Gustakh Dil 5th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 5th September 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 5th September 2013 Written Update

In the corridor upstairs in Nikhil house:
The show starts with Lajjo Sid and Ayesha in the corridor all three shocked without a word. Nikhil also comes out of his room to see what is happening.

In the hall:
Sid mom asks who’s she?? NN cooks a fake story saying Lajjo hubby brought her to the city after marriage and leaves her, Barkha pity her and brought her home. They see Nikhil also and NN say Nikhil is not feeling well this is why he did not come to greet them… she continues Barkha is a bit upset with Lajjo for her bad behaviour she asked her not to step out her room still she’s roaming everywhere in the house.
Sid mom suggests to make her the maid as she’s not their guest.. Nikhil and Lajjo stare at each other finally Nikhil returns in his room. Nn says

she also asked Barkha to be strict with Lajjo but Barkha is so soft hearten…
Sid gets a phone call back and he’s lost in Lajjo that he’s not answering…
NN fakes to have a headache and excuses herself from the guests asking Barkha to follow her as she needs a pill.

In an another corner of Nikhil house:
Barkha asks NN what is she doing if Sid family get to know about Lajjo, then what will happen to Ayesha wedding everything will get ruin.
NN asks Barkha to control the situation, but Barkha says this is not so simple as this is something that they have to tackle everyday. NN says they will throw Lajjo out of their house and Barkha tells that Nikhil refused categorically to send Lajjo back to her village.
NN tells Barkha she have to try to persuade him.

In lajjo room:
Lajjo is drinking water and she coughs.

In the village:
Lajjo mom was going to eat and stops thinking about Lajjo if ever shes has eaten and is well. She suddenly thinks to meet Anuradha to inquire about Lajjo well-being. Rambachan tries to convince her to continue eating Lajjo must be fine but Saraswati leaves.

In Nikhil room:
Nikhil is thinking about the conversation between NN and Sid mom. Ishana calls him He says thanks to call him, she asks what happened and he says he’s thinking about Shreya birthday. Ishana there’s one month time. He asks her if she wants to go out with him…he suggests several places. Ishana asks him to stop and he asks her if ever she’ll leave him, Ishana says never and asks Nikhil about Lajjo what should be done. Nikhil has flashback of Sid mom telling to make her a maid and he says he will make everything right, not to worry.
On the stairs:
Nikhil sees Gunja with a plate and asks her for whom is the food? She says for Lajjo. He recalls of asking Lajjo not to step out of her room till the guests do not leave, he will send the food for her.
She asks Gunja to show her what is she taking for Lajjo and says something is missing. Gunja asks what he says not to worry he will add it. He takes the plate and goes to the kitchen.

In Lajjo room:
She’s famished and checking the steel container her mom packed laddu for her. the container is empty. Nikhil knocks at the door and she tells him to come in. He tells her he’s sorry for what sid mom said she’s wrong he should have objected but it is family matter so… Lajjo says there’s no need as it is over now. Nikhil says written by Anju he brings food for her, she refuses to eat. Nikhil tells her it is not spicy but if she taste it she’ll definitely like it. he shows it to her and she has flashback in the village he asked her if she’ll be able to eat the chillies and she began to eat it.
Nikhil sees a book and says he was searching for it since a long time what is the book doing over here she says she does not may be the book reaches here by itself…
Nikhil leaves and she begins to eat, Nikhil hiding behind the door smiles seeing her eating.

At Ishana place:
Kunal is at Ishana place and tells her whatever Nikhil did to her is really sad.He’s surprised for whatever Nikhil did and whatever they are seeing is the truth. Ishana says Nikhil is too much emotional he jumps to help anyone without thinking twice , neither about himself. Kunal says he would never have left her if ever in Nikhil place. Ishana says Nikhil is completely different in helping someone he just step forward that’s why he loves him.

Bharadwaj Mansion:
Barkha is recalling whatever her mom asked her to do and how Nikhil refused to send Lajjo back. She’s slowly heading towards room, she recalls how Indur asked her to behave well with Nikhil… she looks at Nikhil room and thinks how Indur asks her if she wants to lose Nikhil how they lost Aakash…
She enters Nikhil room, the latter is playing on his phone and when Barkha calls him, he just let the phone down and asks if ever she needs something. Barkha says everyone says she’s being unfair towards her in loving him but it is a fact of the situation which cropped in the life.. she never asked him something and never has any expectations from but today she’s begging in front of him to please leaves Lajjo at her place. Nikhil looks away, she asks him to nullify this marriage.

In Lajjo room
Lajjo is telling NN that she’s the wife of her grandchild, NN says that no one can change his/ her destiny. She cunningly came till here but she will never be able to rule.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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