Sasural Simar Ka 5th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 5th September 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 5th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:

The episode starts with dadi asking prem that what is everyone doing there. He tells her that roli was not feeling well and their house was near so he brought everyone there. Then janvi tells dadi that roli and simar are having some information on shakti dad. Then everyone come in and they all sit. Then prem takes the pieces of paper of the report. He then puts all the pieces of the paper together but the main piece is missing. Then simar tells that the piece must be in roli’s purse and she checks the purse and gets the paper and gives it to prem. He puts the paper on the right place and then sees it. He tells that it is written there that the sample test do not match. Everyone get shocked and prem then tells them that the skeleton was not of shakti. Everyone

get shocked and dadi starts realising her mistake. She then is going to fall down due to unconsciousness but sujata comes to catch her. She stops sujata and then goes inside towards her cupboard.

Scene 2:

Shobha opens her cupboard and takes the photo shakti and his wife and then sees and starts crying. She then says to herself that she only had a mistake in giving good habits to her son. She then says that because of her son she had to make matters worse with mataji and had to blame them for killing him as he is still alive. Then she says that her son being alive did not come even once to meet her and then cries. Prem and janvi console her.

Scene 3:

Shobha and prem and janvi go out. Shobha goes to mataji and asks for forgiveness and tells her that her mistake is not worth forgiving but still she is guilty and is sorry for that what she had done and blamed on them. Then mataji tells her that she will forgive her only on one condition that they all will stay together as a happy family in the bharadwaj house. Shobha says yes and mataji forgives her and hugs her. Everyone are happy and then they are going to bharadwaj house. But prem does not move from there. Mataji tells him to come then he says that he cant as he is not worth entering that house. Mataji tells him that what happened was past and they should live as a happy family. He saya that what he did with his mother and the family was very rude and he was sorry for that. Sujata comes and hugs him and he calls her as mother and she gets very happy and tells that this word is greater than nothing for her. Then they go to bharadwaj house.

Scene 4:

Everyone are entering the house when mataji tells Shobha and janvi to come ahead and tells them that are equal to them as everyone else and tells them to enter. Prem and simar step in and the rest. Then everyone sit in the hall. Mataji tells Shobha that she is very happy that the whole family is together and let matarani keep her blessings forever on her family. Then she tells them that the whole family will take their care and from today they are a member of this family and their happiness. She tells that they will not give them one moment to complain and they will keep proper care of them.

precap: shakti is somewhere in the house of bharadwaj and is peeping in a room when everyone has sleptt. a person comes there and shakti turns behind. that person is wearing a blanket over to hide . then shakti asks that person that it took so much late for that person to come. he then tells that all their plans are failing one by one and they have to do something.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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