Thoughts on Soumya and Yuvaani

Guys…. Please comment your thoughts on yuvani and soumya…..

What has soumya made yuvani? A spoilt brat? Yes, I wont deny she has loved yuvani a lot but her love is a conditional one. She gave good morals to Krishna but not to yuvaani because she knows in the long run when the stupid dadi would be no more Yuvaani would still be a shit and Krishna would gain sympathy and love from everyone….

She has been a gold digger before when Krishna left her… What type of character foes she posses? Whenever Krishna left her she tried snatching Suhanis happiness…
I would not say that Suhani isn’t at fall for all this but still what soumya and dadi did is a crap….

How can a person have so many change of minds? Suhani found Gauri, she died because of her… So hisaab Bara bar. Then why are they blaming her? If it wasn’t suhani then gauri would still be rotting in a dark room…..

Guys please comment your thoughts…
Please commenting is a must..

  1. Yuvani is a b*t*h..

  2. Really, the Gauri point is what I am thinking since the leap episode. Everyone says that yuvani’s bad .. What about the people who made her bad?

  3. Zuha (SuNusZuRah Rocks >3)

    Agree , I seriously hate Soumya , she is the reason of Yuvani’s attitude ,Ok if Dadi was brain washing her so is a daughter more close to his mom or great grand mother? C’mon and Suhani’s trust over Somu is like Ugggghhhhh……

  4. s i agree with that it is too bad that the child doesn’t who he is her real mother and she is very badly ruined. Sowmya stil means to protect krishna. why this dadi is so mean

  5. I believe that soumya had a same up bringing as Yuvani. Soumya was spoilt as a child, but what had happened soumya father left her and her mother for another woman. That is why Suhani feel sorry for her, and doesn’t say anything to soumya, because suhani had both her parents and sister. While soumya just had her mom. The reason that Krishna is unspoilt, is because Dadi made sure that she never got what she wanted, and I have to say Yuvraj as well. When kishna ask why can’t I have this, Soumya make her daughter understand some how, she would tell her It is better to give than to take. As for Gauri death it is Yuvraj fault that his sister died. Suhani was pregnant at the time, her hormones were all over the place. Suhani did tell Yuvraj that someone is trying to kill her, he just as always didn’t listen. Sajan took the advantage of this and did what he did.
    Why does Suhani as to be the one doing the saving. Yuvraj is a useless man

  6. First of all, what kind of a woman is Sowmya? She’s destroying Yuvani, Suhani, Yuvaan and Yuvraj’s life along with Krishna’s by not telling her who her real father is. Moreover, she says she is doing everything for Krishna, why? Can’t she go out and earn, like Suhani? What kind of a person would marry somebody and fake a relation just for the sake of money.

    Second, Dadi, was she dropped on her head as a kid or something? She’s destroying everyone’s life and still behaves as if she did the right thing!!

    Third, Yuvraj himself. What kind of a person accuses his pregnant wife of killing his sister and then marry a woman whose husband was responsible for the bomb blast? I really don’t understand his logic. Even in flashback, he was saying “What should I answer Soumya?” Like seriously, it was her own husband who bought the bomb. And like a moron he believed that the woman he loved is capable of leaving her own newborn daughter.

    And finally Suhani, how did she even believe that one of her twins died without asking to see the body? Didn’t she care enough to perform the last rites? And then she goes and becomes this strong woman, but when she finds out dadi kept her daughter away from her and practically turned her into a brat, she’s so spineless. If it was anyother woman, she would’ve slapped Dadi, told Yuvraj and left with her daughter or atleast filed a custody case.

    This whole serial has become one big pile of s#!t, but we still watch it hoping they’ll show something better. I dunno when these writers will wake up!!

    1. Remember Soumya was working in a cafe?? So, she could have easily got the job some where or the other.. Else Birla’s giving a job to Soumya in their company, something like this could have happened..

    2. Soumya’s mom izz rich enough to take care of Soumya and Krishna.. Her financial condition would be solved.. Remaining factor izz Father’s place in Krishna’s life.. She could sense the feeling of child Krishna being brought up without father’s love, so she agreed to marry Yuvraj.. Now, she izz the only one person who can completely understand Yuvaan’s condition.. Krishna ka toh papa nahi rahe, par Yuvaan ka papa zinda hote huve bhi.. I feel very bad for Cute Yuvaan..

  7. I believe that Soumya is teaching Yuvani to hate what is good

  8. You are absolutely RIGHT Ash, this is the case of what I call BAD WRITING.

  9. But all from the beginning it was soumya’s fault. If she didn’t decide to marry Krishna tha she would’ve been with yuvraj. It was her choice to go with Krishna. Secondly suhani only tried helping soumya. Now it wasn’t suhani’s or yuvraj’s fault that they got separated it was dadi ‘s fault and has soumya ever thought that when yuvani finds out soumya isn’t her real mom than soumya will lose suhani and yuvani. Soumya is trying so hard to keep yuvani away from suhani but later she will lose yuvani when she finds out that yuvani is suhani’s real daughter. SOUMYA WILL LOSE SUHANI’S FRIENDSHIP AND YUVANI’S LOVE THAT SHE MAY HAVE A LEFT. IF YUVANI FINDS OUT SUHANI IS HER REAL MOM AND SOUMYA TRIED CREATING A RIFT BETWEEN HER AND HER REAL MOM SHE WOULDN’T EVEN LIKE SOUMYA. It’s not even yuvraj’s fault. It’s not like he and soumya are married. The root cause of all this is suhani. If the doctor told her that one of her twin died how can she believe that!!??! She should’ve at least checked the dead body. But no she ended up believing the doctor. Secondly it was again suhani’s fault because she is the one who keeps saying somu somu like lady why do u trust ur friend so much. She herself is deceiving u. Every time she goes behind soumya like her tail and keeps saying somu somu somu gosh she is double timing u. First go find out if soumya and yuvraj are really married and OPEN UR EYES AND SEE THAT UR SO CALLED BEST FRIEND IS DOUBLE TIMING U AND YUVRAJ IS SO INNOCENT THAT HE BELIEVES EVERYTHING DADI AND SOUMYA SAY. I FEEL SO BADFOR YUVRAJ. BECHARA PHAAS GAYA HAI LADKIO KE BEECH?

    1. If some how Yuvani comes to know the truth of real mom.. Dadi izz very chalu person. She and Soumya will cook up stories saying, Suhani left you Yuvani coz you were born dark, so people hate you, you have to look beautiful, make-up izz very imp, bla bla.. Then Yuvani starts hating Suhani thinking how bad mom izz she!!! And the story continues, until Yuvraj understands everything and solve those..

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