Behir & Adiya FF : Chilling Visions Part 3

Siddhique house 

Zoya gets scared seeing the shadow and picks the knife. She starts walking to the door and is about to attack the person. The guy holds her hand and pulls on floor turning out to be Aditya much to her shock.

“You” she asks

Aditya : hey sweetheart you are planning to kill me haayee I would love to die from this hands (plays with her hair)

Zoya : what you think you are doing here? and is this way to come

Adiya : you forgot your file in my car, I thought you might need it

Zoya : can’t you come straight way, you scared me like hell

Adiya ; my jaan resides in you, how can I let you happen anything

Zoya : how many times i told you don’t talk about this with me

Aditya : okay I am sorry, I will leave now good night (winks at her and leaves)

Zoya feels bad for ignoring him

Noor : di for how long you will ignore him why don’t you tell how much you love him?

Zoya ; you won’t understand,  anyway good night (leaves to her room)

Sehgal house

Bela and Mahir comes back at home after their wedding night.

Sumitra : there they are good morning our newly wedded couple

Adi : oh my god look at their faces, I guess night was too long (laughs with Zoya)

Zoya : shut up stop teasing them, guys you settle score with them after he is married

Adi : if you say I will get married right now (holds her closer)

Zoya : leave me what are you doing

Adi : you are very unromantic learn from your friend she got married

Mahir : hello excuse me don’t praise her much okay she is not saint

Bela ; how mean, I am offended now

Mahir : see this is what happens when you marry wife’s tantrum

Bela : urggh I am so disgusted, Zoya you come with me , and you remember the day I am not around you will realize my importance

Sumitra tells Bela and Mahir to go somewhere for outing after marriage,

Mahir : but mom there is lot of work in office

Adi : yaar work will be there whole life, I specially took off whole month for you guys

Zoya : wow very interesting, so Mr pilot I hope airport don’t get closed

Adi ; very funny but it was bad joke

Bela : lets go to Ooty, to meet Vishaka, she is calling me from so many months

(Vishaka is cousin of Bela and wife of Ajitabh ACP living in Ooty against their family wishes) 

Noor : perfect please lets go na, it will be fun by the way Arjun will also come?

Zoya ; if you say no then he won’t happy

“Di” she pouts

Adi : don’t worry its my responsibility to bring him okay my sweetie

“Thank you” Noor hugs him like kid

Sumitra ; great you all youngster go and enjoy

Andy : and don’t worry about office, learn to handle wife first who knows what happens

Sumitra : really? how convenient, Mahir take lesson from your dad

Andy : of course he should, not see na our elder son is so workaholic and the young prince is in his own world

Mahir’s younger brother Samar (Dheeraj Dhoopar) is in Goa from few months.

Mahir : dad if he was here he had made several excuses to come at Ooty

Andy ; don’t worry he will come later I will tell him to join you guys

Mahir ; thanks dad

Zoya : if thats the case I will also have to ask dad first because there is lot of work pending in office

Bela : please come on yaar what will I do alone with you

Zoya : okay fine I will come you all just let me know when so I can settle everything before leaving from here

Mahir : night drive what say? tonight

Bela : you know I hate late night drive and driving in forest area please

Mahir : why are you so coward

Aditya : if we were not there what would you girls do yaar

Zoya : excuse me we are not afraid of anything alright, and for your information we girls will go separate and you all in another car happy

Aditya : thats not fair

“Everything is fair in love and fear bye’ she leaves playfully

Hooda house

“Ooty tonight? “ Arjun denies

Adi : come on yaar why are you so boring I asked dad and he said there is not much work so you can join us

Arjun : but bhai

“Okay then if you don’t come then I will tell Noor too so she will cancel her trip too” he looks for phone

“Wait wait is she also coming? he asks innocently

Adi ; she told me if Arjun won’t come I will also not go

Arjun : did she really said that? how sweet okay then I will come

“So naive of my brother, how easy is to convince him regarding Noor” Adi giggles seeing his brother’s innocence

Waseem tells Zoya and Noor to go for trip

“Thank you Abbu” the girls get excited

Waseem : okay take care enjoy and dad loves you both

Noor : wow aapi I am so excited imagine Ooty that cool breeze mountain

“Romantic time with Arjun” she teases her

Noor : aapi stop it na first of all he is very boring and I wonder when he will tell me his feelings

Zoya : if he is not saying you go ahead and anyway you always do the boy’s work

Mahir : yaar Bela, are you going there for lifetime so many bags

Aditya : thats nothing look at this madam’s luggage four bag seriously where will we put our bags

Zoya : I have very good idea, on the roof you and your bag in cool air what say

Aditya : lets switch you and your bag you know I can’t handle cool breeze

Arjun : if you both are done with silly fight can we put bags inside

Noor : yes yes (starts shouting)

Arjun : oh my god did earthquake come or what stop screaming

Noor ; aapi holi is coming our fun will be double what do you say

Zoya : keep your excitement in control, Bela did you let Vish know

Bela : no we will surprise but I made sure they both are free don’t worry

Later in evening the group of friends start heading to Ooty. After constant tantrums Aditya makes Zoya and other girls come in same car as them.


“Vish my love where are you, come fast hurry up” Ajitabh shouts for her

“Coming” a very glamorous girl wearing simple kurti and jeans named Vishaka

Ajitabh : honey I can’t find my wallet please look around

Vish ; were you calling me for this? really?

Ajitabh : of course what did you think? sorry love but I have no time for romance

Vish : you are nuts seriously (throws his wallet on bed) you go eat dinner and leave plates on sink I will wash at night (leaves)

Ajitabh : what did I do now ? not even god can fight against this women and specially wives, hanumanji why did you make them so complicated

On highway

Bela : Mahir I am hungry can we stop somewhere and eat

Mahir : sorry princess but this car will only stop in Ooty

“Ahhhhh” Bela starts shouting

Mahir : what happened?

The girls go out of car and sees small dhaba (inn) in front.

Aditya : this girls are crazy, come lets go

Precap : Everybody reaches Ooty at Vishaka and Ajitabh’s house.

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