Amita Ka Amit 5th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 5th September 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 5th September 2013 Written Update

Ria comes running to Tina in all excitement. Tina jokes if she lost weight. Ria shares that AA aren’t going on the holidays and Fallu kaki is totally pissed off. Tina wonders how it happened all of a sudden. Ria is nonetheless happy that their plan flopped. I just missed seeing her hearing a piece of kaki’s mind. Tina smells something fishy. Did AA fought? Things are not the way they are looking. Only Amu can tell.

Amu calls Jigna. She wants to talk to her in person. Jigna calls her over to the park near her house. Amu agrees to come over. She is leaving when Tina and Ria come there. Tina asks her where she is going in such a hurry. Amu tells her she is going to meet JIgna. Tina tries to get into the details. You look a little worried. Is all ok or there is something up between

you and Amit. She assures her all is well. Tina tells her to be happy always. Amu excuses herself and rushes out as JIgna must be waiting. Tina says her reaction doesn’t indicate there is a problem between AA. Ria is also clueless as to why they got the tickets cancelled. What if they are heading off to someplace else without telling? Tina smells something…..edible and spicy. They both start looking around the room and Tina finds a container of pickles in the room. Why is it here hidden under this table? Ria is sure Amu must have hid it from Amit. I don’t understand she cries whole day about her weight and here she eats pickles. If someone eats pickles hiding like this…..she stops as the thought crosses her mind. They both speak up in chorus….Amu is pregnant? Tina thinks they might be overreacting but it can be true as well. Nothing is proved through just pickles. There must be something else in this room as well that proves it. They start looking around for another clue. Ria finds the pregnancy tool kit in the drawer and calls out to Tina. It shows the result is positive. Amu is indeed pregnant. Tina too takes a closer look at it.

Amit is in his office. He has flashes of the various incidents when he was with kids and of seeing Batuk with the baby. He recalls Amu’s confession that he is going to be a father. He rings up Batuk. I need to talk to you over something urgent if you are free.

Ria is crying in her room while Tina is pacing angrily in the room. I have been telling you since so long to plan a baby but you dint want to ruin your figure. Wanted to be Mrs. India right? Once again Amu has defeated you. She is preggy before you. Ria replies if I would have known this was to happen then I and Rohan would have planned the baby earlier. I myself wanted to become a mom before Amu (is this what a competition and we call it baby race?? >_<). But what to do even the doc said no. Tina shushes her. You can still do it. Ria doesn't get it. Tina says leave it all on me and wipes her tears. Jigna asks Amu if all is ok. Why do you look so worried? Say something. Amu tells her she is preggy. Jigna gets all happy and congratulates her. Amu sits still…no reaction. Batuk is elated with the news while Amit is sweating. I wont joke about this. Batuk teases him about his 2 year plan…travelling, adventure sports, etc and your POV of being financially stable. Amit tells him not to rub salt on the wounds. He apologizes. You must be happy actually. He hands over the baby to Shilpa and turns back to Amit. What is the problem? Amit replies it is Amu. I cannot be upset with her. I told her if she is happy then I too am happy. This is the thing which we decided upon…we dint want any baby for 2 years. The moment I agreed she turned back to normal as if she wanted the baby. I was surprised. She could have told me if she wanted a baby. This is what niggling me. Tell me what to do. Batulk calls it normal whereas Amit counters his fact. Amu says you wont believe it Jigna Amit dint react at all hearing about the baby. He looked completely normal. He said he was happy but I couldn’t understand it. First he was having this no baby board around him now what. All the planning was his not mine and now. It is very easy for men to plan something for today and another thing for tomorrow. jigna tells her she is overreacting. Amu is finding Amit’s behaviour weird. Jigna explains that he said so as he cannot see you in pain. Amu is clueless about this point though. Amit agrees with Batuk saying it can be but it cannot be as well. She is very happy about the baby and I cant talk this out with her freely. How do I tell her how scared I am about the baby? Batuk asks him how he can be so sure she is happy over it. It might be she is as scared as you are. Maybe that is why she is unable to talk to you. Take my words and go and tell her everything you feel. You both should be together in this time not away from each other. Call her up now. Amu agrees with JIgna. I should talk to Amit first before telling people at home. Planning a baby is a decision of a husband and wife. One alone cannot decide it. Anyways I don't want to hide anything from him. To tell you the truth I am very scared. Jigna assures her Amit will understand her nervousness as he loves you a lot. Now call him up. Amu picks up the phone and JIgna gives her an assuring smiles. Before she can call, she gets a call (from Amit hopefully). She keeps looking at it thinking something. -Break- Tina gets a cake in the dining hall and tells the servant to keep the rest of the stuff (snacks and stuff) ready to bring over when she tells him to. Ria comes there. What are you doing? Tina replies I am not doing anything. You have to do it. Before Amu can give the news you will give it to everyone (about being preggy herself). Ria is taken aback. But I am not. Tina says 9 months is a long time to get pregnant. Anyways AA hasn’t told anyone at home about Amu being preggy. We have to make use of this chance please. Ria tries to make her see sense. It a very big thing. I wont be able to do it. Tina gets stern with her. You want your place in this house or not? Yes…then you will have to do it. Ria denies I cannot do it. Tina questions her as to why is she panicking so much. Have you not done anything before? Don't ruin things. Relax, act a little shy, take everyone’s blessings as I am calling them all over. Trust me. Ria is all panicky. AA reach separately home. He came early as he thought they both should spend some time together. She asks him if he wants to say something. They get into you go first for a little time then Amit takes over. We are about to become parents. But I am more nervous than happy. She is relieved as he is thinking on the same lines like her. He was worried that he alone was worried about it since morning. She too felt the same. He says it isn't that the news isn't good. It is just that I wasn’t ready for it. She too wasn’t. He tells her everything will change with this. It will take us 1-2 weeks to come out of this shock. I think we must tell everyone after that only. Amu agrees with him. I too was thinking the same as I don't want to give an impression that we are unhappy with this. Agree it is a little tough to hide it but we will tell all soon. They both smile at each other finally. He takes her hand in his as he says shall we. -Break- Tina is giving instructions to Ria on how to act when Fallu comes and is surprised to look at the setup. What are all the preps for? It isn't someone’s anniversary or birthday today. tina tells her to wait for a little while. I cannot tell the big news until everyone is here. Ria lamely suggests waiting for Rohan but Tina comments will have to tell the people who are here already. She calls out for everyone and they all come out wondering what the news is all about. Tina begins telling it but Fallu cuts her. If you want to say it then wait for 2 more minutes as AA too will be here by then. Tina is taken aback but Ria says she cannot wait anymore. Mom you tell it. Tina nods. The thing is….a little new guest will be coming in this house very soon. Just then AA enter. Everyone is at a loss of words and cannot understand what Tina is saying. Fallu asks for clarification….who will have having it. Amu speaks up murmuring an apology. We were about to tell you but. Amit takes it forward…but couldn’t think of how to put it. The thing is that Amu is pregnant. NOW everyone’s face lights up like anything. Tina is fuming and Ria is also upset. Fallu turns to Amu. Is Amit saying it right? Amu affirms she is going to be a grandmother. Fallu does a little thank you to God then asks Amit why he didn’t tell her till now. You kept repeating 2 years. Nani says they wanted to tell their way. Kirath cannot believe it he is going to be a grandfather. Baa remarks Tina has done the right thing for once. She has doubled the joy by doing all this. Tina keeps a straight face. Who would be happy if not me? Fallu enquires with Amu is she spoke with her mom and dad. Amu shakes her head. Fallu offers to share the good news. AA speak in eye language….this is out now! Phone rings at Patel House. Varsha picks it up. She is thrilled by the news. She agrees to come there right away. Atul and Kajal have joined them now. Varsha shares the news with everyone. They all are super excited. Hemant happily lifts Varsha in excitement. They all go to get ready so that they can leave for Shah House. Fallu says (to Varsha and AA are there only) I was so after them telling them to plan a family. But they said they will do it after 2 years. AA leave. Varsha says its just for saying but inside they too would feel that way. Their all friends have kids. They too would have felt they were left behind. Amu says Amit everything happened so fast that I cant understand anything. Amit replies I told you first we should adjust with the news and then break it off to them. I dint knew it would be out in the papers before we say it. She is very much scared. He too is. AND THEY ACTUALLY LOOK SCARED (:P ). Precap: Everyone’s having food. Baa notices Amu hasn’t eaten anything. You must eat every hour in this condition. Kajal tells her to sleep for 14 hours for sure. Fallu counters…this way the kid would be lazy too. Amit suggests consulting a doc. Fallu knows a very good gynac…Dr. Gaitonde. She only delivered Amit we will go to her only. Amit while trying to get something tells Amu not to agree in lower tones. Amu is torn as Fallu is insistent. She ends up saying yes while Amit speaks in signals.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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