Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 5th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 5th September 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 5th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with jaggi mixing something in Baldev’s lassi. jaggi gives Rajveer and Simran a missed call. Rajveer sees Himmat in his mirror and leaves. Himmat follows them. Baldev scolds jaggi who brings a lassi for him. jaggi praises him and says I will come with you to the fields. Baldev says ok come. Baldev asks him to give him the lassi. He drinks it. jaggi smiles. Rajveer and Simran come somewhere and Himmat is after them. Baldev starts feeling unwell. He goes to the loo again and again. jaggi says we will go to the hospital. Baldev says what will the doctor do, we will go to the village’s vaid. jaggi scares him. Baldev says lets go to the hospital. Rajveer and Simran come to the mandir. Himmat keeps an eye on them. Himmat

thinks what are they planning. Rajveer and Simran do the puja in the mandir. Rajveer goes to bring the remaining items. Himmat hides.

Rajveer leaves alone. Himmat thinks what to do, Shall I go after Rajveer and stand here watching Simran. He thinks he should wait in the mandir. Baldev is in the hospital. Rajveer comes there. Baldev asks what are you doing here. Rajveer says jaggi called me here. Rajveer says I will go and talk to the doctor. Baldev is worried. Rajveer meets the doctor. The doctor says the problem is with Baldev. The doctor says Baldev can become a father if he can undergo a minor operation. Rajveer asks him not to tell Baldev. Rajveer says Baldev will be hurt if he knows this. The doctor agrees.

Rajveer comes to Baldev and sits tensed. Baldev asks what happened. Rajveer and jaggi says there is a bad news. Rajveer says you got a kidney stone. Baldev says explain me. Rajveer says you have to undergo an operation. Baldev refuses and says I will take Tau ji’s advice. Rajveer says you don’t have much time. They scare Baldev. Baldev is tensed. Rajveer says don’t tell this to anyone, its a minor operation. Baldev says how can I undergo it. They insists. Baldev agrees for the operation. Baldev goes for the operation. Rajveer asks jaggi whats the story. jaggi says I lied. Baldev thanks Rajveer and jaggi and hugs them. He says I won’t forget this, I will be always there for both of you, I m thankful to you. Rajveer says we are yours. Baldev laughs. The scene is funny. Rajveer and jaggi show a big stone to Baldev saying it came from your kidney. Baldev is puzzled.

Rajveer goes to meet the doctor. The nurse comes and tells him about the operation. Baldev does not understand. The nurse explains him. Baldev gets angry and looks at jaggi. jaggi is tensed as he is caught by Baldev. jaggi leaves. Baldev runs after jaggi. jaggi says Rajveer that Baldev came to know everything. Rajveer talks to Baldev. Baldev asks Rajveer did you know this, you also fooled me. Rajveer says yes, I knew it. Baldev says I trusted you. Rajveer says I m ready for the punishment. Baldev gets emotional and says everyone will make fun at me. Rajveer says I have done whats right for you. He says you were having a small disease, and explains him about his weakness. Baldev thinks he slapped jhumri. He feels bad and realizes his mistake.

Rajveer says now everything will be fine after this operation. He says now you won’t be sad, as you will be getting your child soon. Baldev thanks Rajveer. Rajveer says him to start a new life. Baldev says you opened my eyes, I realized it today that to be a man, I should be smart. He hugs Rajveer. jaggi smiles. He says I have hurt jhumri by bitter words, tell me how to make her happy. Rajveer says don’t worry, I have a solution. Rajveer smiles.

Baldev says sorry to jhumri. jhumri hugs him. Didi hears them.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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