used to bully others with his happy club chamchas was never funny and a serious lookout of his personality that many either ignored or forgot

  15. Boring episode and these games between guests and salman look so damn scripted that you just can’t enjoy them instead they irritates and looks like a wastage of time, I wish srk has gone inside the house or interacted with housemates more and why didn’t they show kV & sree skit?(I streamed it on an illegal site so maybe epi wasn’t complete?)and why srk looked like he didn’t wanna be there lol he’s too funny & effortless with his words in every interview I’ve seen of him but today he looked uncomfortable besides I want to say one more thing about kV please don’t kill me kV fans but he is breaking world records of dumbness & hypocrisy he can’t trust sree & deepika but he can trust deepak why & how?sree fought with him agreed but he never betrayed him like deepak has that too 2 times and not just betrayal he laughed off on his face he literally insulted him so many times someone please tell him abusive words aren’t just the only bad thing what deepak & surbhi has said on his face about him were bigger disrespect than that and he was saying he has nice bond with sree infront of salman yet just hours later b*t*hed about him again?WHAT IS HE DOING?is he getting paid more to do this to prove himself to be dumb or what?

    1. AnuAnu

      @Jagganath ????

  16. My left eye was blinking matlab kuch ashobh hone wala hai deepak jeetey ga ???

    1. Insiders saying deepika & deepak will be top 2 and 50-50 chance that either will win

  17. Sree ne bola ego hai Romil mein but Sree jaise hi haa ek baar akhare mein he got aggressive. Jab Romil ne Kal bola tha AA kichar laga. He was told rude. What about sree, he got back to fight using hand just because could not handle defeat. Bhai Sree agar unfair hota to host tha udhar rokne ko and Salman ne roka but Sree k initiative ko ki he will use hand.
    Icing on cake was though house mates were against Romil in jubani dangal dabea short mein sahi they had to agree ki trophy itni hai ghar mein and this one is not important to ab kyun chahiye trophy.
    Romil came back with a bang and kishi ko aagea karke nai Banda khud aagea aa Kar khela.
    Makers bura dikhaye aur tab aise khelna requires guts.
    So many scenes were cut for KV and Sree. Liked seeing them together. KV took initiative to patch up with Sree. Good

    1. AnuAnu

      @Hope KV took initiative to patch up with Sree. Really? Which was that moment? I think I missed it bcz as far as i can remember it Sree in the nomination task said he would do anything for Dipika and KV ?????

    2. Yes. For one complete week, KV went to Sree to ask him what his fault was. He pleaded to him to tell. Sree ignored him. KV was seen depressed because Sree wasn’t telling him that.

    3. Oh puhleez sis

      @arohi oh please don’t start with this false past events again??? kV after showing coldness towards sree for 1 and half week he asked shiv to sent sree to talk with him like this isn’t him being genuine this was not him trying to patch up for mistakes HE COMMITTED it was just him doing formality and after sree didn’t go just cause he was busy with megha doing house chores(& it wasn’t a genuine way to do it) kV fought with himopenky and started seeking revenge on every opportunity that could be used to hone his own game

  18. Now I believe somi is going into top 6 I was joking about her becoming a finalist other day but now I believe it, she has been awful since second leg of season to till now no freaking contribution at all when she was with her sister she has her own identity but after that she has shown no quality to be a top 6 contestant even surbhi deserve more than her I don’t understand what bigg boss is trying to show us? But then again last year puneesh & akash were part of top 6 also then why not somi be for her season though they still provided something to their season she has done literally nothing

  19. AnuAnu

    @Arohi I disagree strongly why bcz
    1. I don’t think Sree is more popular than Dipika and KV. I bet he didn’t have that much followers when he was a cricketer. So it’s not about popularity.
    2. You are saying fear makes people follow him? What did he do to frighten people outside or people who watch the show to follow him blindly? Plzz people are not that blind if you can say Dipika is acting like Simar i think you can also see Sree is real and good at heart. I bet his followers love his real side.
    3. Sree is loved by character, to be able to compete with Dipika and KV is a great deal bcz they have more fan following why? Bcz THEY WERE LOVED BY CHARACTER THEY PLAYED ON SCREEN. Bcz Sree is the only one whose fan following increased aftr coming to BB.
    4.BTW Sree is grateful to BB unlike anybody in the house. Otherwise he wouldn’t have taken his own name to be a ZERO. SRK also agreed to this.
    5.Sombody here said he is egomaniac bhai.. agar egomaniac hota toh apna naam nahi leta for Zero. It takes a lot of courage to admit that.
    6. Again i am saying Sree have abused almost everyone in the house but why do people always stand with him? Bcz he say it out of frustration, provocation doesn’t mean he is not good. He doesn’t do anything intentionally and he is apologetic the other day I was watching some insta video there Sree was saying “I can’t see her(surbhi) crying so I went and asked sorry but she wasn’t in a mood to talk”. Now Is that a egoistic man? I don’t why BB TEAM won’t show his good side. People judge him by his words.
    7. Sree haven’t played with anyone emotions nor he have made friends or groups like Romil you got to admit that. The other day I was watching a video in Insta where Sree is with jas, megha, Dipika he says ‘Mein kisko control karti hoon? Aap log toh mujhe control karti hain? Which is true and he calls the group’ THE INDIVIDUALS:
    8.Another example is Megha when the Amul body warmer task was going Rohit asked Megha ‘why are still supporting Sree when you raised voice against him’ toh Megha replies ‘tum logon ki tarah badtameez nahi hai voh’… ???which clears his character to great extent.
    9. He was calm and not abused anyone last week why? No provocation. No Surbhi. No Rohit.
    10. The first and foremost problem with Sree is language. Like the ‘kutte ka dum’ In Kerala kutta randomly bulaya jaati hai like Saale… Romil had said Saale is not a badi gaali but KV made it an issue. Just like that.
    11. Plzz don’t commoner card for Romil this is not going to work people know who’s who. If it hadn’t Somi wouldn’t have won against Rohit

    Think guys. I am not saying you should support Sree but appreciate his good side also when you support your favorites.

    1. @AnuAnu.

      lots of love to ur comment…
      U said it right..
      Its not about commoner or celeb thing..its about makers when and how much they wants to use these guys..

      One thing i observed celebs are more stronger than commoners mentally…
      when makers was favouring commoners and commoners took the benefit of it… no celeb broke so fast like commoners ..
      sree,dpka,neha,kv got insulted many times for many things.. but still they handled themselves quiet well..
      surbhi romil rohit ko ek baar ki partiality and daant ne buri tarah hila k rakh diya h..

      BTW whatever it is but romil should should be in finale

    2. AnuAnu

      @XYZ yes true Romil should be infinale he is very very entertaining person.. He deserves it.

    3. @AnuAnu,
      I’ve nothing against Sree now.
      Check my replies.

      8) Take an example.
      a) My brother slapped me hard, though I m a girl.
      b) My brother told he couldn’t slap me because I am a girl.

      Both the statements are two sides of the same coin. Megha thinks second one is respect to women . I think first one is respect to women.
      :”) so, better not judge that point.
      In that snake task,
      Two traitors were there – Rohit and Sree.
      Sree couldn’t see women like that, so he left!
      Rohit cheated !
      Why was Deepak even called Badtameez ? He supported his own team, right?

    4. AnuAnu

      @Arohi you compared Sree and Megha’s bond to brother and sister my point is already justified.. Brothers feel protective if sisters and they scold us,pulls leg and also they have fun

    5. AnuAnu

      Deepak was called badtameez bcz he irritated megha and jas.

    6. @Anuanu Sree ka fan base Kum, are you kidding?? Controversy and cricket se jyada Kya bikta hai. Serial actors and cricketer ka comparison hai nai. Cricket is pulse of nation.
      Plus Sree was full of drama and content. Itna masala engaging, entertaining ho sakti hai but real nai. Matlab he has done so much just for game.
      His story is real but wo high jump, Ghar se Jana hai and over the top aggression is not real.

    7. AnuAnu

      @Hope aggression not real. I wonder then how did he made controversies.. It’s true Sree ka fan base kam hai compared to Dipika bcz most of the people who watch BB is not from south they know Dipika and KV well but as i said people who became fan of Sree after BB is only his Fans. Got it?

    8. @hope He was expelled from cricket on charges that no cricket fan would appreciate so he wasn’t that favored by public I with my own eyes have seen majority of bigg boss fan accounts not supporting him at all infact were all against him at first, him losing majority of polls in the starting 1.5 month, even here popular/regular posters were anti-sree(yes I was creeping around lol) it’s 101 percent truth that when he entered the house kV & deepika fanbase was bigger than his even now their fan following is much bigger than his but his fans are more active and make their presence known

    9. 6 and 9)
      When did KV provoke him.
      I guess you skipped a week.
      The day from when KV and Sree do not talk, check the week before that.
      KV was pleading to Sree to tell if he has done something wrong. Sree ignored him just like he is none. It was pathetic to watch KV losing his self respect like that.
      Aur isiliye jab Dipika stopped talking to KV, KV didn’t go to ask further ! That was Swabhiman.

    10. *did not

    11. AnuAnu

      @Arohi I think I didn’t watch that episode. What made Sree to do that? What is your point?

    12. KV never was serious about his “pleadings” if he was he would’ve tried to have one on one instead of half hearted way he approached him through and he was provocative after vikas task he was continuously teasing sree smirking on his face then after doing all of that he threw an “apology” on his face

  20. @anuanu and @arohi both are right in ur own way i do feel sometimes shree could get away with anything but if it was another contestant that wouldnt happen but whatever it is shree is real

    1. @Alfy,
      Exactly. She’s right too. But my opinions are different.

  21. where is Airplanes and nandini???????

  22. According to me, if there should be a winner from the commoners it has to be Deepak. He has played tasks well, entertained us in some way and has a better heart than Romil. I agree he gets aggressive in tasks but otherwise he is quite balanced. He has also played his poverty card and is a sore loser but still does not manipulate like Romil does. More active than lazry Romil too.
    What is KV doing. Initially I used to like him, but since he joined the hc he stopped differentiating good from bad, he supported them no matter what and kept b*t*hing about Dipika all the time. Even last night he was saying Dipika had voted me out while she had chosen Rohit to be eliminated. He seems to have lost direction or he knows Dipika has a strong fan base and defaming her will give him an upper hand. Very disappointed with you KV

    1. I agree about deepak, i dislike both romil and deepak probably the least likable have been these two to me however if makers want to give trophy to a commoner only then give it to the one who has done something noteworthy(good task performer) and made a name for himself without as much dependency on makers as romil. Romil is a strong player but he didn’t get there with his own efforts alone makers built him up to that status & later he carried on with it while deepak has reached to whatever position he is in rn himself regardless if it was immoral path he took but he made a place for himself through his own means bhale hi joote padein isebahar akar but that’ll still be his own earning and even if romil get garlands thrown at him that’ll still be bc of 50% editing team efforts not 100% his initiatives…

  23. @Anuanu Sree ka fan base Kum, are you kidding?? Controversy and cricket se jyada Kya bikta hai. Serial actors and cricketer ka comparison hai nai. Cricket is pulse of nation.
    Plus Sree was full of drama and content. Itna masala engaging, entertaining ho sakti hai but real nai. Matlab he has done so much just for game.
    His story is real but wo high jump, Ghar se Jana hai and over the top aggression is not real.

    1. AnuAnu

      Yes like KV says NOBODY is like thus outside this house.. bcz there won’t be any situation or provoking like this outside the game

  24. AnuAnu

    @Arohi sorry I missed your replies.. I think when I submitted my comment yours didn’t show up.

  25. AnuAnu

    I am sorry but I missed last season.i didn’t wanted to watch Hina bcz I hated her in yeh rista. Why is everybody and @Lokesh comparing Dipika to Hina?

    1. Lokesh

      Both Dipika and Hina are big names of TV industry and there shows plot was quite similar ye rishta and sassural simar so both are comparable as both worked for so long in their shows, and Hina in last season was one of the active mber of house either in task or groupism,but in this season we haven’t saw any such effort from Dipika so…….
      The comparison was just because of their long running show and they were in leads

    2. Hina was such a charming personality and someone who makers portrayed as a villain in mid & last part of season just like they did with sree she wasn’t totally positive little miss sunshine but she was an interesting person…honestly you should watch her bb journey she was an effortless orator stand up to even salman and should’ve won

    3. Lokesh

      Yes she was nyc , actually the last season top3 were really deserving, even when Hina was alone , she entertain public by singing, or by talking to camera , and making fun of camera, they also gave lots of words for daily use like Khel Gye, Karma, etc.,

  26. AnuAnu

    Somi is nominated
    Big fight between Surbhi and Somi
    Romil and Deepak Phir se ek hogaya

  27. Airplanes sleeping like romil this week lmao

  28. Hello !
    Firstly i wud say deepika is not fake ..people jhst dont like bcz she doesnt scream while she has to put her opinion ..sree and deepika are good frnds ….surbhi is trying to change dats gud ..kv doesnt knows who to support ..we all know who are the finalist ..its deepika ..sree…romil..kv..deepak somi n surbhi might not be the finalist ..
    Deepika is definately playing smart…she doesnt wastes her time in fighting ..she kind n emotional and this attitude has gone against her .in the history of bb its always that any actor enters they think they are fake why so ?
    While u go and see the twitter pole ..deepika is more popular than sree and kv ….my thing is that please dont judge any ones character ..its game it can be played however wished good or bad thats their choice ..dont be judgemental ..probably they are a better person in real life ..this is jus the way they are playing 🙂
    No grudges on anyone …

  29. How can you people write such a long thesis for these contestants?sree I somewhat understand as his personality still is nowhere near to be comprehensible he’s amalgamation of some super confusing traits that just dont fit together he is a nice plum subject for any psychology student but others have been too boring or too predictable every single one seems to have taken up personality of some other popular contestants from old season or is just bland…where does this energy is coming from cause this season has nothing exciting lol or y’all just want to fight?

  30. I read comments of this blog the other day and I want to continue on one particular comment I saw it was about romil having a pr and tbh he does, he isn’t alone rallies in haryana are being organized and not by fans but a proper rallies that are well financed and organized, some news outlets are supporting him openly and spewing negative articles about his competition in the game (sree/kv/deepika) and one more thing he’s a married man with a child if he wasn’t from a well to do family he wouldn’t be sitting here without any income to support his family his father must be rich who is paying off media and hosting those rallies not denying his fanbase but he also have PR support

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