Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 8th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 8th March 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 8th March 2013 Written Update

Guru is unpacking. RJ asks him if he is angry. He says No. RJ says stop behaving like a kid. Okay I will unpack to set your mood right. RJ starts unpacking. She starts keeping the things back. She finds her spiderman toy. Mohan sees it and remembers Nanhi. Guru looks on. RJ says now Spiderman will stay here with his entire family. Mohan says yes. Guru is not happy.

Beera and Ragini having a phone convo. Ragini wants him to come back. Beera says I am indebted to Navika and want to return the favour. Ragini says you have lost it. Beera disconnects the call. He picks up the employment form of Navika and reads it. After reading it, he burns it…and puts the fire off when it reaches her picture and smiles.

Tannu comes to Beera’s room. He brings food for him. Beera says did you look for a home for me. He gives him his mom’s visiting card and says she will help you in finding you a place. He sees the visiting card and the address. Seeing Juna Mohalla he remembers Navika’s employement form and he says he wants to stay in JM. Tannu says no the girl who did a sting operation on you stays there. She is my sister.Beera is excited.

Mohan is busy drinking and remembering his days with Navika in the past few days. Guru finds him drinking and says remember what I had told you before that I leave this house if you start drinking again. Now that you have started drinking again..I am leaving. Mohan stops him and says if my relatives had not brought RJ to me and had she not become your Jaan and had it not been for my prayers, you would have ruined your life. What happend that you are drinking today? Mohan says I met Nanhi, she has grown up you wont recognise her. She has become a very able reporter. I am proud of her but there is nothing about me that she can feel proud about. Guru has tears in his eyes.

Navika has a nightmare where she sees Mohan between the containers. And wakes up yelling spiderman. Megha wakes up with her and says its best to forget reality as a dream at times.

Guru says it has been 12 years. We have made a small little world of ours. You have done so much for RJ. You are wrong in thinking bad about yourself. Mohan says my love for them is not wrong. They are still waiting for me to return. Just imagine how happy they will be when they’ll find me with Addu. I can do anything for their happiness.Munna walks near his house. Mohan is busy niharoing his gilaas of sharab.

Renu and Jiji at a temple. Renu is praying for a nice DIL. Jiji looks for her chappal. Beera brings it for her. He asks her for Renu Vyas. Jiji asks if you want Renu aur trouble. Then she points towards Renu and says she is the one. Beera thanks her and goes towards her. He spills oil on the floor so that Renu can slip on it. Renu slips and Beera holds her. Renu thanks her. Beera says that he is Tannu’s friend and that he needs a place to stay. Renu says you can stay as a tenant in my place. Beera goes away. Renu tells Jiji that Tannu’s friend wants a place. I have offered him our house. Beera comes back and says he is willing to pay Rs. 8K as rent. Renu is happy and asks him to move in ASAP.

Navika is thinking whether to go to office. Megha asks if she does not want to go to office. Navika says she is not in a mood to go to office. Renu says she is not interested to work anyway. Renu says she has got a tenant. Megha and Navika are surprised. Renu introduces them to Beera. Navika is shocked. Beera keeps looking at her.

Precap: Navika sees Mohan in her terrace as he rings their secret bell. Beera annoys Navika singing Spiderman Spiderman. Megha sees this and is shocked. Munna is dressed as a gas cylinder porter. He is seen talking to Mohan and says you are doing a very good job of looking for people who are lost. Mohan walks away, Munna keeps looking at him.

Update Credit to: sumiswap

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