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Hai all…
Sry for the late…due to my xams i got little bc…
So lets move to epi…

Khushi reaches the ASR FASHION HOUSE

Receipanist- Gud Mrng .Ma’am how can I help you.??
K- Hai I’m Khushi Dixit I have meeting with your Event team
R- Oh yh ma’am welcome They are in the presenting room…Frst left second Room
K- Ok..
She moves towards the presenting room.

Ishwari is resting in her room after breakfast while Sonakshi is doing arrangements for the Lunch.
Her phone rings…She didn’t notice the name on the screen..
On call
S- Ys Mr.Dixit…
Person on the call- Ohooo always every where Mr.Dixit…!!!!!! Ho kya raha hai Sona….?????
(Wat s happening sona…????)
S- Ritwick Tu…????
(Ritwick you…???)
R- S..Dr.Sonakshi Bose …Phone udane pehle dekhthe lo kyon call kar raha hai..???
(S…Dr.Sonakshi Bose before attending the call frst see who s callng you..???)
S- Ritwick….
She still feel embarassment
R- Yh..Dr.Ritwick Sen..!!! Sona ek bath batha kya Sirf Dev hi tumhe call karenge..???
(Yh..Dr.Ritwick Sen…!!! Sona do tell me onethng Dev only call you ..)
Sonakshi feel more embarrased…and tries to cover up…
S- Ritwick tu mere taang kichne keliye hi call kiya kya…???
(Ritwick u call me only to pull my leg..??)
E- Ohooo covering up Sona…!!!!!
S- Ele You too…!!!!
E- Yh my darling…we too are in the cafe.
.and we call not to pull ur legs..
R- Leave it yaar….!!!!Sona do onethng take ur stupid stuffs and reach Hot&Cold Cafe…
S- Wat….now…i thnk i can’t…!!!
E- Yyyy.????
S- I’m little bc…
R- Not again….!!!!
S-And yh…if i can take 15 min late then i wl b there…..!!!!
Elena and Ritwick smiles…
E- Ok come soon we wl w8ng 4 u…!!!
She hangs the call…
S- Hot &Cold Cafe…!!!!

Khushi after meet the Event team…and their presentation.
Are the member of the Arnav’s event team.
Rahul-So ma’am how is the presentation.
Sir told us aftr getting the approval frm u then only we can submit the presentation to him…
K- Ohh…Well the presentation is gud..gud efforts..Th theme is gud.But one prblm.!!!
All gets confused..
Rohan-Prblm..!!! Wat ma’am.???
K- Standard level
Payal- Sry ma’am we didn’t get u..??
While standing frm the seat and walking towards the projector
K- well it is gud theme..i like it gud team efforts but guys you all are workng for the ASR FASHION HOUSE…The biggest fashion company in the country…and its biggest fashion event which is the top most event in the country level…So that level do u think this presentation s enough one..???
Meera-Yh Ma’am…sry…
K- Guys i’m not trying to feel u all sry seriously ur efforts workng are gud..i like it…just change the theme…
Priya-Bt Ma’am we make this theme presentation within 3 days…and we have to submit it day aftr 2mrw to sir…!!!
K- Ohh so wat u guys have 2 nights and 1 day r8…??
Rahul- Ss…bt…
K- Do u all have doubt in ur self talent..????
All- No..
K- Then fine we will work on new theme and present it before the dead line.and if wanted i wl ask my team to work on this too…
Rohan- Ohhh tanq ma’am..
All are gets happy and start to work on new theme…
K- So guys u carry on i just come back aftr informing Mr.Raizada
Rahul-Ok ma’am…
She moves towards the Arnav’s cabin..
Aman(Arnav’s PA)- Gud mrng Ms.Dixit
K- Gud Mr.Raizada is free.???
A-sry ma’am an imp meeting is going on..
K- its ok..whn he gets free just inform him abt me…
A- Sure ma’am..
K- Ok..actually i have to work with ur event team so i’m in ur presentation room.eith them.
A-Ok ma’am u carry on i wl inform him and u too..
K- Ok..
She left to presenation room.

Sona,.Elena and Ritwick are enjoying…
S- So Ritwick suddenly this coffee treat..???
R- Well this s for my transfer to here…
S-Ohh..thats gud…
E- Sona,Is Dev told abt u in his house..???
S-No.. Ele
E- Gud…!!
Sona is seen little tensed…
E- Sona all ok..????
S- Yh…bt little tensed
R- Y…????
S-Woh Dev’s Sis Khushi and bhai are workng on the same event project…
They shall meet regularly…if somehow anyone of them grts to knw my identity..???
A voice-R u still Tensed on this ..????
She gets surprised and turn around to get shocked..
D- yh me…!!!
He comes forward and give a frndly hug to Ritwick..
D- Hai Elena…
E- hai Dev…
S-(Still in shocked..)wat r u doing here..???
R- Sona wat type of questn is u r askng..???Ofcourse i invite him aftr all my new bestii..
Ritwick and dev exchange a wide smile..

E- And Sona y r u soo shocked..???
S- No nothing like tat…
(Compses her shockness)
D- Ms.Bose R u still tensed on that matter..??Wats big deal in that..???
S- Mr.Dixit may b this is not a big deal for u bt for me this s big deal…!!!(little frowns)
D- Bt….
E- Dev i thnk Sona’s tension is right…if anyone one of them gets to knw then her situation wl bcome more difficult..???
D-Ok..I agree if dhi gets to knw abt this don’t wry i wl handle her i wl make her undrstnd..
R- Or if bhaii wl gets to knw..???
Sona gets nervousness…
D- Ms.Bose…!!!! Don’t wry he wl not gets to knw abt u…!!!!!
And yh till now Ms Bose alone face this phase bt now I’M THERE FOR HER…I WL SUPPORT HER…
Sona gets touched by his words…
(Saath ki achi legi hai mujhko teri… plays in background…)
They both exchange a deep eye contact…
Elena and Ritwick sees them and smiles inwardly witha smirk…

I’M THERE 4 HER ..!!!Mr.Dixit is supporting me…more than support he s always there for me…!!! Y i’m getting this much happines…!!! Y i’m feeling that i ‘m hearing this frm him…???Y all my tensin are vanished in his one sentence..??? Y i’m feeling secured.. ????Y i’m feeling butter flies in my stomach…???Yyyy..???
And y i’m seeing continuesly in his brown eyes.. .which pass a electric in me..!!!!
I’m getting attracted towards his brown eyes…yyyy..????Y he s so caring towards me..???Is he always care for all or only to me..???? Wat happeing in me .????wat type of feeling is this..?????
Oh god…?????

Dev’s POV
I’M THERE FOR HER….i never use this sentence in this much strongness…i nvr accept anyone’s pain in me else my family..??? I never want to cover up anything ..???? I never take stand for any outsider..???
Seriously Ms.Bose is outsider no…..
She is my frnd my gud bst frnd…bt still i feel some strong feeling towards her whenever i saw her…her eyes i only want to see her eyes whole day…i nvr want to hurt her and nvr let anyone hurt her…ohh..wst s hapoeing in me.,????

While Devakshi are bc in their own thought world Elena and Ritwick gets bored…becaude they are string at each other for last 3-4 min…
Ritwick clears his throat and that made both of them to get out of the their thoght world.
Their eye lock broke…
R-So Dev tanq for accomapny us…
D- Wat yaar…No tanq No sorry in the frndshp. (He tell this dialogue bt staring at sona because he well aware that she want to thank him.)
Sona smiles..
Again Elena and Ritwick notices their indirect talk..
R-Well Soan till now u didn’t give ans to us..???.
All 3 gets confused…

E-Wat Questn.which ans..???
R-Arrey Chuha.. U too didn’t remember..???that questn in the call time..???
(By signing her Elena undrtand the questn)
E-Wohh…Questn…i do remember…!!!!
E-That questn we asked u whn we call u to cone here..????
(she signing sona abt Dev..)
And Sona undrstnd that embarraesed moment…
Dev is now super confused…!!!
D-Wat s happeing yaar.????
R-That wuestn we asked her in the call Sona do u remember or not i can make u remember..
Sona feel more embarraesed…
S-Riwick nothing like that…i’m leaving i have to make evening chart for auntyji…
D- Ms.Bose i wl accomapny u.???
Soan feel more and more trapped..

Sona’s POV..
Oh god wat ms wrong with this man…now both of them are pulling my legs and make them ease and giving opportunity for that…!!!!!!
Ritwick and Elena smiles inwardly..
E-Ha Ha Sona he wl accompany u…go with him…!!!!
Sona give deadly glare to Elena
S- Mr.Dixit its ok i wl gng by walking this s just walkable distance…
D-Its Ok Ms.Bose By the way i’m too going to Home i’m have to take some documents…!!!
R-Sona go with him…wats big deal…????
S- Woh….
E-May b she s getting fear..!!!!
(Caught u smile passed by Elena to Sona)
D- Fear…!!! With me..????
i didn’t get u…????
Sona give a more deadly glare to Elena…
E- Yh..Dev if u both reach home together so they musy b ask quedtn r8…??? SO thats y she s afraid isn’t t Sona.
S – yh yh…
D- Ohhh Plzzz u girls get tension and afraid due to some silly reasons r8…????
R- Ofcourse yaar….!!!!!
Sona and Elena fold their hands and give them a Seriously look..????
D-Okkk..leave it Come on Ms.Bose Only maa wl b there so no prblm…
Sona atlast agrees…
S- Ok..Bye guys see u at home…!!!!
R&E -Bye and waves the hand in amaking funny way…!!!
Dev and Soan left…
R-Yaar Ele Something is cookng between them…
E-Yhh…the light in their eyes while seeing each other is the proof their love for each other…!!!!
R- Not bad idea Ele…as u told this coffee date give us full confident on our doubt..
E- I knw thats why i ask u to arrange a coffee date with them…!!!And surprise her by Dev…
R-Well full proof plan…!!!
Bt yaar by pulling their legs we can’t make them undrstnd the love 4 each other r8…???
E-Yhh We shouls do more than that…!!!
Ritwick smiles inwardly…
R-I knw wat to do…????
E – wat????
R-Wait and see Chuha….!!!!!
By placing his elbow in her shoulder …

D- Tum ledkiyon itna complicated and confused kyon ho…????
( u girls y r u complicateda nd confused…????)
S-Mr.Dixit i’m not deseperate to talk with u…!!!!
(she shouted on him.)

K- I don’t need any favour frm u Mr.Raizada i can do it my self…
A- Ms.Attitude will nvr lose her Attitude..

Guys this epi ends here…
Hope u all enjoy today’s epi….
And my readers the story is now only get in the track..
So There are some intrstng twist and turns are coming so hope u all wl w8 for that till then tolerate with some love funny cute and boring episodes…
Kedp suppprt me…


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    1. SAGAA

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    Episode wss awesome..but d precap is?

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      Tanq Aarti32

      1. Aarti32

        Saaga, I’m Aaru.. changed my name due to some reason..

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    Sorry for the late comment…was busy with some work….the episode was awesome…plz post soon,waiting to see what rithwik’s plan is???…

    1. SAGAA

      Tanq Rockzzzzzz…w8 for 2 days…!!! I wl update today n8…

  6. Madhuri

    superb. plzz make devakshi realize their love

    1. SAGAA

      Tanq Madhuri and sry devakshi realise the love in the correct time nt now…now its time for some Arshi bonding and 4 frnds bonding fun intrstng twist like scenes…so hpe u all didn’t get bored…keep support me..

  7. Darling superb episode

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