Ragini FF- Love Once Again Ch–6

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Scene starts in Raichand villa—
Rudra takes the file.
Gaurav- KK Mom , i am going to Hospital… (He is a doctor & runs his own hospital)
Avantika- Vijaya is also going …
No Maa… A ladies voice come… She is Vijaya… (She is a doctor too)
Akshay- She had some headache…
Avantika- What happened beta… u are fine naa..
Vijaya- Yes Mom…
Avantika nods… Akshay leaves…
Rudra- KK Mom… I will go to company.. (He is MD of Raichand empire)

Scene shifts to Maheshwari Mansion—
All were having breakfast….
DP- I wanna tell u all something…
All looks at him…
DP- I have decided to make Ragini MD of Maheshwari group.
Ragini was shocked. Sanskaar & Swara were happy… Ram was fine with it, Sujata was little apprehensive… And Mansi & Abhimanyu were looking at DP.
Ragini- But Papa ji… I…
DP- Haa , beta… Since Laksh is not here, i wanna u to handel all this ….
Ragini- But i dont know a,b,c,d of this and…..

DP- Dont worry beta… For ur help Sanskaar will be there naa. And now Abhimanyu is also there… U can take there suggestions… And I & RP will always be there to guide you..
Sanskaar- Haa, Ragini, bade papa is right.. And u too have done graduation from BBA…
Ragini- Haa. But…..
DP- No ifs & buts beta… if u respect us then u will honour our decisions….
Ragini- Papa ji i honour ur decision but i cant take this post of MD… And i think it shld be given to a capable & experienced person.. i.e Sanskaar….

Sanskaar- Ragini… What are u saying….
Ragini- I am right… Sanskaar… Plz accept this….. I know u are doing this bcz somewhere u feel that u are the reason for Laksh’s disappearence…… No Sanskaar… u are not… i know how much u loved ur brother… huh..
Sanskaar was teary eyed…. He hugs Ragini…
Ragini- And papaji i wanna do job… I wanna teach singing and dancing to kids… Can i do that .
DP nods…
Sanskaar- Ragini… atleast u can work in our office…
Ragini- No Sanskaar… plz.. i wanna stand on myself plz understand…. All nods…

Precap- Ragini searches for job…..

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  5. awesome……………… Hey guys a important news as we all know swaragini is going off air but we don’t want this but for saving our show there is a last hope.. guys m giving u a link plz click on that n fill up the link.. https://www.change.org/p/rashmi-sharma-keep-swaragini-serial-alive-with-an-extension-by-slot-change …..it is the link guys n if for any reason the link is not visiable go through google n serech the link u will get it…if not then plz go through fb (facebook) there is a fan page of raglak called Temish/Raglak- ganga/lakshya serch in it u will find it…plz it is very important

  6. Jazzy

    superb when they r going to meet????

  7. Nice dear love your ff

  8. So swasan fan comes on raglak ff and comment here wow they always show their standards

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    fab loved it and post soon i have a feeling ragini and rudra will meet.xcx

  15. its awesummmmm
    wow dp was so good in this but not mre than ragu
    well where will rags work now,how will she meet rudra?so many questions……
    u r an awesum writer ck ,jst my mini version of swaragini giving all the desired tracks for raglak,love u for it!

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