Pyar to hona hi tha2 Arshi Samud FF Part 29

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Pyar to hona hi tha2 Part 29
Saras was resting his head on Saraswati’s lap.
She was caressing his head.
Saraswati:Saras,I know that still you love Kumud a lot.Then why don’t you seek her hand?
Saras:Kumud won’t like it Maa.
Saraswati:Saras,being a woman I know a woman’s mind very well.I am sure that she also loves you.

Saras looked at her unbelievingly:Maa!
Saraswati:Go propose her Saras.
Rishikesh came.
Saras was nervous:Dad,I know that you don’t like Kumud.
Rishi:Don’t say anything.It was my mistake to stand against your love Kumud.I regret doing that.

I have nothing against Kumud.
Saras was surprised:Really dad?
Rishi:Yes.And there is a surprise.
Saraswati:Arnav and Danny confessed to me that they are also in love with the Gupta sisters.Rajeev talked to Shashi Gupta on our behalf and the Guptas are very happy with the alliance.So we are going there with Shagun.
Saras was surprised.Arnav and Danny came blushing.
Saras hugged them:I am so happy for both of you.

Rishi,Saraswati,Rajeev,Pranati,Arnav,Danny and Saras went to the Gupta house with the Shagun.Shiv ran towards Saras:Papa!
Saras hugged Shiv.
All Guptas were stunned hearing him call Saras papa.Kumud was finding it difficult to face his family members.Guptas were confused.

Saraswati hugged Khushi and Kumari with a smile.
Saraswati:Must say.My sons’ selection is too good.
Arnav and Danny smiled.
Saraswati:Khushi,thank you so much.Because of your help only I am back to my sons.
Khushi:Don’t say thanks.It was Devi Maiyya’s decision.
Rajeev:Kumari wants to do civil service.
Danny:Yes dad.I have no problem.I don’t want her wish to be unfulfilled because of our marriage.
Rishi:I will be proud if I have a daughter in law who is an IAS officer.
Kumari was very happy.
Rishi:Danny and Kumari just gave exams.After the result comes out wedding.
Danny and Kumari smiled.
Danny stood near Kumari:You wore saree.
Kumari:Wore it for the first time…specially for you.
Danny:Really?You are looking gorgeous.
She blushed.

Arnav followed Khushi when she went inside,She was shy.
Arnav:The tigress who always fought with me is now so shy to even look at my face.

She looked at him slowly.
K:If you were in my position you would have felt how you i feel now.

He smiled:Nervousness or excitement?
Arn:Don’t get nervous.I won’t get wild till first night.
K:What?You shameless creature.
She started hitting him.He laughed.
After a good laugh they went to the front room.

Kumud lit the lamp and prayed:Thank God for giving my sisters the love of their lives.

Kumud brought Aarti and Prasad for everyone.
Rishikesh:Mr.Gupta…your daughter Kumud has suffered a lot because of Saras.But I promise you that it won’t repeat in future as the trouble maker Guman is out of our life.
Sashi:I did’nt get you Rishiji..
Saraswati:Saras still loves Kumud.
All Guptas including Kumud were stunned.Kumud was nervous too.
Saras:I would like to marry Kumud.I want Shiv to be my son.
All Guptas were surprised.Kumud was nervous.
Sashi:Saras,are you sure that you want Kumud as your wife after knowing what happened to her?
Saras:Yes.I am responsible for whatever happened in her life.But it has nothing to do with my decision.It’s all because I love Kumud and Shiv.
Sashi:I will be a lucky father if my daughter Kumud gets a new life by you..her first love.
All Guptas smiled.Kumud was surprised.
Saras looked at Kumud:Kumud…sorry for breaking my promise.But I thought it was better to be frank than pretending to be indifferent to you.
Sashi:Kumud,what do you say?
Garima:Kumud,you are lucky that Saras still wants you.You are getting one more chance to live your life.

Kumud:Saras,are you serious?
Saras:Do you have any doubt Kumud?I took this decision after thinking a lot.
Kumud:I have no objection.
Saras was very happy.
All were very happy.
Kumud:But I have one condition.
All were confused.
Saras:What is your condition?
Kumud:You love Shiv as your son.Right?

Saras:Yes Kumud.Shiv is my son and our family will be complete only with him.
Kumud:Can you promise that you will never feel that our family is incomplete in future?
Saras:I did’nt understand.
Kumud:You should not feel that you need your own child to complete our family.I mean Shiv should be our only child.You should not force me to produce your child.I don’t want to carry our baby in my womb.I want only Shiv.

All were shocked.Saras was numb.

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