One Year – Swasan Fan Fiction Part 4

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Hii guys back with another part. Hope you will enjoy it.
Let’s go.

Swasan Room.

Swara was sitting on bed and seeing the necklace from last 1 hour.
Sanskaar came out of room.

Sanskaar: Swara, keep it in mandir.

Swara: shut up!

Sanskaar:or  you wanna eat it.

Swara: I am not guzura!

Sanskaar: what’s guzura??

Swara: It is a cartoon who eats metals!!.

Sanskaar: Do you still watch cartoon?

Swara: So what!

Sanskaar: I thought you would be watching melo drama of saas and bahu.

Swara: That is not exciting and funny.

Sanskaar: This girl naa!!

Swara: Areee o Mr Maheshwari.. where is my reward??

Sanskaar: What reward?? Bade papa already gave you??

Swara: No no .. that bet when..

Sanskaar: Don’t you know Betting is crime.

Swara glares him angrily.

Sanskaar: Don’t look me like that as if you will kill Me!

Swara: yeah!! I will murder you. Tomorrow’s news headlines would be A wife murdered his hubby for not feeding him with Choco  panipuri.

Sanskaar laughed.

Sanskaar: Swara, seriously??

Swara: yeah seriously.

Sanskaar: ok then. Wait for 2 mins. You shut your eyes.

Swara: What??..

Sanskaar: Close your eyes gadhi.

Swara: My name is swara. Mr gadha Maheshwari.

Sanskaar: Whatever. I don’t care.

Swara shuts her eyes.
Sanskaar sighs three waiters to come in . They all comes in with some stuffs.

Swara: Can I open my eyes. Mr gadha Maheshwari.

Sanskaar: Have some Patience gadhi.

He arranges some stuffs.

Sanskaar: ok now, open your eyes.

She opens it. Her eyes widened by seeing choco panipuri. She gets happy. She jumps . She claps.

Sanskaar( to himself): Ahh this girl!! I donno wht to do with her.

Swara: Hawww Sanskaar you really brought this for me.

Sanskaar: No it’s for me.

Swara with puppy face: Really.

Sanskaar: Areee.. no ‘re buddhu it’s only for you. Now eat it not my head.

Swara: Hehe very funny!!

Sanskaar: ha I know I am eat it .

Swara: Not even in my bad dreams you are funny.

Sanskaar feds up with her. He picks choco panipuri. While swara was still talking he places a piece in her mouth. But still she speaks.

Sanskaar: Areee Meri maata, Aap shanti khana kahiye.

She shuts her mouth. Now sanskaar feds her with his hand choco panipuri and swara does the same.

Sanskaar: How was the treat??

She burpsss!!

Sanskaar:  I got it !!

She laughs and play fully slaps him.

Sanskaar : Aree yrr!! Firstly I gave you treat and you are doing this to me.

Swara holding her ears: Sorry!!

Sanskaar: Accha ready for second surprise.!!

Swara: wowww!! I am ready.

Sanskaar places books with form in her hand.
Tears rolls from her eyes.

Swara: Sanskaar…..

Sanskaar: Yes. Fill this form I will submit it in morning while going office.
And don’t cry.

He wips Her tears.

Swara: Thank you so much Sanskaar. I never thought that you will understand me.

Sanskaar: Swara I dont want to bully your intrest and talent. And after all we are married with all rituals. Its other thing we dont have private life but u are my responsibility and I will fulfill all your dreams.

Swara: So best frnd I have a return gift to you.

Sanskaar: Best frnd??

Swara: Haa u are my best frnd !! Now u want the gift or not.

Sanskaar:  I want it.

Swara: Then close your eyes.

He closes. She leans towards him , placed her rosy pink lips on his cheeks and pecked it lightly.

Sanskaar was hell shocked by her actions. He turned a tomato .

Swara smiles.

To be continued….

Sorry for short update..

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    Amazing dear………Swasan moments so cute………loved it

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