Laut Aao Trisha 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 4th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bobby informs Khusan that he loves Trisha, but he is not behind her kidnapping. Kushan says he knows he is not behind it and asks if he has made Trisha’s vidoes with other guys like one with Trisha and Vivan. Bobby says no.

Reporters reads news about Manoj’s suicide while police trying to nab him and doubts if his suicide is linked to Trisha’s kidnap.

Pratik asks Kabeer if Manoj wanted Trisha to be missing even after his death. Amrita starts crying while Pratik consoles him. Pratik asks Kabeer why he has not done anything in 5 days other than tapping his phone. If he knew about Vivan and Trisha’s video, why did not he inform him and why did not he interrogate Vivan well. Kabeer gives his email id and asks him to write him how to investigate next with each step. Pratik says it is not his duty. Kabeer goes out, calls Pratik and says he is informing about his each step and then asks him let him do his work.

Junior interrogates watchman and gets happy hearing that he is from his nearby village. He sends him and thinks he was of no use. Kabeer reaches there. Junior says Trisha’s phone’s mother board is completely destroyed due to being in water. Kabeer asks him to hire a better technician.

Pratik calls his man and asks him to torture Solanki’s family. Amrita why he wants to torture Solanki’s family when he is already dead and says he is reason for his dead, he had taken revenge from many other family and they may be responsible for Trisha’s kidnap. Pratika asks why would he harm his own daughter.

Kushan watches Bobby’s video where he shoots Trisha trying to remove clothes for him and gets annoyed.

Pratik comes home and and gets annoyed seeing Vivan happily volleyball. He stares at Vivan and goes to his room. Sonali requests Amrita to asks Pratik not to doubt Vivan and says it is usual between cousins. Amrita says she has to get convinced first and says after seeing his video with Trisha, it is difficult to forget and forive.

Vivan starts fighting with Bobby for shooting his video with Trisha and asks him to stay away from him.

Pratik and Amrita with other family members perform pooja in a temple for Trisha. Pratik remembers Trisha surprise party for him and then waving her good bye last time.

Reporters and politicians gather outside the temple. Reporters take politicians interview. Poojari informs Pratik about reporters thronging outside and waiting for them.

Kabeer who falls asleep at his home after drinking a bottle of alcohol wakes up hearing door bell. She sees junior outside and says he is not at home. Junior jokes he is a milkman. Kabeer opens the door. Junior enters in and wishes him good afternoon. He asks if he had food. Kabeer says yes. He asks then why are plates clean. Kabeer asks him to stop being a policeman and says he ate outside.

Pratik gets annoyed seeing reporters outside and angrily asks who asks them to come here. Amrita asks him to calm down. They ask he how is she feeling that her daughter is kidnapped. Pratik shouts at them and shoos them away.

Kabeer and Junior start their lunch. Junior says Swaykas have kept Pooja for Trisha and jokes. Kabeer says Pratik and Amrita are parents and god will hear their prayers. He refers Trisha as Ishita. Junior says he is referring Trisha as Ishita and Ishita is his wife.

Precap: Amrita cries saying Pratik killed her daughter. She requests Kabeer if she can be a part of his investigation.

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