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Hi guys I am back with the next shot 
Thank you for your lovely comments And My real name is Shruti but you guys can call me Mili 🙂 
I live in Mumbai 16 years old 🙂 
Aspiring to be a cardiologist I hope I become one soon 🙂 
I know some  of you know me but many don’t so here was my small intro If you wish to ask me some question you are more than welcome 🙂 
You may contact me using TU’s PM (registered members only )and my email id made for this purpose that is :
[email protected] ( any of the silent readers too )
I know you people don’t miss me but still I made this email id so that you all can contact me 🙂 (for those who used to talk to me using whatsapp )
I seriously don’t know what came to my mind when I thought of this plot I wanted to make UV the villein but then Zain na he is so cute then I thought to write the problems created by Twinj as a villain to their own  love story don’t worry guys Twinj will be together soon the episode will be a bit long and the end may be emotional too, Just 1-2 episodes more then you will be seeing Twinj’s tashan and masti So just bare me for a few more episodes  you may see a bit of tashan but now it will be a bit emotional 🙂 

Kunj”s POV 
I reached Amritsar I am so desperate to know where my Twinkle is I immediately left for Dada’s house which was a drive of 1 hour from the airport. I reached his house around 5 in the evening he was in his garden watering the plants “DADA” I called out, he turned towards me looked at me tears started to flow down from hi eyes he immediately went inside, I followed him he sat on his rocking chair and turned his face away from mine. “Why are you here?” he questioned “I ..I want to know where Twinkle is “ I answered with determination “I cant tell you where she s she asked me not to tell anyone about her location so now leave “ he said with anger.
“ Dada can I get a glass of water please “ I requested before moving out of the house “Fine” He replied and left for the kitchen I saw his phone kept on the table I opened it I saw a picture of DADA and Twinkle on our engagement I quickly opened the contact list and I ..I found my Twinkle’s number I copied it and placed the phone back on its place Dada returned with a glass of water I drank it , thanked him and then left. I then immediately called my detective I gave him Twinkle’s number which he traced and the number was located to be in Mount Abu “Mount Abu” I am coming I said to myself 
Kunj’s POV ends 

Twinkle’s POV 
“Sir may I know for whom do I have to book a room “ I said on a call “Madam book it on the name of KS “ replied the caller “Sir may I know for how many days ?” I asked typing the information on the PC “ 2-3 days “ he answered back “Thank you sir we will send the car with a driver to receive the person “ I said and ended the call.
“I could not believe my fate that Twinkle Taneja who was once and even now is the owner of many such hotels in the whole of India is working as a receptionist in a hotel in Mount Abu “ I thought to myself “Twinki” called out Dev bhai “Yes bhai “ I replied “Listen Twinki your reports are coming today so Ma and Durga want to come accompany you to Dad” He said “They are asking for permission “ I asked “No ordering “ Durga bhai said while coming down the stairs along with Mom “ Mom bhabhi why do you want to waste your time with me after all there is an important function here in the hotel in the evening and if you both come with me how will the hotel staff manage ?“ I asked “Dev is here to handle “ Mom said “But Mom …” I was stopped by Durga bhabhi “No if and but’s Twinkle we are coming with you means we are coming with you “ “ Okay fine baba I loose you all win “ i said surrendering myself and all of us laughed .

“ I can feel my baby in my womb and its a completely different feeling a women shares this feeling with her husband , her parents , her in laws and her family but in my case my family does not even know about it “ I thought to myself and my thoughts were broken by the Nurse “Twinkle beta sir is calling you in  “ “ Thank you Rama aunty “ I said and walked in along with Mom and bhabhi “Good evening Dad” I said and settled down on a chair infant of him while he was going through my reports “Twinkle beta do you take your medicines on time “ Dad asked and I bit my tongue Which no one saw but then they were looking at me for an answer “Yes I do “ I lied to then avoiding an eye contact with them “Beta you should take your medicines on time First of all you are week and on top of that you don’t eat our medicines Beta this wont work na “ Dad  said “Twinkle why don’t you take your medicines on time ?” asked Bhabi “Voh bhabhi they taste Yuck “ I said making a Yuck expression and all of them laughed including the nurse “Its not funny you don’t know how bad they taste “ i said “ If Twinkle I did not know how they taste you would have not been able to see your Dev bhai ..“Mom said ” and Ishan to “ Bhabhi added . 

“Ishan my cutiepie he is really a sweet heart He is my bhai’s and bhai son I am his Bua “ I thought .
“Twinkle is you don’t take your medicines on time I will be forced to give you an injection “ Dad said “No injection I will eat the medicines “ I said “even though they taste Yuck “ I said and this made them laugh again and I smiled 
Twikle’s POV ends 

Kunj’s POV
I was finally in Mount Abu I saw a driver holding a board which had my name I moved towards him “App Hotel lake View se hai “ I asked him “yes” He replied “I am Kunj Sarna Mr.KS “ I said pointing at the board “Ji Sir welcome to Rajasthan “ he said with a smile “Lets leave now “ I said and moved my luggage out of the airport “Sir why don’t you rest now your journey must have been tiring and now its just 10 in the morning we would take 3 hours to reach so even if we leave by 2 we will be there by 5 “He said “No, I need to reach there as soon as possible “ I said sounding desperate “Sir are you going to meet your family “ he asked “NO my LIFE” I said to which he smiled taking my luggage to the car.

******* 3 Hours later *******

“How far is the Mount vila from the hotel “ I inquired it is where my Twinkle is “5 minutes walk from the hotel “ he said “So drop me there “ I told him to which he nodded “Sir we have reached “ he said stopping the car in-front of a colony type residential were there were rows of bungalows I stepped out and looked around the place was beautiful the mountain view it was a perfect place to stay I moved side the colony I asked the watchman about Twinkle showing her picture to which he replied “ Ji sahabji Twinkle beta lives here the last bungalow in this row “ I thanked him and left I walked as fast as I could but as I came closer to her house my legs could not walk any further they became numb I gathered courage and rang the bell “ The door is open “ Twinkle shouted i know its her voice how can I ever forget it I saw her boiling milk on the gas.
Kunj’s POV ends

Twinkle’s POV
I always keep the door open because I have no fear of being robbed and everyone here is family to me , I was boiling the milk to prepare some Ginger tea which I could drink with the samosa’s Mom had made for me it was an hour ago when I told her that I want to eat it and she prepared it and sent it for me through the driver I turned around to see who had come and when I turned around I was shocked the strainer (the channi used used to filter tea ) feel from my hands I was shocked he was here ……. Kunj was here standing in-front of me “Twinkle “ he called out I felt like hugging him but then that night made me question him “Why and How did you come here ? “ I screamed on top of my lungs “Twinkle relax calm down its not good for you health and the baby’s too “ He said How does he know I am pregnant “Leave from here I screamed blood started coming out of my mouth I again screamed and my eyes started closing my vision became blurred and I fainted “Twinkle” I could here him scream and he marched me in his arm “Just leave “ was the only thing I said before I lost my senses.
Twinkle’s POV ends


Hope you like this part 🙂
silent readers please do comment Only 20 + comments will make me want to post the next part soon So dear readers if you want me to post soon I need your valuable comments 🙂 (black mail nahe karate hu just white mail 😉 )
Love you all 🙂
Take care , Keep smiling 🙂

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  1. Sohi

    The episode was emotional and good keep writing and iam sure you will definitely become a cardiologist do continue plz agar comments 20 + nahi aye tho hum par atyachar mat karna aur post karte rehna

  2. Today episode was awesome super amazing finally kunj reached to twinkle destination plsss pldsss post next one asap pakka I want read pldsss sweetu

  3. Hey mili,
    Tum itna acha kese likti ho.Pls yaar mujhe bhi tips dho na.Really too gud.Finally Kunj n twinkle met each other. Just wanted ask u ur address. Where do u live? N hope u become a sucessful cardiologist. N pls guys do cmt. Post soon.

    Lots of luv,

  4. The episode was emotional shruthi I’m loving this ss so nice yar keep posting soon

  5. Yogs

    Awsm epi pls
    Waiting for next epi ???

  6. Twinjfan.tamanna

    beautiful and emotional epi mili… I seriously loved it… can’t wait for next so plz post asap…

    love you

  7. Sameera

    Hawwwww kitne cute epi tha hayeee lover the bonding btw twinkle n durga n others yaar just loved the whole epi yaar …
    Hayee twinj meet jaldi post karna plshh please???????

  8. Priyanka(Hyderabadi)

    Awesome and emotional episode..
    waiting for next episode..
    and ya plz don’t forget about your ff My revenge made me meet my true love..plz try to post next episode of that ff plzzzzzzzzzzzzz………
    eagerly waiting dear……Plshhhh

  9. Chiku

    Woaaaah it’s awesome ?????lovely. Finally twinj aamne samane aagaye. Loved it sweetheart
    Yaar sorry i dont know how to write long comments. Maaf karee
    Plz oost next soon
    Love u?

  10. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Shruti di,
    Well you left me spellbound by this update of yours. I simply loved it like anything. And I am glad knowing that UV is not the villain out here, and indeed he is cute 😉

    Well I am really eager to know what happens next so post ASAP!

    Also I loved the family moments especially the medicine part and how Twinkle’s mom and Bhabhi added over it 😉

    Loads of love and support ♡♡♡

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  11. Jisha

    An emotional one… loved it… waiting for next… don’t get sad by getting less comments…I know that happens coz I too write an ff and no. Of comments do matter…me too become sad wen comments are less…

  12. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….Milli awesome episode…. Loved it to the core…..awesome….

  13. Kritika14

    Hey Mili,
    This was amazing! I loved it. Hope you post the next one asap! Will be waiting x

    Lovess! xx

  14. Hawwwww Mili this is not fair yar main regular cmnt karti hoon phir bhi tum jaldi post nahi karogi? very bad…..

    Well epi was awesome fabulous n mindblowing…. wow now twinj r together…. loved it yarrr… post next asap bcz I can’t wait for long….

    Love u…keep smiling


  15. Wow awesome epi.. twinkle n her family moments and were so cute ??.. loved it.. the medicine part was funny??.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤❤

  16. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute emotional epi….

  17. Hey mili di,
    Epi bahat acha tha.Luv it. Awesome amazing fab epi.N sry for being a silent reader coz silent reader baneka maaza hi kuch aur hai.Sorry n thank u for the white mail.Post soon.

  18. Adya

    Mili di !!!!! Wooowwww….
    Episode was awesome…..Nd what white mail ?????
    20+ comments ka to ni oata but dare u do this with us….I’ll kill u….coz we can’t wait more….post soon….
    Love u…

  19. Aanya_pandey

    That ws an awesome epi dear.. waiting fr next one eagerly

  20. Lovely n cute epi.Post soon.

  21. Hey sidmin,
    Cute…awesom…amazing epi….Luved it to the core…n sorry for not cmting on ur previous 5 to 6 epi…Too busy…Hope u understand.Post asap.

  22. Heya mili…firstly I’m really sorry for commenting late…actually I read the episode yesterday but couldn’t comment coz of net issues…as usual the episode is amazing…loved it to the core…try to post next episode as soon as possible…mili I think u have forgotten that you write two more ffs so I’m reminding you post both the ffs as soon as possible especially my revenge made me meet my true love…ni toh I won’t comment on your next episode…this is not black mail but white mail ?? teri billi tuji ko meow ????

    Take care…
    Love you ??

  23. Baby

    20+ mili ou can get 30+ ven on this episode ohhh god fab yr speechless loved it to core osm maa aa gya loved it sooooo much kya khun mili hayee kuch kuch hota hai yr itne twists.☻
    srsly nailed it yr osm fab marvalleous beautiful loved it.☻☻♥♥☻☻
    post nxt asap☻
    love u lods sis♥♥☻☻♥♥

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