Pyaar ki yeh ek kahani(ss) part 2

Hey guys what u think she would be able to complete it or not
Part 2 :
Swara completed her one file nd still there was enough tym to make other
Just then sanskar arrived wid kavita
Swara somewhere felt jealous of kavita
Though sanskar was rude egoistic but he was good lookin nd swara too was spellbounded by her charms
Sanskar called her
Swara bring a coffee fr me he said it unknowingly
Swara felt nice hearing her name

Swara: ohk sir
She made coffee nd this tym it was perfect as he liked
Swara goy back to her work still 50 % was remaining nd it was 7: 30 now but sanskar was calling her again nd again due to some work
Nd now d file was 10 % remainin but it was her tym to leave
She went in his cabin
Swara: sir actually its my tym to leave nd the second presentation is remaining a liitle
Sir i promise i will complete it later

Sanskar: miss gadodia i m nt ur servant u have to complete it todae
She saw her watch helplessly nd went to complete her work
All left by now, now it was just swara nd sanskar
Swara was still making changes
Sanskar got up to leave but stopped seeing swara
Swra at last completed her work nd then transferred it to pen drive nd gave it to sanskar nd den left
Daes were passing like this swara was falling fr sanskar his stubborn behaviour , his rudeness also had some charm
In these daes lucky nd swara became gud frnds

One dae:
Sanskar called swara nd asked her if she knew to sew a button
Actually it was urgent there
Swara: but thread nd needle?
Sanskar that is there in third drawer see nd if u know to stitch then stitch fast
Swara came close to sanskar nd started stitchin
Swra was really getting affected nd was shiverin
Sanskar: y r u shivering so much do it properly
Swra done it quickly nd sanskar left but swara was happie
After some daes
Todae was her last dae here nd she was sad by this
She started loving sanskar nd she decided to tell him bcoz she cnt hide her feeling
She knew kavita was his fiancee but it was purely a business deal
Swara had no guts to sae i love you to him
She wrote her feelings in a letter nd dropped it near his desk
After some tym sanskar called swara
Swra: yes sir

Sanskar : wats this nonsense , u forgot ur class , u love me ?? U middle class person!! U r nt beautiful though …. How cn u think of adding ur name with me .. u cnnot do a work properly nd How dare u write such nonsense nd giving it to me ,if u have some shame then take this salary of urs nd leave ( actually the door was open nd everyone gathered to see whats happening)
Swara not able to bear the insult anymore left d place wid her salary
She was standing near d building of sanskars industry nd was reminiscing her daes here just tgen lucky saw her
Lucky: need some help ?

Swara quickly wiped her tears nd answered no nd she was leaving just then lucky said
Lucky: swara it is said that u feel light sharing ur sorrows with frnds nd i think we r frnds so cn u ?
This was it fr swara she hugged lucky tight nd said him all
Lucky knew his brother he thought to help swara … He thought to make a businesswoman nd make her reach hieghts
Lucky first helped in changing her personality by making her do personality development course then he had changed swara into a stylish swara wid d help of stylists nd makeover salons
Then by d help of office employees nd clients he
adviced swaras name as manager to some company nd then finally she got job as.a manager
This was all done secretly sanskar didnt know it
But lucky was constantly making him guilty of his behaviour towards all
Lucky nd swra now were besties
They shared a bond like jai nd veeru
Slowly nd steadily she also started her company as lucky too completed his studies nd now he helped swara in her business
Sanskar was mysterious about his behaviour buthe thought to give him time
Sanskar never forced lucky fr business

Sanskar was facing losses in his business nd was not able to meet the losses .lucky at that tym also looked after his bhais business but they all they could do is wait fr d right tym coz all were saying no to him now he understood how imp behaviour is ,his ego was now all gome
After some months their condition stabled a bit but still they were in losses .but it did nt affect their richness coz dp nd ap too had an different company
Swara helped lucky now coz when swara needed help lucky always helped her .swara was also helping sanskar coz she dnt want him to fail as a businessman
Lucky denied but swra was now stubborn
She made their company condition better nd also

Adviced her some clients nd investors to also invest in dreams to reality industries
Now their condition was good enough but sanskar was unaware of it
Swara: y sanskar y ..y did u come again ..i alwaus fulfilled my responsibilities .i was always there fr u .. nd u always cared of beauty
I hate u sanskar
I hate u
Next dae :
Her phone was ringing she picked it up
Swra: haa lucky what is it?
Lucky: swaraa u nd sanskar nd i are given a project
Ur company nd sanskars company is best so we have to work on our project together
Swara: wat ,lucky pls do something i m nt going to work with that egoistic person
He is so mean
Lucky : bhai is chnged swara nd going to d project papa wants three of us to work on it
I cnnot do anything

M srry
Swar: lucky ??no srry nd ty in besties nd fr u jai i would do anything
Handling mr rude is a easy thing nd i also have to take revenge yaar
See u byee message me d address of our site
Lucky : swra ohk yaar take care but see u there bye
Swara dressed in formals nd went to the site
Site scene:
Sanskar nd lucky were waiting fr swara
Finally swara came in here mercedes

Swara came to lucky nd hugged him
Sanskar was just shocked at their closeness
Lucky : swra how much tym u take to come here
Now come we will leave
Sanskar too came there bcause first tym he
Felt a pain seeing his own brother nd swara close
Sanskar : hii swara
Swara : mr maheswari hii hello we will do afterwards now lets see d site
Sanskar: ohk
They saw d site nd approved it while returnin lucky thought to give them tym nd made an excuse of meeting his frnds

Now there was some paper work left so they both were waiting
Sanskar thought that it was d ryt tym to apologise swara
Sanskar: swara i m srry nd i really am
I dnt know why r u not believing it
Nd u have completely changed swara .. i mean u look gud
Swara: correction mr maheshwari its miss gadodia nd now u felt that i m beautiful nd i have fame so u thought that i can be ur frnd or mistress ryt mr maheshwari
Sanskar got angry on d word mistress nd in anger he said her name
Swara: dnt be angry it is d reality nd haa if u r srry ohk chalo i accepted ur srry
Prove me u r guilty
Just 5 daes u have to stay wid me in my mansion

Wid u as my caretaker u have to look after everything
U accept it sae?
Sanskar was thinkin
Swara : oh i forgot it is so low quality job fr u let it be i should have known u
Sanskar: yes i m ready to be ur caretaker but in return u have to forgive me
Swara: so it starts frm todae
The paper work is done now sanskar was going towards his car but swara stopped him
Swara: rule no.1 u r not allowed to take ur car anywhere
U will drive fr me frm now on here take d keys

Sanskar obeyed her nd now he was seeing a complete new swara
She said her manager to manage office fr 5 daes nd sanskar said lucky
Lucky was now happie as everything was going into right place
Swaras mansion mannat:
Swara : uff i m so tired i should have a bath
Hey u duffer manage my clothes to wear after bath nd haa make me a fresh coffee
It should be nice
Swara came after taking bath nd she saw a wirmerd combination of clothes
She angrily called sanskar

Sanskar entered nd was spellbound to see swara in specs with wet hair he never noticed her earlier she was in a bathrobe
Suddemly she realized she was in bathrobe she sent sanskar out nd changed into something comfortable
She agin got yer lenses on nd on nd did minimal make up nd tied her hair in a ponytail
Sanskar came nd said : u look more gud in open hairs
Swara : did someone ask u? Nd wer is my coffee?
Sanskar: here at ur service mam
Swara did not like him saying her mam but he had to try hard fr apology
Swra: okay now massage my head

Sanskar: didnt know how to massage so he started beating her head (??? haha lol)
Swara: wat is this dnt u know a single thing
She stood up nd threw d bucket of water kept aside to dip her feet in it on his face
Sanskar was just shocked but he just kept quite nd went from der
Swara closed d door nd cried on her behaviour on sanskar
Swra: i m srry sanskar m srry nt she was just sitting there nd reminiscing her past
she just closed d door she did not lock it
Sanskar after changin went to her room to ask if she needed something but as soon as he opened d door swara was about to fall but he held her in nick time both had an eyelock
Swara got angry : is this the way to come cnt u knock duffer
Go back knock nd come again
He went back nd knocked but swara was swara

Swra : no u r not allowed to come in
Make me maggi go nd it should be delicious otherwise u know .
He googled this tym how to make maggi nd made maggi
Swra tasted it nd liked it but did not show it
But sanskar was so excited as he had first tym made something so he asked
How is d maggi?
Swara: haan ohk

Now u have something nd haan after that i need to look fr a pet
I want a rabbit
Sanskar shocked: swra rabbit u know na i have allergy frm rabbits then how cn u ?
Swara:did i ask ur advice u have to search a white rabbit in a nearby petshop tomm
Now u can go i dnt need u
Swara wore her specs nd started reading magazine she changed in her nightwear nd went to sleep
Sanskar was told to sleep on sofa in d hall
Sanskar wanted to see swara once to he went near her room but was concerned as soon as he heard her coughing
He quickly gave water to swara nd patted her back nd told her to look up …

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