Naagin Season 3 16th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahir abandons Bela being upset with her lies and not because of her naagin truth

Naagin Season 3 16th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bela thinking it seems she lost the way. Mahir comes and says you said right. You went very far and forgot the way. Bela says Mahir ji and closes her eyes, thanking Bhole naath. She says you searched me even in this darkness. Bela sees crown in his hand and asks do you reach me using this. Mahir asks her to leave this and says you have killed my brother, and many and have no repentance or guilt on your face. Bela says I know that you will hear my side of story before taking decision, she reminds him of the night when Yuvi and his friends called him. Mahir says I remember. Bela asks what did they say? A fb is shown, Adi tells that they had killed a snake. Bela says they lied that they shot a snake, but instead they shot Vikrant. She says Vikrant is my…Mahir says he is your first love… I heard your story from Vikrant’s mouth. Bela says that night your brothers and their friends had torn my clothes also, she says you are calling me shameless, but they showed shamelessness and tells that everyone saw tamasha except Boltu and Pratham. She says even Anu is involved, when Vikrant came to save me, they shot him. Mahir says he is alive. Bela says I came to know later, hear me first. She says when he was shot, I thought I lost everything. She says after shooting him, they wanted to loot something else, but you reached there and failed their plan. She says that’s why she reached his home and took revenge.

Mahir says whatever happened with you was wrong, I know my brothers and his friends. He says you would have gone to police or reach me, I would have supported you. She says you didn’t do this and did what you think wrong? Bela says you will not understand. Mahir says you didn’t understand when Vikrant was conspiring against you. Bela says he was my first love and tells about the misunderstanding that she saw gun in his hand and that’s why thought. Mahir says you thought me as a murderer. Bela says after spending time with you, I understood that you can’t kill anyone. Mahir asks why did you kill others and should have stopped then. He says you didn’t tell me after Vikrant returned as you enjoyed killing them. He says you have killed them easily, but chose a difficult death for me, I can’t live or die now. You don’t have to kill and the opposite person is dead. He says I trust you so much, but it was wrong. He says I always thought about your happiness and dreams of living with you, and you…ruined all. He says I was a fool, you was fooling me and I couldn’t understand you. Bela says whatever I thought for you is from my heart. Mahir says I will ask Boltu and Pratham everything and says you are out of my life. He says if your words are lies then I will get you punished. He says you are out of my life. He starts walking.

Bela hears two snakes coming there and thinks Mahir shall go fast. The snakes becomes the kidnapper men and they threaten her to tell about the naagmani else they will kill Mahir. Bela says if you touch Mahir then nobody is bad than me. Man says someone is more bad than you. Purple snake comes infront of her. Bela thinks it is the same snake who wanted to kill me and hypnotized me. Man says you can’t come infront of mahir in your real avatar and asks her to tell. Purple snake goes towards Mahir and is about to bite him. Bela shouts Mahir ji. Mahir turns and sees the snake. He is shocked and tries to save himself. Bela comes running to him and becomes snake. She fights with the purple snake and the latter goes. Mahir is still in shock and holds the crown in his hand. He sees a heavy light falling on him and he sees Bela as a snake. Bela comes infront of him as a half human and half snake, and says Police, court hearing, justice is for humans, but I am not human. Mahir says you are a naagin, icchadhari naagin.

Vish thinks where is Vikrant? Andy and Sumitra come home. Kuhu asks where did you go? Sumitra says we went to Bela’s father house. Kuhu asks her to tell what happened? Andy asks RJ to call Rehaan. RJ says Rehaan’s number is off. Kuhu asks her to tell. Andy says we are just worried about the persons, who didn’t return. RJ says everyone didn’t return, except Yuvi. Sumitra asks Kuhu to sit and tells that Mahir said that someone took revenge on us and killed everyone close to us, like Mrs Mittal and Anu. Vish hears them and thinks they didn’t know Bela is a naagin. Andy gets a message and came to know that Poulomi didn’t reach Kolkata. RJ says someone messaged that Daksh reached to his friend. Kuhu says Anu was always right, and tells that Bela and juhi escaped from here. She asks Vish, whose side she is. Just then she gets labour pains.

Bela comes in her naagrani avatar and tries to talk to Mahir. Mahir asks her not to say anything. He says if I am going from here, that doesn’t mean that I have seen your half naagin and half human avatar, whatever. I loved you and nothing is important than my love for me. he says I would have accepted your truth and accepted you, but you lied to me, which I can’t accept. He says my heart forgive all your mistakes, but not your betrayal. Bela looks on shockingly. Mahir walks away. Bela cries. Naina song plays……

She recalls their moments and their happy times. RJ, Sumitra and Andy are taking Kuhu to hospital. Bela calls Vish and tells her that Mahir abandoned her and asks her not to reach home. Vish tells that she is going to hospital as her sister in law got labor pains. She then tells her that baby’s fake and real Mama, both are not here and asks her to save the ones she wants. Amita is in the hospital and comes to know that Vyom is dead. She cries and comes out of the ward. She sees Sumitra bringing Kuhu in labour pain. She thinks everyone will die now. What does Bela think that she only knows how to change the avatar. Doctor comes and checks Kuhu. Mahir is sitting in the jungle and thinks of Bela’s words and seeing her truth. He cries. Song plays….Saajna….He sits in his car. Vish asks Sumitra to fill the details in the form. RJ calls Boltu. Boltu asks her to tell. RJ says she has returned and tells that whoever is left, inform them. Boltu says only Adi and RJ are left. Bela tells Naag guru that Naagmani is saved with him. He asks where is she going? Bela says she is going home to Mahir. Naag guru says what is the meaning of returning to him when you know that he will not accept you. Bela says I have to see what I can do and says I love him very much. Naag guru says we have no comparison with them, your heart will break.

He says Mahir is human and we are not human. Bela says she will not compare herself with Mahir and don’t want to win over him, she already lost herself to his goodness, wants to see him happy and want to love him without any hopes, she says she wants to live near him and wants just his happiness. Naag guru says I forgot that nobody can win from you. Bela says he rejected me, not because I am a Naagin, but because I lied to him and have hidden truth from him. Naag guru wishes that she gets her Maahir.

Vish calls Vikrant and thinks what does he wants, why is he not answering the calls. She calls Bela and tells that she couldn’t speak to her as she was in the car. She asks about her and Naagmani. Bela says it is in safest place and asks about Kuhu. Vish says she is fine and tells that Vikrant is not picking her calls. Adi comes and takes the phone from her hand and ends the call. Vish asks her not to misbehave with her. Adi tells her that he has bel patr, he knows what she has done with Bela and against her, and has all the proofs against her. Bela comes home and hopes everything is fine. She asks Servant about everyone. Servant Mohan tells that everyone went to hospital as Kuhu will deliver baby. Servant sees Mahir coming and says it is good that you brought him. Bela asks him not to tell Mahir that she is here as they have a bit of nok jhok and asks him to ask Mahir to call Sumitra. Servant says the same. Bela thinks she knows what goes on in his heart as she loves him. Mahir walks out of the house and sits in his car. Amita is seen behind his car and says I am coming to hunt you all. Mahir is in his car, when a purple snake comes infront of him. Mahir stops his car. Purple snake breaks the glass window and pushes Mahir out. Mahir falls down of car. Purple snake lifts Mahir with her tail and bites him. Mahir falls down unconscious.

Doctor comes out and tells that Kuhu delivered the baby girl. Everyone get happy and go to see baby. Vish calls Bela and informs him about Kuhu’s baby. Bela says Mahir must be happy. Vish says don’t know where is he, he didn’t reach until now. Bela says Mahir went out infront of me. Just then Mahir is thrown on her feet. Bela is shocked and asks Mahir to get up. She checks him and shouts no, and cries. She hears snake sound and asks who is there? Purple snake comes there. Bela asks who are you? Bela hits on the ground and it gets crack.

Bela says you don’t know whom you tried to harm. Purple snake asks her to give her naagmani in human voice. Bela says you will not get Naagmani, but can get death. She becomes snake and tries to fight with her. purple snake makes her fall. Bela asks her to come infront of her. Purple snake as human lady comes infront of her. Bela asks her to come in the light and says I want to see who is the enemy and wants to snatch naagmani from naagrani. The purple snake comes infront of her as a human. Bela is shocked to see her.

Mahir asks Bela who I am? Bela says she is his Bela and asks why he is not identifying her. She asks him to vent out his anger. Mahir says sorry and tells that he couldn’t identify her. Bela and Vish are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Interesting episode….
    2. Mahir knows Bela truth and he forgot in last ….?????
    3. Can’t figure out what to do either to be happy (as now bela and mahir story will start fresh) or sad (mahir will forget everything)?????
    4. I miss Ajitaph and today even mahir said his dialogues????????? that they doesn’t matter that vish and Bela are naagin, as they have pure love… I hope ACP come back soon…
    5. Hey some one noticed or not but some story is linked to season 1 of naagin… I hope writers link season 2 as well

    1. ShraddhaSharma392 how is story is linked with season 1??? According to me Nagin 3’s story is not linking in any sense.

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      As in season 1 human tooo loved Naagin, human hated Naagin…??????

  2. Arrey yaaar!!!! Mahir lost his memory.. What the helll!!!! Makers r trying to prove. Plz kuch galat mt krna possibility they unite this way.
    I hate kuhu, adi and andy(he looks so bossy).

  3. *Ajitab should come to complete Vish’s love story.
    *Happy for Mahir but sad to becz when he will come to know Bella’s trouth again then what will happen.
    *The voice of Vikrant’s mother sounds diff in diff time. Like today it sound’s like Kuhu. Her shadow is also unpredictable.
    *Though i don’t want Sumitra as negative still i think that the sm twist will happen in this part also like in part 1&2.
    *Now how Bella will return to her in laws house as now everybody knows the truth of Bella.
    When will Sivangi,Ritick,Rocky come back in part 3 or it will land in part 4???.

  4. what’s that link

    In above link the truth of vikranth mom is open she is non other than poulmi……..

    1. I am really happy with this twist as i don’t want Sumitra as negative. At least this plot is not like part 1&2 as in that mom r the main villain alws.

  6. The episode is good as Mahir accepted Bela even after knowing that Bela is a naagin. He is a very good person. It will be nice if Mahir forgives Bela. Precap is very horrible. Mahir is suffering from memory loss, it is nice in one way that he will not remember Bela’s lies but he even forgot Bela know. Now there will be no one to support Bela. Please make Mahir quickly come out from memory loss. Please don’t separate Behir Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.

    1. Is the vikrant’s mother character Amarapali Gupta

    2. No she is Poulami

  7. Is the vikrant’s mother character Amarapali gupta

    1. Fenil

      No Amarapali ki hight itni nahi hain yeh Polo hain Ya toh Sumitra hain !!

  8. Is the vikrant’s mother character Amarapaligupta

  9. I think purple nagin will be from part1&2 ?
    memory loss what the hell going on ???

  10. Lokesh

    Wo purple Naagin Sumitra hi h, wo baby ke pass nhi thi in last scene or Vikrant , Sumitra banke hospital me h and ye real Sumitra haweli me

    1. It is clearly mentioned in Wikipedia that Vikrant’s mother is Poulmi

    2. Lokesh

      HaA dekha Maine but still unbelievable

  11. Sesha to nai ayi h na vikrant ki ma banke… Sayad ese hi link kare naagin 2 and 3 ko…bad me naagin 2 ka raaz khole why rocky and ritik kill shivangi…..

    1. Lokesh

      Sesha Ko dusra show mil gya

  12. Why did rockey nd ritik killed shivangi. Where is that linking story

  13. Your Comment What ever plz don’t separate Behir..

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