Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th March 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Latika and her Mom arriving the Diwan Mansion, and Sheila receives Latika, and conducts Aarti for her, and then Latika is exchanging pleasantries with everyone

Latika meets Rubel and both exchange greetings, the atmosphere looks festive, with the guests approaching Sheila goes to gift Latika a diamond necklace, but Preeti maasi notices that it is a fake one and speaks out in front of everyone. Sheila is clearly embarassed in front of everyone and she gives the excuse that she was being hoodwinked by the jeweller.

Avantika asks Sheila why she didn’t gave the gold necklace which she gave her for Latika and says why she wore it herself, Sheila now says Latika has allergy for gold and that’s the reason she bought platinum and diamond jewellery for Latika and got fake jewellery, curses her fate, but Latika now says when she said that she had allergy for gold but got abrupted in the middle by Sheila

Sheila says she has allergy and puts words in mouth of Latika, and Latika says if jewellery goes to Sasu Ji (Sheila) it would automatically come to her and the matter will be the same, but Preeti still asks her to give away the jewellery as Nana has reserved it for the DILs of Diwan House, and says if Latika has allergy for gold, Sheila can give the necklace to Pankuri as she is also the Bahu of this house.

Sheila looks totally confused and starts opening the necklace but damages it but had to give it to Pankuri finally.

Sheila now taunts Preeti, says the jewellery looks fine on married ladies, not unmarried ones, and Preeti retreats to a shell She goes to her room, and Avantika too follows to give her support. Preeti says how nice the ambience is, and the arrangement is grand as well. Avantika says she cannot hide her feelings from Avantika, it is a futile effort, and says she understands how hard it is to lead a life of loneliness with single tag, and says she supports her decision of moving on in life.

Now Dadi and Harish comes, and Avantika greets them, later says this time Harish chose a nice dress for himself and Harish smiled, says he is extra careful this time as Avantika would have otherwise criticized his dress anyway Avantika looks for Shivani and asks her where she is. Harish says she hadn’t come and also adds that Avantika should not miss her anyway.

Avantika asks Harish to have a drink and feel refreshed, now PaYa comes up, Adi asks Harish how good is he looking, Harish says he is looking nice in this colorful dress. Adi says someone has also told him that he looks handsome in this color combination. Now Harish asks about his dress, they share a light-hearted conversation and Harish hugs Adi.

Now Adi says he had a talk with Nana and Nana asked Avantika to manage the overseas business of Diwan Group of companies and brought to light before Harish how Avantika relinquished everything, every power which she had only to be with Harish.

Harish is totally shocked, and says why Avantika did all these without even consulting Harish once and later goes aside and feels bad that he is hiding his illness from Avantika.

Precap–> Everyone is busy dancing. HarTika starting a convo with Harish planning to reveal his illness.

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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