Pyaar Ke Kuch Rang Aise Bhi – RagSan FF – Episode 2

Hi This is RSL aka Sangeetha.I’m glad after reading all your comments.It means a lot to me and yes I want to clear one thing,this story is from Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise bhi and not everything.You can feel the characters.But i will write story in my own style…Please feel free to share your opinions…Thank you…

Pyaar Ke Kuch Rang Aise Bhi…

Episode 2

:::Maheshwari Mansion:::

One week passed by,

In this one week Sanskar became busy with his office works and Ragini became busy in planning a perfect diet for Sujatha…They didn’t saw each other from one week…Both started feeling like something is missing…But they don’t have any idea of what they are missing exactly…

“Ok Auntyji…I’m leaving i told everything to Gollu bhaiyya.He will manage…You please don’t eat any kind of masala food…It’s not good for your health…” Ragini said to Sujatha

“Ok beta…” Sujatha replied with smile

Just then,

Sanskar came back from office.

Sanskar “Ms.Bose…”

Ragini “Yes Mr.Maheshwari…”

Sanskar “I’m sorry…”

Ragini “Sorry for what?”

Sanskar “You know Ms.Bose…”

“I never saw a person like you in my life Mr.Maheshwari.Seriously…You are saying sorry now that too after one week.You are really great Mr.Maheshwari” Ragini spoke angrily

“It’s not a big deal…I said sorry or not…” Sanskar spoke with attitude

“I’m getting late Mr.Maheshwari…See you tomorrow” Ragini folded her hands and replied

“Ms.Bose…You can’t leave without giving answer to me…” Sanskar ordered Ragini

“I can Mr.Maheshwari…It’s 9.15p.m… Before 9.00 p.m. if you ask anything I will answer you but after 9.00 p.m..,I’m Ragini Bose not Dr.Bose Bye…” Ragini replied with attitude

Ragini rocks Sanskar shocks…

Sanskar in mind “Iski naam Ragini nahi Nagini rakna chahiye tha…Rude girl…”


Ragini “Hi papa,maa,dadi…”

Shekhar,Sharmistha,Dadi “Hello beta…”

Someone came from behind and back hugged her.Ragini screamed…

“Dada(Brother in Bangla)” Ragini screamed in excitement

(Sohan character played by Namik Paul)

“Yes Ragu…Dada is back…” Sohan replied with huge smile

“You know what Dada?I’m missing you badly…” Ragini pouted

Sohan hugged her and said,”Me too…”

After having Dinner,

“So tell me about your job Ragu?” Sohan asked

“Dada,Dadi…I never saw a person like him in my life…” Ragini said

“Who?” Sohan,Dadi asked in unison

“Mr.Angry/Mr.Maheshwari” Sharmistha,Shekhar said in unison

“No…Mr.Obodro…” Ragini replied

“Mr.Obhodro?” All family members laughed and asked her

“Yes…You know what Dada?He is asking sorry for one week before incident…Who on earth will do this?Most confusing person i ever met…” Ragini exclaimed

“So you got your Tom to fight Jerry” Sohan teased her

Sharmistha joined him saying,”That’s what i said Sohu…”

Sohan and Sharmistha gave Hi-Fi to each other…

“Dadi,Papa!!!” Ragini complained

Shekhar and Dadi hugged her and said,”No one will call my Ragu as Jerry…”

Ragini laughed and said,”Papa,Dadi you two are best”

All hugs each other…

To be continued…

Hope you all enjoyed today’s episode…I will introduce some more new characters in next episode…So please do vote if you like my episode 2…Please don’t forget to post your opinions…I will reply to you as early as possible…If you are getting bored do let me know…Next episode will post when the response is satisfactory…

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