In love with angel – Ragsan- Part1

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Hi sissy’s. Here m with new ragsan ff. Actually this is story of South movie. When I saw this I got ragsan in mind. I’ll give intro. If u wish I’ll continue.

A guy who does small illegal things. And a small theif also. Honest in his work whether it’s legal or illegal.

Ragini: an angel of heaven. Daughter of gandharva Raj. She’s very beautiful.

In this story, Ragini comes to earth and meet sanskar. They both fall in love with eachother. Will she b able to live with sanskar on earth or she goes back to heaven?


Small intro.

Man: u have to deliver this idol to Pune. No One shud know abt this. U’ll get gud amount for this.

Boy: it’s not big deal. I can easily deliver this to Pune. Keep money ready.


Boy: wow. How beautiful this girl’s idol. If she was in real then I wud have married her.


Idol turned into beautiful girl.


Few guys: we brought u here to rape u


Girl: I want to go to earth. Pls give permission


Man: u dint do ur work. U have to pay for that.

How’s this small intro. If I get at least 50+ likes I’ll continue. I hope this FF atleast deserve this. And do comments too.

Love you all??

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  1. Jasminerahul

    wow what a theme.Ragini as Gandharv’s daughter is perfect as she is this imspired by Chiranjeevi Sridevi movie?

    1. Palchin

      No dear. It’s new. I don’t know it’s name in Telugu.
      I saw it in Hindi dubbed.

      1. Jasminerahul

        do you know the actors?

    2. Palchin

      No dear. I think they’re new. I saw thier movie first time.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Vini

  2. Mounia543

    I think movie name is angel in Telugu
    Interesting dear

    1. Palchin

      Oh. May b. Coz it revolves around ? angel only. Thanku dear

  3. Nice interesting

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Ishu

  4. Awesomeeeee concept

  5. Quite interesting

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Ragsan

  6. Nice dear

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Ammy

  7. Interesting ?

    1. Palchin

      Thanku maha

  8. Waiting for 1st update

    1. Palchin

      Thanku vani

  9. Awesome please continue

    1. Palchin

      Thanku PriyaS

  10. Awesome

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Shalini

    1. Palchin

      Thanku moni

  11. Superb angel is the name of the film.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku pinky

  12. Interesting di.. Please update next part soon. Don’t wait for 50 likes please.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku ria. I hope Ragsan deserve atleast 50 likes na

  13. Waiting for next update

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Ragsanian

  14. Interesting concept. Do continue dear ?

    1. Palchin

      Thanku karishma

  15. It’s very interesting sis please post this ff on watty also na??

    1. Palchin

      Yes dear. I’ll post on watty too

  16. Shreya Ghoshal

    Thank you for publishing a very informative post. Every post of yours is very awesome, we feel satisfied by reading it. Please keep writing such post further.


    1. Palchin

      Thanku so much Shreya. M happy to know that u liked my stories.

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