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Heya Lovely People !
How are you ?

Let’s directly hop on to character sketch of this story without wasting our time ?


KUNJ SARNA : (Age : 25) He is most eligible bachelor of India. Finished his studies from abroad and started working in Sarna Empire. He is Hot , Dashing , Handsome (list won’t end if I didn’t stop ??) He is down to earth , caring and fun loving person but responsible and matured. He lost his eye sight in an incident that left many scars on his soul. He is a pure hearted gentleman who never let his blindness become his weakness.

MANOHAR SARNA : He is the biggest buisness tycoon of India running a strong and firm buisness empire. He is a rude , arrogant and ruthless buisnessman whom everyone hate and is scared of. His only weakness is his son Kunj whom he loves more than his life.

Kunj’s mother usha died when kunj was 8 year’s old. Kunj lost his eyesight during an incident which left heavy impact on him , his soul is full of scars and deep wounds that seems impossible to heal yet he smiles within the darkness of his past.

Manohar’s only weakness is Kunj whom he want to protect from the world. He wants to punish the culprit of his son. He wants to punish the culprit of his wife. After Usha’s death his protectiveness and possessiveness for kunj increased by ten folds. He just want to see his son happy. He is a ruthless buisnessman for world but a doting father to his son.

No one other than manohar and his bebe (Kunj’s caretaker since Usha’s death) knows about his blindness. He has a strong sensing power which helps him to judge his surrounding’s without any support and that’s the reason no one knows about his blindness where as even manohar has made sure to never let anyone know about kunj’s weakness to avoid enemies.


TWINKLE TANEJA : (Age : 23) She is cute , fun loving , Punjabi pataka with beauty and brains. She is modern yet traditional. A bold girl yet a drama queen. She loves her parent’s alot specially her dad. She is completing her stories and will soon join Taneja Empire.

RAMINDER TANEJA : He is also one of the biggest buisness tycoon of India but is always a step behind manohar. He is manohar’s rival and wants to take over the top position from manohar wants to venge him from always pushing a step down in buisness. He is a selfish buisnessman who at any cost wants to be at top.

LEELA TANEJA : She is a house wife and a buisness woman who runs NGO. A bold and strong woman who knows to take a stand for herself. She doesn’t like her husband’s selfish nature. Her life is her daughter.

What happens when twinkle will fall in love with her dad’s rival son ?

But this is not just the biggest obstacle.

What happens when Kunj’s blindness will push them apart.

But what happens when this love turns into a revenge for her.. Her Dad’s Revenge..

Her love is pure for kunj but her intentions are not.

But little did she knows her revenge will leave an innocent pure hearted soul shattered forever… broken beyond repair..

So I am back with another story ?

This story will also be a 3 – 5 shot’s ?

I know you all people are eagerly waiting for me to post next shot of INTEQAAM and I am really sorry for making you wait but you all need to wait for a day before I post ?

Tomorrow is my second mock and that to of physics so I could not manage time to edit Shot : 3 ? I will edit it after my exam and post that by tomorrow In Sha Allah ?

Okay before I take leave I want your all suggestions regarding few thing’s ?

I know many of you are waiting for me to continue my previous stories and I would do soon but to actually not mess up myself and the stories I had decided to complete two stories at a time ?

I will be continuing them after INTEQAAM and this new story is completed which will surely end by the first week of January.

I have decided to continue ” TERE SANG YAARA ” & ” MAIN PHIR BHI TUMKO CHAHUNGA ” ?

I know many of you might have forgotten the plots but no worries I will give summaries before I start for your ease ?

Their are few OS I might update before and after New Year ?

I hope I am clear and see you all soon with next shot of INTEQAAM ?

How was it ?

Willing to read ?

Then comment down there and share your reviews.

I would post INTEQAAM tomorrow ? Thank you for your love and support

Ciao gente bella a presto ❤?

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  1. Fabulous plot dear post soon and intaqaam and other stories also

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You ?❤?
      Happy Christmas ❤

  2. Sumi2323

    Hmm this one is very interesting ? wase to sare hote h?? I will love uh more for writing TERE SANG YARA ??? BEST OF LUCK for the exam…Inshallah u will rock it!!❤?

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You Sumo ?❤?
      Happy Christmas ❤

  3. Amazing start
    Continue soon

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You Dear ?❤?
      Happy Christmas ❤

  4. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Amazing just superb
    Eagerly waiting for next one.
    Post soon.
    I have also first exam of physics. By tomorrow no today. Today Monday na.
    Well all the best for your exams

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You Ainny ?❤?
      Happy Christmas ❤

  5. Hi…….this is Sur….
    Ur ff sounds very much interesting. .
    All d best n post soon…..

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thanx Dearie ?❤?
      Happy Christmas ❤

  6. Hi…….this is Sur….
    Ur ff sounds very much interesting. .
    All d best n post soon…..????

  7. Hey… Plot seems to be interesting… Plz post soon and plz do continue with yr previous stories

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You ?❤?
      Happy Christmas ❤

  8. Vibhu

    Yeee… I’m so happy to see you back!
    “Tere sang Yaara” & “Phir bhi tumko chahunga” are my most favourite stories by you. ??
    I loved this new plot of *Blind love*. I hope twinj will have a lovy dovy story.
    Can’t wait for you to continue “Inteqaam” as well. ??
    All the best for your physics mock!
    I know you’ll rock it.
    Do post soon ?
    Can’t wait to read all your stories & os.
    Lots of love?

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You Vibhu ?❤?
      INTEQAAM might be updated in a while or by tonight 12 for sure depends upon posting speed of TU cause it’s more than 3 hours since I submitted my article to them ?
      Happy Christmas ❤

      1. Vibhu

        Hey hey … Merry Christmas darling! ?

  9. Nice dear post soon

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You Girl ?❤?
      Happy Christmas ❤

  10. Sapphire

    This plot is just so interesting….. ???? I’m very excited!! Please post the next part soon.❤️

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You ?❤?
      Happy Christmas ❤

      1. Sapphire

        Merry Christmas!! 🙂

  11. Nice Episode dear post soon

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thanx ?❤?
      Happy Christmas ❤

  12. Fabulous start plz continue soon

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You Sidha ?❤?
      Happy Christmas ❤

  13. Trivisha Choudhary

    Superb please post soon

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You Trivisha ?❤?
      Happy Christmas ❤

  14. Woah amazing concept ?
    It’s different and superb ?
    I am excited to read ?
    Post INTEQAAM soon ?
    Hope your exam went well ?

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You Myra ?❤?
      Happy Christmas ❤

  15. Interesting concept ❤
    It will be really interesting to see if twinj had a lovey dovey story or a rough one ?
    This plot is exciting one I have never read on twinj ?
    Continue soon

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thanx Vidhi ?❤?
      Happy Christmas ❤

  16. Secret_Admirer

    I Love this concept ??
    Something different from usual love stories ??
    It would be so interesting to see if twinkle will actually accept kunj’s set back and will she able to convince RT to leave his revenge ?
    Post soon ?

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You ?❤?
      Happy Christmas ❤

  17. Awesome plot …
    Do continue soon ..

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You yashika di ?❤?
      Happy Christmas ❤

  18. Awesome amazing superb
    I just can’t wait to read it.
    You are simply superb.
    Amazing one.

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You Ramu ?❤?
      Happy Christmas ❤

  19. SSK

    Such a brilliant concept, I loved it and now can’t wait to read it.
    A great start, a different love story.
    Waiting for you to update, also if you can update other FF’s of yours please (humble request).

    1. SplutterOfTheDevil

      Thank You ?❤?
      I mentioned in this update only that stories will continue them after 15 January ?
      Happy Christmas ❤

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