Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 4th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sheela and Payal talking. Ayesha says Payal wore this outfit for Pankhudi’s love. Sheela and Payal discuss will Avantika come in this party and will she wear Ayesha’s gifted outfit. Rubel says this was first question and goes to welcome Bau ji. Bau ji says I m happy to see my Pankhudi nis still getting respect in this house. Nani says how can we forget her birthday, she was our loved one. Bau ji praises Ayesha and blesses her. Ayesha says but you came alone. Bau ji says next time they all will come. Bau ji says he wants to talk to Avantika. Rubel says we all are waiting for her. Avantika comes and Harish is shocked seeing the gorgeous beauty.

He says great outfit buy Ayesha. Avantika says I did not wish to become reason for anyone’s mood to spoil. Ayesha gets glad and Avantika goes to meet Bau ji. Harish tells Ayesha that she passed the first bridge. Rubel says first one answered, lets find whats second question. Bau ji talks to Avantika and asks her to help Adi in moving on and accept Ayesha. Avantika says I m sorry, but I can’t spoil my son’s life. He says she will make his life good, she did this for Adi’s happiness. Avantika says she took this step and this will just hurt my son. She leaves. Rubel says this is second question, will Adi be happy seeing this celebrations, lets bet, I m sure he will be happy.

Sheela says I want Adi to get happy with this party. Payal says to accept Ayesha forever, see the expenses of this party. She says do something about Ayesha. Sheela says what to do, till Adi’s property on Ayesha’s name. Payal asks her to use her trump card Avantika. Harish praises Ayesha and says she is our bahu, and introduces her t the guests. They say even her nature is same. Avantika says but photocopy can’t replace original. Harish asks Ayesha not to feel bad.

Ayesha says no, I m worried about Adi. Shanky says Adi came. Ayesha panics. Harish says calm down, be bold. They shut the lights. Rubel says so my third question is going to come soon, what happened, did Adi came. Adi sees Pankhudi’s sweet memories on the AV. Ayesha comes and says about Adi and Pankhudi’s life. Adi looks at her. Everyone looks on waiting for Adi to react. Ayesha says I hope you like this gift from my side. Adi gets tears on his eyes, as lights come and he sees the party arrangements. Everyone clap and he smiles.

Adi thanks Ayesha and they smile. Adi hugs Avantika and others. Harish feels sad that Adi is still angry on him. Harish tells Avantika to see that Ayesha’s decision was right. Adi says I m so touched mum, thanks for giving the permission to Ayesha. He says this make me feel close to Pankhuid, I really miss her. Ayesha comes and asks him to go and change now. He says I look like this too, but I don’t have any new suit. Nani says go in your room and see, Ayesha made a good suit for you. Adi says really? Nani says come soon. He leaves.

Nani says Ayesha is a good wife. Harish says I m happy seeing Adi. Rubel says yes, I m proud of Ayesha, she won 2nd one, but whats 3rd one, I really don’t know, but we will find out. Ayesha talks to Anuj and says Harish and Adi did not patchup. Anuj asks is the surprise ready. She says yes, but will everyone support me. Shanky says yes, you make it ready. Rubel says bull’s eye, this is the 3rd question. Will the patch up between Adi and Harish. Avantika thinks about Bau ji and Adi’s words. Sheela comes to her nd fills her ears against Ayesha.

Adi really looks good in his designer suit. Adi greets everyone and they smile blessing him. Adi ignores Harish. Ayesha sees Harish upset. Sheela says what does Ayesha want to show, that she loves Pankhudi more than us. She gives hint to Avantika to break Adi and Ayesha’s marriage. Ayesha takes Adi to Harish for their patchup. Shanky brings Harish. They see each other. Avantika thinks about everyone’s words about Ayesha.

Ayesha makes the family dance on the song Dhiktaana……………….. Everyone look very happy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Den what was dat precap of Saturdays for ? Anyways m glad Adi s happy 🙂 he s a cool dude n he looks gud wen he s tension relieved !

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