KISMET – Chapter 3 (Thapki Pyar Ki)

6 months later in Pandey Nivas; Bihaan was a broken man in absolute shambles, guilt was consuming him alive, he was liable for losing his valuable possession, Thapki. With no zest in life, he drags his meaningless life wherever it leads to if sober, otherwise drowns himself in booze.

Vasu Ma: Bihaan why are you torturing yourself beta. Come let me serve you food.
She dragged him to the dining table, he followed her.
Vasu Ma: Look how you have worn out, Thapki will be very sad and hurt seeing you in this state. Bihaan sees Vasu Ma’s pain while fiddling with his food replied,
Bihaan: Without Thapki, I am lost, she meant the world to me, she knows it yet didn’t come back for me MA!

Kosi Ma walks in and said,
Kosi Ma: Bihaan forget that stammering Thapki, she’s dead anyway. Don’t waste your life. Thapki is no angel to dedicate your life to, I will find you a better girl, who will not kill me or separate you from me.

Vasu Ma: Kosi mind your words, Thapki is a nurturing person, who cared for this family and Bihaan. Thapki disregarded her life to save ours and brought respect to these family in many occasions. And don’t you ever repeat Thapki tried to break your relationship with Bihaan or even tried to kill you. Stop your drama, isn’t it evident now that you are still well and alive, but my Thapki is separated from us by death! I will not tolerate anyone berating my daughter Thapki. Kosi, if you truly love your son, please try to understand Bihaan’s emotional state.
Kosi walks away sneering.

Bihaan was in deep thoughts, Vasu Ma is absolutely right. In recent times, Thapki always feared my life was in peril, indeed she saved me in many occasions. There were instances where Thapki and Kosi Ma had differences but never will Thapki go to the extent of hurting Kosi Ma. Instead of investigating or communicating with Thapki, why did I conclude she was at fault, was I blinded by my mother’s love? Confused, he walked to the tabela started punching the wall repetitively, I have erred you Thapki! My anger has ruined me, he cried in agony.

A car stopped near the house, a man walks to Bihaan,
Sham: Hey Bihaan, where have you been
Bihaan: Hi Sham, what’s brings you’re here
Sham: I have been trying to meet you and tried calling at your cell phone
Bihaan: I’m sorry, this is my new phone number
Sham: I have been trying to pass this to you, here take it and check if all is in order.
Bihaan: What is this?
Sham: Agreement for an investment property, Thapki paid for it a year ago.
Bihaan reads the agreement, it indicates he is the owner of the Hotel property in Agra!
Sham: the current owners will hand over the property administration whenever you are ready, let me know I will coordinate the meeting. And Bihaan, I am sorry to hear about Thapki and hope you will fulfill her dreams, and left. Bihaan looks on.

In New Delhi, Thapki was waiting in the clinic for her routine pregnancy appointment. Dr Sunil: Thapki how are you feeling? Do you have any concerns?
Thapki: I am feeling good, Doctor. Baby’s movements are frequent now.
Dr Sunil: Great news! let’s get along with the ultrasound scan to know how’s your precious doing?
After reviewing the scans, Dr. Sunil: Thapki, you are now in your 7th month, you can start singing to your baby as the hearing is fully developed, and can you see the cute toes and look your baby is sucking fingers pointing at the screen. Next month you’ll experience more movements. Your due date will be in mid-November, no travelling without my permission, he cautioned her with her smile. Here are the scan photos and your prescription, we’ll meet again next month, Take care.
Thapki: thanked Dr Sunil. Drove out of the clinic.

Thapki arrives to Vaani’s Mansion, Vaani: Thapki beta done with your appointment, and how is my little pota doing. Thapki hugs Vaani,
Thapki: MA doctor said Baby is doing great and can hear us now and showed the ultra-scan photos. Vaani looked excitedly at the adorable baby formation photos and gave a peck on Thapki’s forehead.
Vanni: Thapki beta you must be feeling tired, take rest in your room. I am leaving for meeting now and will be back in the evening, let’s have dinner together to celebrate, our chef is preparing your favorite dishes.

Thapki heads to her room, feeling tired she fills the bathtub with essential oil to relax her tensed body. She slips into the tub, immersed into the warm water and closed her eyes. She slowly opened her eyes to find herself wrapped around Bihaan’s arms in the bathtub. His arms was around her waist and his chin resting on her shoulder. She was cuddling in his chest and Bihaan leaned in slowly to kiss Thapki’s nape and shoulders tenderly, closing the gap between them. Thapki blushed feeling the intensity of their bareness. It felt they were in each other arms forever, Bihaan whispered into Thapki ears, you look very beautiful Thapki and wrapped his arms around her baby belly. The phone interrupted her dream.

Thapki felt relaxed and blushed thinking of her dream, Thapki: I wish Bihaan is by myside, I am missing him so much but what can I do, whenever I tried calling Pandey home, Shankar and Kosi always disconnects my calls. I’m lost on how to connect with Bihaan?

Few weeks later in Pandey Nivas, Kosi Ma: Shankar do you like this card.
Shankar: what card is this Kosi Ma,
Kosi Ma: this is your engagement invitation card with Bihaan
Shankar jumps in joy. Kosi Ma I’m so HAPPY,
Shankar: Bihaan Ji finally accepted me
Kosi ma: No, Bihaan does not know about this engagement, I know he will not agree to it. So this will be a surprise engagement which he cannot refuse me. Your engagement is in a week’s time, I have to start preparation and distribute these cards.

Aditi attends a job interview in New Delhi, she meets the hiring manager and completes her interview successfully. Aditi, please wait here, my manager will pass your offer letter. Thapki walks in to the meeting room with the offer letter, Aditi was shocked to see Thapki alive,
Aditi: Didi, Aditi cries and runs to hug her
Thapki was equally shocked to see Aditi in her office. Both of them cried for a good bit, and Thapki enquired about her parents and siblings.
Aditi: Papa and Mama are mourning for you till today, we were informed you died. Thapki cried hearing that.

Thapki: Aditi many things have happened since I left Noida. Are you staying in a hotel, did you come alone for the interview?
Aditi: Yes, Didi, I came alone and staying in Royal hotel and will leave tomorrow.
Thapki: you are going to stay with me tonight, let’s check you out of the hotel first.
Thapki drives Aditi to Vaani’s Mansion and introduces to Vaani Oberoi and informs Aditi will stay for the night. Vaani happily obliged as it brings delight to Thapki.
Aditi: Didi how many months pregnant are you now, why didn’t you contact us?
Thapki: Aditi I’m now 7.5months. Remember Papa had a minor heart attack, we were worried for him and I don’t want to be the cause of more pain in our family again.
The sisters hugged and cried together.

Thapki: Aditi, is Diwakar still troubling you?
Aditi: Didi, I have divorced him, and have been trying to find a job to support myself and our family. I’m glad I found you and this job.
Thapki: Aditi your work requires you to travel and to work in New Delhi, can you manage the stress.
Aditi: Diwakar ruined my happiness but I’m glad that chapter is over. If my job requires me to travel that will keep me busy. Time will heal my bad memories and wounds.

Thapki: do you know how Pandey family are doing, Bihaan’s mom Kosi Ma was ill treating them when I was living there, I am worried about their welfare
Aditi: Didi, you are being kind to them but they didn’t stop Kosi victimizing you. How dare they ask you to leave the house when you are pregnant?
Thapki: Kosi conspired against me and Bihaan trusted his mom over me.
Aditi: no wonder Bihaan is getting engaged with Shankar, she blurted out in anger.
Thapki looked shocked and asked Aditi, did you say Bihaan is getting engaged?
Aditi: (with hesitation) Yes, Didi, we received the engagement invite, now I understand the root cause of her conspiracy against you. I hate that Kosi, Aditi said in disgust.
Thapki: Aditi is getting late, you have some rest and we will talk tomorrow morning.
Thapki was devastated on hearing Bihaan’s engagement, rans to her room,
Thapki: you have deserted me and our baby, how could you do this to us? I was hoping we will reconcile but I am mistaken. I now understand the hatred you have on me, she wailed. With snivels she tells herself,

Thapki: I will stop all attempts to contact you as you have decided to move on with your life. I always wish you happiness in your life regardless who you are with. But I will never forgo my unconditional love for you.

Next day morning Thapki drives Aditi to airport during the drive,
Thapki: Aditi when you return for work in New Delhi, can you bring parents along
Aditi: needless to say, Didi I’m already planning to do that. She smiled
Thapki: Aditi another favor inform parents, Pandey family should not know of me. Its best I remain as dead. I don’t want Kosi to trouble our family. Aditi agreed.

A weeks later, Krishnakanth, Poonam and Aditi arrives to New Delhi. Thapki receives them at the airport. It was an emotional exchange. Thapki brought them to Vanni’s Mansion and they stayed in the guest house detached to the Mansion. Thapki’s parents thanked Vanni for taking care of Thapki during her crisis. Vaani: I am thankful that I have a daughter like Thapki in my life, she takes care of me dearly.

Thapki is in her last trimester of pregnancy, she felt relaxed in her parents’ love and care. They arranged for Godh bharai (Baby Shower), Thapki was decked up, family and friends bless her. Vaani Oberoi gifted Thapki gold bangles and Krishnakanth & Poonam gifted earrings and Aditi gifted saree. Everyone put “tikka” on Thapki’s forehead, prays for her and her baby’s wellbeing, followed by aarti. Meheni was also arranged with playful banter and singing and dancing among the women. Everyone was celebrating the pending arrival of her baby, Thapki was contented with the special celebration, but her heart was yearning for Bihaan. She missed his presence in this important celebration, tears threatened to flow, she contained herself.

A day before engagement, Pandey Villas was decorated; Bihaan: what’s the decoration for, Ma?
Kosi Ma: your engagement, Beta
Bihaan: (in shock) Engagement? For me? Without my consent? No, this engagement will not happen, Ma. Stop all these preparation at once. My love and life is with Thapki only and I will not share it with anyone else. He said firmly
Kosi Ma: (starts crying) Bihaan I can’t bear to see you ruin your life, I want my son to move on with his life. Shankar loves you and will care for us. You have to accept her as your wife, she’s from our clan and I want your children to take over our family name not Pandey’s, that’s my final decision! Bihaan looked stunned unable to protest.

Thapki gets labor contraction, followed by water breaking. Vaani Oberoi together with Krishnakanth and Poonam rushes Thapki to the hospital. Dr Sunil attends to Thapki and informs childbirth will occur within the day. The family stays with Thapki to provide their morale support, Thapki’s contraction frequency increases. The nurses’ team moves Thapki to the delivery room. After another hour of labor, Thapki delivers a baby girl, Thapki returns home the next day.

In Pandey Nivas, Engagement day evening, Shankar was overjoyed as life will soon be seal with Bihaan. Kosi came running into Shankar’s room.
Kosi Ma: Bihaan has eloped, she wailed.
Shankar: Kosi Ma, I saw Bihaan Ji today morning, you must be mistaken
Kosi Ma: I’m telling the truth you crazy girl, read this note,
“Ma, sorry to disappoint you, I have lost faith in all relationships, they don’t mean anything. Please don’t find me. Take care of yourself. Bihaan”.
Shankar sank onto her bed with shattered dreams.

In Vaani’s Mansion New Delhi, Baby naming ceremony was celebrated, Thapki names her baby Chiara (Light) Pandey. Krishnakanth and Poonam cared for Thapki and Chiara for 6 months, and returned back to their hometown promising to stay connected. Aditi stays with Thapki and her niece whenever she’s in New Delhi.

Precap: Bihaan goes on a coffee date with Maya.


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