Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 4th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhawna takes the leave promising the lady and says that she will come again to finish it; either everything will be alright or everything will get finished but she cant live with the fear for always. The conductor announces its time for the bus to leave, she takes the blessings. Raj was waiting for Bhawna at the bus stop, he takes her bag. Bhawna looks for Avni and Abhaas, Raj tells her its Pind Pooja at her house; how can peace come to a house where there is no acceptance for love. Raj tells her about the plan to make up Suket’s mood and Suket told Akshit and Arpita to go away. Akshit and Arpita are leaving the city today. Raj says she is their last hope, where shall he take her now.
Bhawna comes home, she promises Avni that everything will be alright. Sanvri says everything will get alright with the Pooja. The Shastri ji calls Abhaas to come to his dad.
A third person come to take their hand as well, Suket looks up at Akshit. Arpita was also there. Sanvri gets worried. Bhawna says that Akshit is also a son of this house, he should also be a part of it. She tells him to sit by his dad and calls Arpita to sit besides it. Sanvri asks Arpita why did she come here. Bhawna says that she brought her here, its their dadi’s Pooja, how could it be completed without the son and daughter in law of the house.
Avni comes to the kitchen and asks Raj what is this. He tells her he promised. He tells her the whole story. Bhawna met Akshit and asks do you really want to leave. Akshit says if dad wants so we want to go to Mumbai. Bhawna asks Akshit to be a part of the Pooja at house, as it is his dadi’s. Bhawna promised that she is here. Avni says that so they will leave after the Pooja. Raj says that they must do something before they leave. Avni and Raj joins the Pooja. Shastri ji tells Suket to start the Mohli with his elder son, Suket takes it and binds it on Akshit’s arm. Shastri ji asks Akshit to tie it on Suket’s hand.
Akshit ties the Mohli on Suket’s hand.
Bauji asks Bhawna does she think it will work. She says she isn’t sure. Suket comes there. Bauji asks him to sit with Akshit to eat the food. He asks Shastri is it necessary he eats it here. Shastri says it isn’t necessary. He says he will eat it afterwards, Avni asks Bhawna to do something.
Bhawna comes to Suket in the room. She says you are breaking all the dreams of Akshit. Suket says that it is all because of his fault, he doesn’t want to leave a wrong example for his other two kids. Bhawna says that he is leaving his example to their children that ones rules are greater that their children. Our religion teaches love and forgiveness, Gods forgave bigger crimes that what our child did. He just loved, and its not a crime even; it joins hearts but it cant break relations. Love marriages aren’t accepted in our family, because we think our children don’t understand who is good for them and we find good wives for them. Isn’t our Arpita good. He told us a lie only with the fear of leaving Arpita, because he loved him
Raj and Avni listens to them.
Bhawna says that for a person his house is a blessing, how he can live without it. What are we teaching our children, what Akshit did not do to ask for forgiveness and what he got was his hatred? Suket comes out of the room.
Shastri ji leaves, Akshit and Arpita comes to Bauji asking his blessings. Akshit asks them for a leave. He watches Bhawna coming downstairs and comes to her. She blesses them to stay happy. She knows he wont stop, as he is fulfilling a son’s duty. He is also fulfilling being a father, and does what he thinks. She starts crying that I am just a mother, no one heeds what I want or think. Akshit asks Avni to take care of his mother, she is hurt but she is the most courageous. He is giving maa, dad and Bauji’s duty to her and heads to leave. Suket comes to stairs and asks where are you both going?

PRECAP: Suket asks Akshit not to go, he joins hands. Akshit holds them saying it wasn’t his mistake, he wont let him complain in his lifetime. They hug.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. i just hope savri doesnt come up with another trouble

  2. Good ab no problems will be there except savri…..

  3. They should’ve ask savri to leave the city instead. She’s always causing problems

  4. savri stupid gd 1

  5. but that sanvri…sure she would do something

  6. Hug atleast suket and akshit makinggg up together

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