Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 5th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 5th September 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 5th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Kaira informing Rubel that Adi is being taken to Delhi for further interrogation. Rubel leaves in a hurry. Adi is shaken that he is being taken to Delhi, Harish consoles him and says he will save him. He asks him to be strong. Avantika and Pankhudi comes, Avantika says how can they took Adi like that. Avantika says she wants to go to Delhi? Harish says he will take her and asks Avantika not to cry infront of Adi. Avantika says we can’t let out child alone. Rubel comes and Pankhudi says to Rubel that Latika didn’t suffer a miscarriage and she did her abortion. Avantika says it was truth and she was responsible to get her baby aborted. Pankhudi says Latika got admitted to the hospital one day before the accident. She tells him everything and says some

male doctor attended Latika and informed them about the miscarriage. Pankhudi says Latika can’t do it alone and Chachaji and his family might be involved. Rubel remembers Chachiji’s concern. Pankhudi says I hide something from you all, that Latika was involved with Mannan. Avantika asks why you didn’t tell me? Pankhudi says she confronted Latika and she agreed to her. And everyone was happy with her pregnancy, so she didn’t say anything. Pankhudi says there was so many things which you needs to know.

Chachaji tells his wife that Adi is taken by the CBI to Delhi. Chachiji says they have to remove Anuj and Rubel from their way. They have to take over Pankhudi’s property and for that she plans to take Rubel’s help. Pankhudi says Revathi and Anuradha tells them about Chachaji’s plan. Rubel asks do you have proof? Pankhudi says Kaira got the original ‘will’ in Revathi’s bag.

Pankhudi asks Rubel to confirm with Kaira and if it is not sufficient then confirm with hospital. Avantika says I know you are confused, but you have to know about it as you are this house son. She says we all know that your marriage is just an arrangement and this baby is planned to get the property. She says Latika makes the deal with Chachaji for the property. Avantika says you have to take care of the house and family. Rubel is shaken and shocked. Harish says I accept that you didn’t get your rights. He says no one wants you to feel low and compare you with Adi because they are protective for you. Rubel remembers Latika words and gets hyper and cries. He says why do I do this? Harish says it is ok. Rubel says it is just not ok. Harish hugs him. Rubel says how could Latika do this to me. Harish says you and all of us can still save this situation. Rubel says I accept that baby was planned to get property but when I lost my child, I realised my feelings and attachment towards it. Latika acted as if she is hurt about losing the child. Rubel says Latika double crossed them and cheated the family. She knows everything about Manik chacha.

Avantika says they are cheap people, they trapped Adi. They throw Pankhudi out of the house through Latika. She cries. Harish says you cry like Adi. Rubel says to become like Adi, one needs guts. Rubel says he is weak as he had sent his brother Adi to Jail. He cries. Everyone are shocked. Rubel says he is responsible for Adi’s condition. Rubel asks the CBI officer, can I make a call. He replies no. Avantika holds Rubel by his collar and do you realise that you have thrown Adi in a problem. Do you realise that his life could be spoiled. Rubel says he didn’t want to hurt Adi and he realised his mistake that Chachaji and his family have manipulated him. He says I will surrender myself rightaway, I won’t let Adi go to Delhi.

Chachiji asks Sheela,why she is getting the house clean. Sheela says she didn’t do that and asks the servant, who asked him to do. Pankhudi comes( Her face is not shown, just voice can be heard) and says she asked them. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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