The Fanfiction Awards 2018 ( for all serial related & non serial related fanfictions)

Hey Everyone , Myself Hania & I am the host of this award. I know I didn’t complete my review book but don’t worry , I will give ur books review as soon as possible . I am very excited that we are going to have a fanfiction award 2018 here. This award is not based on votes , Our judges are going to judge your books. Most amazing thing is that this award is for all genres , serial related or non serial related fictions .

Rules & Regulations-

You must fill the form correctly
You must be patience for results & behave politely
You must enter one entry per genre & three entries per person
Self – nomination is allowed & if u nominate any other author’s book . Make sure to take permission from him/her
Your story must have 5 chapters minimum except short stories.( For short stories minimum 3 chapters )
You can nominate ongoing as well as completed books
You are not allowed to use foul language
Judges names are not going to reveal till the awards gets over
Do not discourage other writers
You can judge the category in which u didn’t nominate your book

How to enter ( for the participants ) –

Author’s name –
Title of the book-
Short Summary-
Serial related Fanfiction or Non serial related Fanfiction –
Name of the serial & couple if ur book is serial related –
Link to the first part –

For the Judges –
Those who are interested in judging , they have to send private message on my account

Name –
You are judging first time or you already have experience –
Any reason for judging (optional )-

Serial related categories which are eligible –

Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai
Ye hai Mohabbatein
Tashan -e-ishq
Saath Nibhana Saathiya
Ye un dinon ki baat hai
Suhani si ek ladki
Savitri Devi college & hospital
Iss Pyaar Ko kya Naam Doon
Zindagi ki Mehak
Ek Deewana tha
Kuch rang Pyaar ke aise bhi
Rishta likhenge hum Naya
Kundali Bhagya
Kumkum Bhagya
Ishq mein marjawan
Ishq ka rang safed

(If we forget any category , then do tell in comment.)

• For Non serial related fanfiction, there is no category . U can enter directly in genre.

Genre –

Comedy /Humour
Mystery / Thriller
Short stories

Genre Awards ( this is for both serial & non serial related) –

Best Romantic Fanfiction –

Best Tragic Fanfiction-

Best Mystery/Thriller Fanfiction-

Best Comedy / Humour Fanfiction-

Best Horror Fanfiction –

Best Spiritual Fanfiction –

Best Family Fanfiction –

Best SS Fanfiction –

Serial related Awards –

Best Ishqbaaz Fanfiction-

Best Bepanah Fanfiction-

Best YRKHH Fanfiction-

Best YHM Fanfiction-

Best TEI Fanfiction-

Best Naamkaran Fanfiction-

Best SNS Fanfiction-

Best YUDKBH Fanfiction-

Best SSEL Fanfiction-

Best SDCH Fanfiction-

Best IPKKND Fanfiction-

Best ZKM Fanfiction-

Best EDT Fanfiction-

Best KRPKAB Fanfiction-

Best RLHN Fanfiction-

Best Kundali Bhagya Fanfiction-

Best KKB Fanfiction-

Best Swaragini Fanfiction-

Best IMMJ Fanfiction-

Best IKRS Fanfiction-

Honourable Awards –

Best Unique plot –

Best Dialogues-

Best Male Protagonist-

Best Female Protagonist-

Best Male Antagonist-

Best Female Antagonist-

Best Writing style –

Best Vocabulary & Grammar-

Best Description-

Best Title-

Best Twists & turns –

Best Beginning –

Best Ending –

Best Relative Characters & Origanality –

Best Fanfiction-

Best Non serial Fanfiction-

Main Awards –

Best Fanfiction Author –

Best Non serial Fanfiction Author –

Best Author of 2018 –

Judges Awards –

Most Hardworking Judge –

Most commited judge –

Judge of the year-

Timeline –

Nominations are opened for two weeks . After two weeks , u are not allowed to enter.

Judging Criteria –

Plot/Concept – 15

Grammar – 10

Writing style – 10

Characters relativity & originality – 10

Dialogues – 10

Characters Development – 10

Desriptive while writing emotional scenes- 10

Creativity – 10

Beginning / Ending – 10

Title – 5

Total – 100

Prizes –

Genre Awards –

A winning sticker
Shout out on TU Activity area
A honest review
Comments & reads from my side on any of ur one Fanfiction.
Covers for ur two books if u want.(optional)
Promotion of your book (means we are going to post review about ur book on activity area )

Serial related Awards –

A winning sticker –
Shout out on TU Activity area
A honest review
Comments & reads from my side on on that serial related fanfiction( on only one fanfiction )
Covers for ur two fanfictions(optional )

Promotion of your book (means we are going to post review about ur book on activity area )

Honourable Awards –

A honourable mention sticker ( just like winning sticker)
A honest review
Cover for ur one fanfiction.(optional)
Shout out on TU activity area

Main Awards –

A winning sticker
Shout out on TU activity area
Comments & reads on your every fanfiction from my side
Promotion of ur book on Activity area
Covers for ur fanfictions ( upcoming as well as for ongoing ){optional}
A honest review

Judges Awards –

Shoutout on TU activity area for their hard work
A winning sticker
Comments on their story from side if they write any fiction ( optional)

(P.S – I hope u like the cover . I am not genius in editing ??)

Participants –

A honest review
A participant sticker

Here is the first part ended. Do nominate urself, ur friends & let them know about this. When we start judging , we will inform u & we will reveal result date as soon as possible.

Thank you



  1. • Author’s name – Napsha J

    • Title of the book- JAB WE MET

    • Genre- Romance

    • Short Summary – Yuvraj and his friends are members of the famous band G5.. Suhani is a simple and independent girl.. They meet on one of the shows, and Yuvraj asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend in front of his mom, in return for the damage she does to him.. He doesn’t believe in love and marriage, and makes it clear that he won’t marry her.. Spending few days with each other, Suhani starts falling for him.. Much to Yuvraj’s disappointment, their wedding is fixed after a month.. Suhani is very happy as they get engaged.. Meanwhile, Yuvraj gets to know that his bestie Sambhav wants to marry Suhani, and he even blackmails Yuvraj using his deepest secrets as a tool.. Helplessly, Yuvraj tells him that he will help them unite.. He unnecessarily insults Suhani, calls her a gold-digger, etc.. Suhani angrily throws away her engagement ring.. It is to be seen what destiny has planned for them..
    • Serial related Fanfiction or Non serial related Fanfiction – Serial Related

    • Name of the serial & couple if ur book is serial related – Suhani si ek ladki ( Yuvraj & Suhani)

    • Link to the first part –

  2. Author’s name – Prajkta

    Title of the book – Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi

    Genre – Romance

    Short summary – Anika, Ishana and Soumya are the daughters of the most powerful family of Mumbai. Each of them has a different personality but are bonded by love. Nothing can separate the sisters from each other, they are “ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE”. However their lives take a turn as they meet Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra respectively. It is to be seen how their beautiful love stories unfold.

    Serial related fan fiction or non serial related fan fiction – Serial related fan fiction

    Name of the serial and couple if your book is serial related – Ishqbaaz and couples are – Shivaay Anika, Omkara Ishana and Rudra Soumya

    Link to the first part –

    1. Hania

      Accepted . Go & check ur book review . It get published.

  3. Anokhi21

    Author : Anokhi
    Genre : Comedy/Romance
    Summary : Love story of Arnav-Shruti,Siddharth-Swadeenta, Abhijeet-ritika and their bond. How they stand for each other in spite of their differences
    Serial related or not : Serial related.(But I have slightly changed the name of the characters)
    Serial name : Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon,Dehleez(Arshi,Swadarsh)
    Link to the first part :

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u dear

    2. Hania

      Don’t say thanks ?

    3. Hania

      Hey dear , can u kindly tell me in which genre u want to nominate ur story because u can submit it story in only one genre

    4. Anokhi21

      Ya dear…sure.. I nominate it in comedy.. Because mine mostly has funny moments.. And in ipkknd serial ff dear…

  4. Agga4102

    Author: Agga4102
    Genre: Romance
    Genre: Romance
    Summary: Shivika are different in many ways. Will they come together? Anika and Om are besties.
    Serial related or not: Serial related
    Serial name: Ishqbaaz(Shivika)
    Link to the first part: Even though it is not the real first part, but I will send the link to you.

  5. Author:poori
    Genere: family/mystery
    Title of the book:TIME HEALS EVERYTHING
    Serial related
    Serial name-savitri Devi college and hospital
    Main pair-kanchi,there are also two side pairs as per my imagination
    Character sketch link
    Link to the first part

    1. Hania

      Thanks for appreciation. Your entry is accepted . Do tell other author’s to join , it will help to get entries ?

    2. Hania

      Hey dear , u can enter one book in one genre .kindly tell me in which genre u want to submit your story

    3. Family and tq dear for conducting award function u guys are doing great job?

    4. Hi poori ur stories are awesome

    5. Tq for your appreciation pia dear it means a lot lots of luv tc????

  6. Ruby_MarNy

    Author’s name – ruby_MarNy
    Title of the book- Life Found Love Once Again
    Genre- Romance, family
    Short Summary- Omkara has lost his pregnant wife, Gauri in an accident while Ishana has lost her husband, Dev right after her wedding. However, Ishana’s marriage is not aware by her family. IshKara remain strong for their families who love them beyond everything. Both of their families are friends since long time and meet in an award function. IshKara could feel some sort of connection since their first meet. They become closer without their realisation. They become healer for each others pain. Least they know that there is a hidden secret which can ruin their closeness. What is the secret??
    Serial related Fanfiction or Non serial related Fanfiction – Serial related
    Name of the serial & couple if ur book is serial related – serial is Ishqbaaz & the couple is IshKara
    Link to the first part –

    1. Hania

      Your entry is accepted but according to rules u can enter ur story is only one genre . Kindly tell me dear in which genre u want to nominate ur story

    2. Hania

      Okk, thanks ?

  7. Ghvpriya

    Author : Ghvpriya
    Title of the book : Totally fallen for you!
    Genre : Romance /comedy /family
    Short summary : A love story of Sameer and Naina based on modern times but gives the feel of retro due to their situations and nature.
    Sameer believes that one day, he will find his love whereas Naina hates the idea of being in love! This story shows how such different minded people become a shadow of each other and show how they can change for each other to become one…
    Serial related or non-serial related : Serial related
    Name of the serial and couple : Show name is Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai and couple name is Samaina (Sameer and Naina)
    Link to the first part :

    1. Hania

      Your story is accepted but kindly nominate ur story in one genre .

    2. Ghvpriya

      Ok then. It is Romance….

  8. Yuvani

    Author : Yuvani
    Title of the book: My wife
    Genre : Romance
    Short Summary: A female oriented story. Suhani becomes the backbone of her husband Yuvraj, supports him when everyone stands against him. It is about the struggles she face while supporting him.
    Serial related: Serial related,
    Name of the serial and couple : Suhani si ek ladki, Yuvraj and Suhani, (Yuvani)
    Link to the first part:

  9. Author : Snoopybaibai
    Title of the book: love life
    Genre: mystery, spiritual and thriller
    Summary of the book: Adi a single parent raising his son, meets a women name zoya who happen to be a ghost, that has no recall on how she died. Now stuck with adi, how will she be able to help him when shes not welcome.

    Serial related or non: serial related

    Name of the series : Bepanah

    Couple : Adiya ( Aditya and Zoya)

    Link :

    1. Hania

      Accepted but u can nominate ur book in one genre , if we have free slot at Alstom then we will nominate ur entry in all the genres . Kindly tell mein which u want to submit it for now .

  10. Riana

    • Author’s name – Riana
    • Title of the book- Connecting Dots
    • Genre- Romantic drama

    • Short Summary- This story has many shades or layers into it… It starts with shivaay-anika’s death and heads to 25 years later world where shivika are reborn with new names shivin and anaika… Shivin & Anaika both are business tycoon and respected by all… Both of their families carries some sorts of flaws into them… Alongwith this Anaika carries a dark past too… But all are binded with unconditional love, family bond, friendship, personal choices and romance…

    • Serial related Fanfiction or Non serial related Fanfiction – Non serial related fanfiction
    • Name of the serial – Ishqbaaz
    • Couple – Shivika
    • Link to the first part –

    1. Riana

      Serial related fan fiction

  11. Riana

    • Author’s name – Riana
    • Title of the book- Addiction (S-1/S-2/S-3)
    • Genre- Thriller

    • Short Summary- Each character in this story carries a dark shade… Its all about karan oberoi and his wife dhroovi oberoi and their dark past deeds… This book is quite mature and carries a lot of mature and thrilling scenes…

    • Serial related Fanfiction or Non serial related Fanfiction – Non serial fanfiction
    • Couple – GiNa (Giaa manek & Mohammad nazim)
    • Link to the first part –

  12. Kira

    Author : Kira
    Title : Kaisa yeh isq hai – An Avneil fan fiction .
    Genre : Love or Romance
    Short summary : Two best friends Avni and Neil promises each other in childhood to remain friends forever . But the destiny makes them so far away from each , That after 15 years when they meet they can’t recognise each other and ends up hating each other . Avni who had a mission fixed in her mind to find her mother who was drifted apart from her , Had Lost all her emotions and puts her life in threat to fight with her two enemies . On the other hand Neil begins to have some feelings for Ahiana , Which is Avni in disguise , But can’t go forward and tell her his feelings as he thinks that his childhood friend Avni , Would return and she’s not dead , As he had read in newspaper once, while being away from her . Now how’ll destiny make these two lovers , Who are too close but yet too far , Love again ?

    Naamkaran fan fiction .
    Link :

    1. Kira

      Couple – Avni and Neil , Serial – Naamkaran

  13. Kira

    How to judge others books and review them ?

    1. Hania

      You can pm me about judging & all.thank you .

  14. Katz

    Author’s name – Katz
    • Title of the book- LOVE IS BLIND AN ISHQBAAAZ FF
    • Genre- Romance
    • Short Summary- Anika is an orphan and grown up in an orphanage. Despite her situation, she studied well and now she is working in event management company. She has hide her original name and has dark past. In her office, she is known as Mrs. Shika. Shivaay comes to her office for organizing some event, he met her as Shika. But when Anika met shivaay she became unconscious… Why?, What is the connection between them is the rest of the story
    • Serial related Fanfiction or Non serial related Fanfiction – serial related
    • Name of the serial & couple if ur book is serial related – Ishqbaaz & (Shivaay and Anika)
    • Link to the first part –

  15. Niyati

    Author’s name – Niyati
    Title – The Cinderella of modern era
    Genre : Spiritual
    Short Summary – Nayab is an ordinary girl who lost her parents in early age . Her life revolve around her two stepsisters Seerat & Mishal . They both always support her in front of their mother as she don’t like her much . Some incidents change her life completely & led to her journey to self-discovery
    Serial related or not – Non serial related
    Link of first part :

  16. Niyati

    Author’s name – Niyati
    Title : Dastaan – Ishqbaaz FF
    Genre : Mystery /thriller
    Short Summary – This is the social issues based story on five couples . Kaurwaki is a businesswomen who lost his father four years before in an accident but according to her that is murder & now her life revolve around her family. She know that her past is reason of his murder & she go to any extent for taking revenge. Her mission to avenge her father’s murderers led to find out that there are many bigger conspiracies related to her past.Yagya is a famous singer who is a flirt & carefree. He want to live his life fullest . What happen when they crossed paths ? Is Kaurwaki able to avenge her father murderers? Will Yagya able to accept her after knowing her past while going against the odds of society .
    Serial related or not :Not serial realted ( actually loosely based on Ishq Baad serial)
    Link :

    1. Hania

      I don’t think that ur FF falls in mystery /thriller genre. For now , I am accepting ur entry but if we decide to add Social genre , I switch ur entry from that genre .

    2. Niyati

      Okk , Fine u will switch my entry in Tragic /social . Thank you so much for letting me know . Really appreciate your hardwork dear ….All the best for ur awards

  17. Niyati

    Hey Hani ,Can u make a seperate category for social issues based stories . If u have no problem .

    1. Hania

      I will try , if we get judge Niyu .

  18. Samaina_loverzz

    Authors Name:-Thulasi Nair
    Title of the Book:-Magical and True Love of Samaina..
    Short summary’:-This story is based on my real life story (which is linked with my Real Life Story with some strawberry milkshake(imagination)) Naina who is already fell in love with Sameer For Almost 6yrs but Sameer was Just a Friend to Naina .When they are the last batch of the school(as They are studying in STD 10th).Slowly Sameer feels Something special For Naina And Fall in love with her Unknowingly and thus revolves around their two love birds Journey and their love for each other increases day by day…
    Serials Related or not Related:-Serial Related
    Serial Name:-Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai
    Couple’s Name:-Sameer and Naina (Samaina)
    Links of First Part:-

  19. Shivika__Oberoi

    • Author’s name – Shivika Oberoi
    • Title of the book- Swaragini A magical Love Story
    • Genre- Mystery/Thriller
    • Short Summary- Ragini Gadodia,a half blood Daredevil Witch is normally considered as beauty with brains… She comes to know about her not being a muggle when she turns 18… She is special in her own way and that differentiates her with others… She joins college with her elder sister Swara Gadodia and friend Aisha Mehta who is on her own mysterious quest…

    Lakshya Maheshwari,a pure blood wizard who is grown completely in magical surrounding… Male counterpart of Ragini… He joins college with his elder brother Sanskar Maheshwari and adopted brother Rohan Mehta… He is very much similar to Ragini but very much different…

    They meet in the magical college and their love story starts amidst various mysteries and adventures… They have to fight the enemy and show their power of love…!!
    • Serial related Fanfiction or Non serial related Fanfiction – serial related Fanfiction
    • Name of the serial & couple if ur book is serial related – Swaragini/Ragini & Lakshya and Swara & Sanskar… There is a third couple Rohan & Aisha (Shravan Reddy and Sana Amin Sheikh)
    • Link to the first part –

  20. Hania

    Okk Readers , here is the one more announcement . We are going to add one more genre & that is Social issue based stories . If u want ,then do nominate in this category . For those who want to add one book in different genre , it’s not possible for now . But just in case we don’t get enough entries then we will add your single book in different genres . For any queries , send message to my account . Thank you.

    1. Hania

      So , I am merging Tragic & social issue genre together because of less nomination . If ur story have tragic or social issue based element . Do nominate in this .

  21. Ruby_MarNy

    Author’s name – ruby_MarNy
    Title of the book- Hatred Love
    Genre- Tragic
    Short Summary- Ishana is an illegitimate child who doesn’t get any love from her parents she was kid. She got all the affections from her two close friends Neil and Gautham who love her beyond everything. Their friendship remain strong even though they have grown up. Neil and Gautham are married to Avni and Pooja. Ishana doesn’t have good impression on marriage and love. So, she doesn’t want to get married. One day, Neil and Gautham went to outstation regarding their case. They took their wives with them too. They returned after few months and they were surprised to see their Ishana is not like before. She used to scream in her sleep like having a nightmare. They felt worry for her and thought she will be fine soon. But, her situation becomes worse and one night she ran away from the house like a maniac. When a doctor came and check her they got to know that she has landed in depression. They didn’t know the reason. With the help of their friend, Ranveer, they get to know something miserable happened in her life during their absence.
    Serial related Fanfiction or Non serial related Fanfiction –  Serial related
    Name of the serial & couple if ur book is serial related – serial is Ishqbaaz & Naamkaran & the couple is IshKara (AvNeil, RuMya, Priveer & ShivIka are there too.)
    Link to the first part –

  22. Hania

    Don’t worry only genre is merging together for simple judging . Both awards are seperated .

  23. Hi… Firstly I’m very impressed with your idea for this awards…. I appreciate your effort for bringing this here… And I wish you all the best for it…
    I’m having a doubt… Will you read all the chapters for every stories that been nominated?? Because some awards they only read 4-5 chapters which I don’t feel fair… Sometimes we only can find a beauty of a story if we read all the chapters… I saw honourable awards for the characters all… You only can know which character has been portrayed the best if you read the complete story… It’s just my view…

    1. Hania

      Hey , first of all thank you for appreciation & ur encouragement . Don’t worry , we are going to read whole story for judging & that’s why we told everyone to be patience .Thank you for wishes . Yeah , u are right , we will read all chapters & about characters I think the characters sre best when people can relate themselves with them. Everyone is flawed , so they related with the characters which is flawed somewhere . I hope u got my point of view .Honourable awards also have a long process ,it is especially judging by me . I think more than hundred times before giving to a person . Thank you for sharing ur perspective . If u have any further quesrirs , don’t hesitate to ask.

  24. Hi whether I can nominate my favourite gan fiction writers …

    1. Hania

      Hey , yes u can nominate . Just take author’s permission & told him / her to come here & comment ‘ I am giving permission’ or ‘ permission granted ‘ in reply after ur comment in which u nominate there book . Thank you , for further queries . Don’t hesitate to ask.

    2. Haseenah2020

      Yes I am giving permission , please go ahead thank you

  25. Anokhi21

    Author : Anokhi21
    Title : The gift of my mistake.
    Genre : Short story
    Serial related or not : Non serial related
    Summary : Ayaan loves Aditi one sidedly.. He worries after she gets married.. What happens next is the twist…its a one shot
    Link :

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u dear

    2. Hania

      Don’t say thanks ?

  26. Haseenah2020

    • Author’s name – Haseenah2020
    • Title of the book- Mehrya My Version
    • Genre- Romantic/Family
    • Short Summary- Daily activity of mehrya with their family feud how they spend their days in romantic yet practical way. They work as a team and protect each other and madly in love with each other.
    • Serial related Fanfiction
    • Name of the serial & couple if ur book is serial related – Shaurya & Mehak (Mehrya)
    • Link to the first part –

    1. Hania

      Accepted but kindly tell me one genre . For now ,it is not allowed to nominate in multiple genre . If we add that option in last , we will nominate ur book in both the genre. Thank you.

    2. Haseenah2020

      Tq Hania, in that case I will go pick Romantic as my genre . Can you edit for me or I need to re do this again? Apologies for inconvenience caused

    3. Hania

      No need of sorry , you didn’t bother me at all . Your entry is accepted & you don’t have to do this again ?

    4. Haseenah2020

      Tq Hania have a blessed day ahead

  27. Author’s name- haseenah2020
    Title of the book- mehrya my version
    Genre- romantic
    Short summary – this is serial based fan fiction story between shaurya and mahek how they madly love each other. How they overcome all the prblms with their love and shaurya is like crazy majunu? mehek can impress everyone with her care for everyone..? its is different from the zkm serial quite interesting author nailed it with her innovative thoughts….
    Link- http://

    1. Hania

      Already accepted & nominated . You can nominate other books ?

    2. Haseenah2020

      Tq Anu for nominating me , sending you much love

  28. Mansi

    Author’s Name ~ Mansi
    Title of the Book ~ SamAina FF ~ Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (S-1)
    Genre ~ Rom-Com
    Serial related Fan Fiction or Not ~ Serial related
    Name of the Serial ~ Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai (YUDKBH)
    Couple Name ~ SamAina (Sameer & Naina)
    Link ~

    1. Hania

      Accepted but dear sorry to say u have to nominate it under one genre either romantic or comedy . If we don’t get much entries in last , then only we allowed multiple genre nominations . Hope u understand ?

    2. Mansi

      Thank u @Hania ☺❤Yep sure….Then I will nominate it for Romance?Np☺

    3. Hania

      Ok dear , Accepted & All the best ??

  29. Mansi

    Author’s Name ~ Mansi
    Title of the Book ~ SamAina TS ~ A Night With My Kidnapper
    Genre ~ Fan Fiction

    Serial related Fan Fiction or Not ~ Serial related
    Name of the Serial ~ YUDKBH
    Couple Name ~ SamAina/SaIna (Sameer & Naina)
    Link ~

    1. Hania

      Accepted but fanfiction genre is not eligible this time . You can read all the genres & do nominate in another genre like romantic ,comedy , short story etc.

    2. Mansi

      @Hania Thank u?Ohh…NP☺It’s actually Mystery….I will nominate it in that genre❤

  30. Priyankashaurya

    author’s name-RuCh23
    Title of the Book ~ Soch Na Sake ( Can’t Even Imagine )……
    Genre ~ Romantic
    Short Summary ~ love story of kanchi kabir and sanchi……sanchi is an intern and kabir is the senior doctor……its the story of two doctors…….how they finaaly falls in loves……..and how they crosses all hurdels emotons of their life and become one finaly
    Serial related Fan Fiction or Not ~ Serial related
    Name of the Serial ~ savitri devi college and hospital
    Couple Name ~kanchi(kabir and sanchi)
    Link ~

    1. RuCh23

      Thanks for nominating my fs here Priyanka and Hania, thanks for accepting ?

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