Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th September 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 5th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Param getting cosy with some guy. Sammy says we went on a date and asks what she is doing with the other guy? Param insults him to the core. Sammy is heart broken. Ram says this boy shall gets the worse possible punishment. Inspector says we will take his statement. They asks Pihu, why you went to that room. Pihu cries and says she went to change her dress and something spilled on it. They asks then what happened after that. Lady constable comes and says we have to take her for the medical examination. Pihu says she don’t want to go there and wants to go home. She says she is not feeling well. Ram says enough is enough. He asks Inspector, not to asks any more questions to Pihu. Inspector says they are doing the normal procedure. Ram asks Priya

to take Pihu home and he will going to handle everything. Shruti and Ashwin comes there, Ram says shame on you, you son is just like you. Ashwin says sorry. Ram says I won’t forgive him, his future is finished. I will file so many cases against him and won’t let him come out.

Shruti asks the Inspector, can I meet my son for 2 mins. Inspector agrees. Shruti goes to meet Varun, Varun says Pihu is lying. Shruti slaps him and says you proved that you are your father’s son. Varun says he didn’t do anything. Shruti says you spoiled yours and your younger brother’s future. She says she can’t talk with her friend and says she wants him to get the big punishment. Shruti cries and says you broke my trust. Varun says I didn’t do anything, she was lying. He cries, while Shruti leaves. She comes to Pihu and says sorry for Varun’s doings. She says she is with her. She tells Priya that she don’t have the courage to talk to her. She says sorry and says she is with their decision. She cries. Varun shouts that Pihu was lying and whatever happened was with her consent. He asks Pihu to tell the truth. Ram shouts at him and says dont take my daughter’s name. Pihu cries and says I want to go home right now. Ram says go home. Neha and Vikram comes. Neha looks at Pihu, who was looking at Varun while crying. Ram asks the Inspector to register his complaint. Neha remembers in the flashback and feels something is amiss. Neha says that day Pihu was with him and he was not forcing her. She was quite happy with him, they even went to the changing room together. She says I told Priya that Pihu will do something big and says she is convinced that something is not right.

Priya is in tears, Soumya comes to her and says I can’t imagine what you are feeling right now. Priya says I am very angry on him. How dare him to do that thing with my daughter. Soumya consoles her. Soumya looks at Pihu’s dress and thinks why Pihu said that this dress is stained. It doesn’t have a single stain. She feels something is wrong. Ashwin asks the Inspector to talk to his son. Inspector asks them to leave. Ashwin and Shruti leaves.

Pihu is sleeping in her room, Ram comes. Priya tells him sorry and says she shouldn’t have allowed her to go to the prom party. Pihu didn’t want to go but she asked her to go. Ram says I have realised that to secure my kids future, I am ignoring their present. Ram says as a father I have to do something. He touched my daughter. Varun is beaten in the police lock up. Pihu feels something and wakes up. Priya says everything is fine, you are in your room. We are with you, nothing had happened.

Priya was sitting at Pihu’s bed side. Soumya comes and asks Ram and Priya to take rest and freshen up and she will sit with Pihu. Priya says don’t leave Pihu even for a minute. Soumya asks Pihu, do you want anything? Pihu nods no. and says she is not getting sleep. Soumya says tell me the truth? Whether that boy tried to rape you? Whether you both had anything? She asks Pihu to tell whatever happened in the party? Priya comes and shouts at Soumya. Priya says what you are doing. Why you are asking Pihu.

Maira asks Priya, why Pihu didi is upset if some guy tried to misbehave with her. She says she should have hit him instead, pull his hairs, etc. She asks about that guy. She says she will go and beat him. She says how can he mess up with her sister. Priya looks on smilingly.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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