friendship , love and hatred o/s



sanskar maheshwari-is from a middle class family .his parents expired when he was about 11 yrs and was brought up by his chacha,chachi and dadi..loves his dad i and chacha a lot.he and is chachi share a hate relationship.aspires to become no. 1 businessman.studying final year in st.teressa’s university of business management and best friend of laksh singhania.loves swara but sacrificed his love for laksh.has a matured thinking .

swara gadodia-daughtr of a very rich businessman .girlfriend of laksh.diva of the university.has a soft corner for sanskar.

laksh singhania-a son of a veru rich businessman ans is a is his life and passion.boyfriend of swara.a flirty person and always flirts with ragini which annoys swara a lot.hates his dad as he always loved his elder brother aadarsh but not friend of sanskar.

ragini kapoor-daughter of a very rich businessman.loves laksh and always finds a chance to flirt with him.always tries to insult swara.

other characters-

omi vashisht-friend and assistant of laksh.
mr. and mrs.singhania-parents of laksh.
dean shah
aadarsh singhania-brother of laksh.
rp maheshwari and sujata maheshwari-chacha and chachi of sanskar.
sulekha maheshwari-dadi of sanskar.
dimpy-assistant of dean shah.
rahul sharma-friend of sanlak and lover of anjali.
anjali khanna-best friend of swara and lover of rahul.

note- the gadoias,singhanias and the kapoors are business partners.intro shows the college life of the characters while the promo shows the life of characters after 5 yrs.the os will show both past and present.


6:00 am, mumbai.

‘trrnnngggg trrnngggg’ rings the phone.a man of 28 yrs gets up and picks up the phone.
man-hello……..what ……….when……….how……..ok i’ll inform others too.
man’s pov…
this is me omi vashisht .i’m 28 yrs and i’m the manager of sanskar’s company “karma”. many things have changed in these 5 yrs.i’m in touch with everyone but don’t have time to talk with them.dean shah who loved and remembered everyone of us is now admitted in hospital.dimpy informed me that he had a major heart attack and is in a serious condition.he asked me to inform everyone about it.this is when we are going to meet after 5 yrs for the first time.

end of pov.
he then sighs and goes to inform everyone.

omi had reached the hospital where the dean is admitted.dimpy comes and greets him.then comes a stylish girl of the same age of omi wearing formals.she is ragini , ragini kapoor.she meets omi and dimpy and asks about the dean.then join in a couple.they are rahul sharma and anjali khanna.they are still not married.then they sit down and cherish their college moments when dimpy brings coffe for them.

5 yrs earlier.

to be continued………………

  1. Looks similar to SOTY. And i had a confusion. Omi was laksh’s assistant right? So is he sanskar’s manager or lakshs?

    1. he is sanskar’s manager

  2. Awesome

  3. its a swasan one right???

    1. u’ll get to know

  4. Is this student of the year story?

  5. Is this student of the year story? Well it is nice!

    1. the base story is soty but i’ll write it in my way

  6. Copy paste of Student of the Year….won’t read as l know the story and it ll not be interesting for me…but u don’t lose heart and continue writing? ur writing is good…

  7. awesome. waiting 4r swasan luv story

  8. hey its student of year plot hey u have chosen a right plot plz continue and make this ff as swasan nd raglak coz in that movie i dnt like varun dhawan as single so add raglak jodiii plz

    1. u’ll get a surprise at he last dear

  9. Hi swetha….. nice too seeee aftr long tym…. hw ru????? Yeah read ur prologue…. its nice start…. though its like soty.. bt im sure u wil make ur story nd make it fabulous one….. so happie swetha….. cn u remembr me???

  10. woah!! it was nice…seems like SOTY..might be ur inspiration..right?

    oh, well nice to see you after a long time dear!

    i think you used to write “love after marriage” but i think you ended it..!!

    well, post soon,..i loved it!!

    love uh!!

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