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Let’s begin….

Everybody are shocked….

Sanskar looks at Ragini….

Urvashi:ayu baccha..what are you talking…maami ke paas aajao

Ap: urvashi…is ayu telling the truth

Urvashi:baccha hai kuch bhi bol deta hai

Urvashi held ayu’s hand and was about to drag him

Ayu:nai mujhe nai jaana…
He bites her hand…and runs to sanskar and his stomach tightly

Sanskar tried to pull him but ayu:sanky bhaiyya please don’t leave with chudail maami..please…

Laksh kneels to him:ayu…

Sanskar slowly pulls him out of the hug and kneels to him…

Ragini was in the corner and she was confused and hurt..the maami whom she trusted has cheated her and tried to hurt her brother

Swara has bent her head..the truth which they hided came out..which their dad wanted to be hidden is out now…

Ayu: laksh only told na you are strong enough to save me that day…

Laksh nods

Ayu:now save me and swara didi and Ragini didi from maami

Urvashi angrily goes to him and was about to pull him…

Laksh held her hand:dare you lay your eyes on ayu

Urvashi trying to mend:no laksh beta… it’s…

Sanskar:bass…now it’s someone else’s time to reveal the truth

SwaRagini looks at him…

There was some silence

Sanskar shouts: would you tell it or not!

Bothswarag fears…

And everybody are shocked as sanskar has never shown this side…

Sanskar moves to swara: you are swara or not???


Sanskar:i demand for an answer…yes or no!

Laksh goes to him :bhaai

Sanskar crosses his and looks at Ragini who was looking at him with tear filled eyes

Laksh: bhaai please….

Sanskar:laksh… He should his palm

Laksh was feared as sanskar never addressed him laksh he always called him lucky

Sanskar: didn’t you listen…

Swara being feared of him nods!

His piercing gaze shift’s to Ragini

Ragini bends her head….

Sanskar turns to urvashi

Sanskar smacks his finger:niklo yahan se… Take your family and reach a safe place before i change my decision!

Urvashi had tears:i.. it’s their plan…its them ….

Sanskar:i have warned you and i dont want to do it again …. (She still didn’t move) leave before i do something to you…
Nearby there was a glass vase…he pushed his the wall breaks into pieces

Ayush handovers yugh to the police…
Urvashi and her family was about to go

Laksh: your luggage would reach your home
They leaves

Dp was about to speak
Ap to dp:we should not interfere in this matter..because now sanskar is hurt…it can only be mend by them…

Dp nods and goes from there followed by ap suji Rp

And nuts and uttara goes along with ayush taking ayu them

SwaRagini were crying….

Sanskar’s back was faced to them

Laksh: why you both did this? Do you know we have only came to meet you.. When we got the news you both are no….do you know how much we r broken…but i think we didn’t mattered to you…


Laksh:stop it swara..meine tumse poocha bhi tha…because my heart told you swara…but no the person herself doesn’t wants me to know…

Swara cries:laksh..i was

Laksh: you were what??and you Ragini i didn’t expect this from you…is our friendship nothing infront of your eyes…tell me…!!

He was disappointed…

Both were crying…

Sanskar: isn’t the curtain pulled down guys….

His tone was calm with mocking tone..its silence before the storm

Sanskar:now why this drama?he smiled Sarcastically

Sanskar Sarcastically: haven’t you fooled enough people’s by your drama…lucky what you think won’t they deserve best actress awards…
Laksh looks swara and Ragini with a disgust


Sanskar:i am not over yet

Ragini’s eyes have turned red by crying… She looks at him

Sanskar claps:sorry i couldn’t appreciate your i doing it

Ragini:i am…

Sanskar:i am not over yet!

To be continued….

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