Pyaar ki yeh ek kahani(ss) part 1

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Hello guyz
I know u all would be angry on me fr posting d concept of my ss nd not posting the parts
Soo here to compensate i m back with a os with four parts
So lets reveal ur surprise

Swara: a shy girl with specs though looks beautiful ,fair with long brown hairs with curls at ends , completed her post graduation studies too
Field of interest is business administration
Want to apply fr a job as a manager of some known company .belongs to middle class family

Sanskar:a rich, confident , egoistic person ,want everything to perfect , handsome , fair, in a relationship but its purely a business deal rather
Kavita: his fiancee ,likes sanskar ,becomes obsessive about sanskar sometimes , she is too girly nd thinks beauty is all which rules a persons heart ,sanskar too thinks d same
Swaras family is full of life where her dadu chacha chachi mumma nd papa live together
No loneliness
Sanskars family

Dp’s orders have to be followed by all
Other than dp ,ap- sanskars mother is pure business women ,doesnt fail to make people realise their class, laksh is sanskar one nd only loving brother, sanskar loves him very much
Laksh is a decent person still completing his studies
So lets start the story
Scene 1
A lady in her early twenties enters the party lookin so ravishing that she can enamour any ones heart by her beauty
Anyone can confidently call her as beauty wid brains , frm her dress to her accessories everything is just perfect
She has a mask in her hand coz party thems is masquerade party
She hides her eyes with her mask
There d dance starts she was involved in her business talks with her clients nd investors
Now d dance them changes to dance with changing partners
The lady was forced to dance by her bestie
She finally steps on d dance floor like she is d queen of dance ,her attitude can make anyone go crazy on her .finally d dance started nd she was dancing flawlessly wid someone new at every tym

No sooner she felt a comfortable touch nd in shock she widen her eyes but soon there was no emotion on her face and as soon as d dance completed she left d dance floor
She went to her best friend nd said him something nd asked him if he can manage here but destiny had its own plans lets see..
She left d party apologising to d clients nd colleagues fr such a sudden exit
She went out frm d party nd sat in her mercedes nd drove off but but but… Her car brokedown in middle nd she had no other ootion then to wait fr d mechanic to come
She was waiting there near her car in case she cn get some help
Suddenly a car appeared she raise her hands asking fr help nd she stepped aside as d car stopped near her, the windows of d car were
Opened now ,she bent a little to ask d person’s help through window but as soon as she bent she heard familiar whisper of her name frm d person sitting in d car with a lady beside him

The person in d car murmured swara , now swara was cursing herself for leaving d party .(yes u all must be confused but stay tuned)
She saw d couple once again who were seated in d car ,set of tears appeared in her eyes but she controlled herself nd stood properly nd to avoid their gaze she left frm that place immediately
But d person in d car was in no mood to leave her he ran past her nd hold her hand to stop her but was shocked with her sudden reaction
Swara slapped him (shocked na ..?)
Swara: how dare u touch me ,stay away from me mr maheshwari
Yes he is none other than sanskar
Sanskar: swara u r back , how r u ,u r fine , nd this change ,what have u done to urself
Swara: enough of it mr maheshwari ,u go to u fiancee ,i m well by myself ,no need of ur fake concern

Sanskar: dnt be so stubborn swara ,come nd sit in d car ,sae me ur address .(but he was cut by her)
Swara: for what purpose i should give u my address so that daily u can have a chance to meet me but u r wrong mr .
I can manage now cn u please leave
Sanskar was also stubborn of taking her so he held her nd made her forcefully sit her in d backseat
Kavita was in d frontseat ,the look which kavita had explained that she need an explanation but sanskar was not bothered at all

Swara made a call to her servant ordering him to have her favorite car repaired by tomorrow morning
Then she unwantedly said sanskar her address nd finally the car stopped near a huge mansion
Swara stepped down d car
Swara: well thank u mr maheshwari
I will pay u whatever d amount is fr d fare
Sanskar: swara what r u talking about

It was my responsibility
Swra : pls stop ur damn leacture mr. I m not here to listen ur lecs. Bye nd i wish to never meet u again
Sanskar: swara wait i m srry fr …
But swara was in no mood to listen him she went inside her palace nd straight to room ,closed d door nd cried helplessly
Swra’s pov
Why god y , why did u made him meet me again ,i was happie in my life
She went near d mirror nd said
No swara no now u r not d old swara u r a confident person , she removed d lenses nd wore her specs .nd went down d kitchen to make coffee fr her to freshen up her mood
She is changed but she is not egoistic nd she doesnt have any pride about her money
She went inside d kitchen followed by her mother
Janki: shona y r u punishing urself , shona he was ur past ,y r u affecting ur present
Swara: maa i have forgotten everything see i m happie
Swara gave a fake smile

Janki: shona i m ud mother ,u cn hide frm others not frm me
Shona pls take care of urself
Swara was just listening her with emotionless face
Getting no reply frm swara janki thought of leaving her alone
Swara went to terrace to have some fresh air nd her coffee
She lost in flashback
Swara : dadu ,chachi ,chacha ,mumma nd pappa where are u guys i m late yaar comeon give blessings
All laughed at her behaviour nd gave her blessings
Janki made her eat chocolate as she dont like sweet dahi
Soon swara reached her destination , dreams to reality industries
Swra was hell nervous on d way she dashed with a person nd they both were in no tym on ground with the person beneath swara nd swara on top

Swara: srry sir ,i m really srry (in mind ) uff swara u cn not do anything proprlerly
Unknown person: what d hell u ruined my suit nd where were ur blo*dy eyes ,cnt u see ,r u blind or what
Swara was now crying bcoz she was never scolded by anyone
Up: oh comeone stop ur tears they are of least value nd why r u here ,employees like u are of no use just get out .u have messed with sanskar maheswari ,i will see u later but u put ur resignation nd leave

Swara was about to say something but sanskar was in a hurry so he went nd told his secretary to send all candidates fr interview for n his cabin but unfortunately swara was d first in d list
Swara entered his cabin
May i come in sir
Sanskar: not again
Wat u need put ur resignation nd leave
Swara: sir butttt i have come here to give d interview as d manager(she was sayin it so slowly that sanskar was hell irritated?
Sanskar(clapping) : u think that i will appoint u as manager ,look urself in mirror nd then sae me
Just then his pa entered saying that she is leaving

Just then sanskar remembered that she is on leave frm now nd she just forgot to appoint someone in her place fr somedaes
But seeing swara infront of him he got an idea
Sanskar: so miss can i see ur file
He saw her file her marks nd curriculums were great indeed
Sanskar: i m impressed miss gadodia
I have an offer fr u i will pay u 40000 but fr a month u have to be mine secretary
Swara: but sir i m here fr manager job
Sanskar : yes or no miss gadodia i have not asked ur advice
Swara( after thinkin): ohk sir but wat about further
Sanskar: that is ur problem
Swara badly needed any job so she said yes but what was concerning her was wat about your future
Sanskar: so u have to join frm todae ,this next minute i should see in my cabin
He rang a bell

He informed d person to show her everything
Nd swara quickly dropped a msg to her mothers no. That she has got d job but she has started frm todae
The very next minute she came in sanskars cabin widoud knocking
Swra: Yes sir u called me
Sanskar: first of all i want discipline u forgot to knock it seems go back nd knock nd come again

Swara helplessly went back knocked waited fr his answer nd then she came in
Sanskar : ohk so now plan my meetings as per my schedule nd here is d schedule according to daes nd after that i want a black coffee with one spoon sugar
Then u have to bring these files in my cabin
Just do these quick
First she saw his schedule nd planned his meetings.
Next thing was to make his black coffee

She was so irritated by his behaviour nd was thinking about recent happenings unknowingly she put extra sugar in coffee nd went to his cabin to give him
Sanskar sipped d coffee nd threw d coffee on her
Sanskar : so unprofessional of urself
Is this a coffee ,i told u one spoon sugar ,is this called one cup now go nd make me a new one
She quickly went nd made a new one nd then cleaned herself too
She then went to pick files nd they were so many that she could bot handle it properly
She rembered she has to knock ,she managed to do it in some way but as soon as she entered she banged with someone
(Hahah all tym its nt sanskar)

He was none other than lucky
Swara: srry i m so srry … U didnt get hurt na
I m really srry i should have seen u
Sanskar: u cannot do one thing correct na miss gadodia nd do hell with ur srry
(To lucky) : lucky u r okay?
Lucky : bhai y r u scolding her i was at equal fault nd haa i m absolutely okae
Sanskar : ohk u wait outside i m coming
Lucky glanced towards swara once nd then left the cabin
Sanskar : so miss gadodia pick these up nd haa make presentation of these two files ..
Nd do this prefectly otherwise ur salary will be cut
Now get to work i want it todae completed
Sanskar went frm there swara was hell tired nd now it was 4 she had to complete it by 9 anyhow
…part 1 end

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