2612 8th March 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 8th March 2013 Written Episode, 2612 8th March 2013 Written Update

A man comes nd tells Shahana that the health of the child isn’t good. Shahana tells Rashmi that Mithu’s health isn’t good. Rashmi reaches the place where Shahana’s there…Even Ritika’s health isn’t good. Some guards take Malti bhabhi away from Rashmi abd Mithu..

Randeep is in a truck. Both the policemen in the truck ( the one’s sitting behind ) are asleep.

A doc comes and checks Mithu. Shahana gets a call. At that time, the doc asks Rashmi what’s happening. Rashmi secretly tells the doc that Shahana has captured her nd her family. The doc says tht Mithu has got a flu. As the doc goes, Rashmi gives the money to the doc along with a chit.

Randeep removes a gun from his boot, and gives it to one of the goons. The truck’s tyre gets punctured.

Before the doc goes, Shahana tells him to forget that he had come there. Or else, the consequences won’t be good. A goon comes and takes Mithu and goes. Rashmi gets very angry.

The driver gets down the truck to check what has happened. At that time, men come out of the hay nearby and start attacking the policemen. Randeep escapes from the truck with great difficulty. There is firing going on. Randeep’s also shooting. Randeep gets shot on his left arm. The last of the policemen is also shot on his shoulder. The goon is about to kill that policeman when Randeep kills him from behind. The policeman supports Randeep and removes his handcuffs.

Jadda asks Shahana what’s happening as he knows that she can’t stay quiet. She gets angry. Jadda tells Shahana that he’ll give her a news if she’ll promise her the bombs. Shahana assures to Jadda that he’ll get the bombs by 24th March 2013

Randeep is seeing after his wound. He He tries to remember Rashmi’s landline no. as he isn’t able to connect to her phone. He calls on her landline, but there’s no answer.

Jadda tells Sha tht he has info that can disclose all her plans. He says that he even has proof. He says tht only he can save her frm this situation.

Randeep calls Tukaram and asks him to arrange a place for himself to hide in. He tells Tukaram his location. Tukaram tells Randeep where to go.

Rashmi calls Randeep. Rashmi informs Randeep that her phone is with Shahana, and that Shahana has given her another phone. Randeeps warns Rashmi that there might be a tracking device in that phone. Randeep asks Rashmi if she can come to meet him. He says that he has a way of how Shahana won’t get to know about them. He says its now their turn to do something.

Precap : Rashmi is at a gate. She sees someone.

Update Credit to: chand1234

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