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Raman lost in his thoughts how he misunderstood Ishita.

Raman: What she does…. means work/ job

Adi: she is a designer.

Raman: oh Architect……!

Adi: I dont know uncle …..dadi said she is a designer.

Ishita at home scanning her design to send Raman…and worried also as he has not returned to home yet.

Raman and adi came home finally

Adi: Bye Uncle.

Raman: BYe Adi.

Ishita came out after she heard him saying bye to someone.

Ishita: Adi to whom u were saying bye beta…

Adi: mom woh neighbour uncle i met him in park and helped me in fighting with goon kids.

Ishita: Ok , dont go to park from tomorrow .

Adi: BUt mom….

Ishita: Go give this chain to uncle and tell him yesterday it fell near his door.

Adi went and rang the bell….Raman opened

Raman: S beta…

Adi: Uncle mom gave this chain to you yesterday it fell here near the door….

Raman: Oh! Thank you…

Adi: Unlce mom is telling me that from tomorrow no need to go park becoz of goons…..!

Raman smiled and said” from tomorrow i’ll come with you an tell your mom that i’ll be there with u for ur protection”

Adi with happy mood he came and said same to Ishita, but she dint agree.

Toshi: Let him go Ishita, if he bad he wouldn’t have helped today.

Ishita: BUt mummyji u know him…

Toshi : no puttar, will see how he will be with him…

Ishita: ok Adi, but u have to tell what and all u both are talking to each other.

Adi feeling happy after ishita gave permission went to bath….

Ishita sent her deign to Raman, Immediately he saw mail also.

Image result for lehenga designs 2018

Raman was impressed with her design ….

Ishita got a text from Raman ” Wow , u r really amazing wat a design , I’m really impressed. Thank you”

He sent to his client and called and asked him to check the design.

And Raman got a approval call…….

At the same time he is not getting any designs from sarees division and sherwani division.

Raman messages “Ishita please start the work and u order the material from our material department and u can start working on material, please do as u wish”

Ishita dint check the message started to office.

Raman got his design amount to his account. and he is very happy.

Ishita dropped Adi to school and he went to office.

After she reched office immediately deeksha congratulated her.

Ishita: For wat

Deeksha: u dint know that ur second design got accepted and Raman asked to work on material, he sent  u message also, u dint check.

Ishita: No, i dint had time to check, now i have to check and you gave me very good news , thankx

Deeksha: Thanks to you , you made Raman so happy.

Ishita: If boss is happy , we employee also happy.

Ishita went to material department , there she met MIHIR for first time

Ishita and deeksa both went to department.

Deeksha: HI all, she is Ishita, she will be working on her new design please cooperate with her.

Mihir: oh! oh! she is the genius and great deisgner  , becoz raman is happy with the contracts. welcome to our department.

Ishita: Thank you……

All persons are very helpful and they cooperated with her very well .

Ishita gave her ideas of color combination to the workers and asked them to work on small piece of cloth so that not to waste cloth.

Mihir liked the Idea.

Mihir: Well thinking Ishita ji.

Mihir thought Raman is right , she is genious.

Ishita: Mihir can i ask u one thing, i dont know whether i can discuss or not , but yesterday someone scribbled on my design when i went to get coffee for myself, so if u dont mind i need you to help me on this.

Mihir : Yeah sure.

Mihir thought to fix cctv in her cabin so that he can monitor .

Finally all staff left only mihir was alone in the office, he called cctv person to fix, by the time raman came and he asked why he is doing that.

Mihir: No bhai , IShita told me something that someone scribble her deisgn luckily that was not her original design, so i want to keep an eye on her cabin.

Raman : ok, But i’m very happy that she is really great.

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  1. superb update

  2. Nice track
    I loved it very much

  3. Rashita

    Raman felt Ishita’s sooo good.. ! She sent a design to Raman.. He got approval too.. It was lovely.. Ishu met mihir.. Nd said him about the scribbling job.. Nd decided to fix cctv cameras in her cabin.. Both Raman and Mihir thought she’s genius..!!?

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