Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi telling Harish that Avantika’s flight has gone. They cry. Sheela catches Payal red handed, while she is talking to the reporter who is asking about Avantika’s flight news. Payal says I just told what I knew. Anuj comes and asks what happened. Sheela says lets go inside, I will tell everything that Payal did. Adi hugs Harish and asks him to come home, you will go US to find mum and get her back, we will find some solution, come. Sheela slaps Payal infront of everyone. She says I did not know you will fall so low, how can anyone tell such thing to media. Anuj says I m sorry to say, but you did not leave me to show my face to Harish. Rubel asks Payal to leave her house and family. Payal is shocked.

Adi brings Harish come. Adi asks Pankhudi about Avantika. Harish asks her why did she not stop Avantika and cries. He says there is no use to cry now, as I misunderstood her. He says everything is over now. Harish comes to Avantika’s room and talks to her pic. He says you left us and went. He says I was waiting for you to apologize to me, I would have hugged you, why you went in hurry, I came to airport to stop you, I guess I was late, as you don’t have habit to wait. I will miss you. Avantika says Harish………. He says Avantika and looks for her in the house.

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He says where did everyone go. He holds his head and says I have to get habitual to stay without Avantika, if I go to US, she won’t agree. Avantika says don’t you have this trust on your Avantika. Harish says Avantika, where are you, I can feel you here, I know you are here. He says Adi that Avantika is here. Pankhudi says I dropped mum to airport. He says Anuj I heard Avantika twice, I know she did not go, there she goes. He says she just went, please believe me. Rubel says uncle I know you are stressed, she is not here. Harish says she is playing game, she is here.

He cries and sits down. He says please come back. He says scold me, but come back please, I know I ruined everything. Avantika says not yet Harish. He gets glad seeing her. Everyone smile. He says I told you all that she is here. He apologizes to her. Sheela says thank us also. Harish says it means you all did this. Pankhudi says sorry dad, it was Rubel’s idea. Rubel says yes, we thought to make an actor to unite with his heroine in filmi way. Anuj says Sheela is talented to make serious scene into comedy. Pankhudi says this time credit goes to someone else. She calls Ayush. Ayush comes there.

Pankhudi says when no one was able to convince mum, Ayush spoke to her. The FB shows Ayush asking Avantika to take him back home, as Papa is also calling them now, please lets go back, I can’t leave him and go. He says I know that fat uncle is my Papa, and I want to stay with you and him, please take me to my Papa. He asks driver to take care back home. Pankhudi asks Avantika to agree, as Diwaan Mansion wants to see the family together. Avantika agrees and cries. Pankhudi says then we got her yes and we came here. Everyone smile.

Ayush asks Harish will he leave him now. Harish holds him and cries. He says we won’t go Mr Ayush Kumar. Everyone smile. Harish hugs Adi and Ayush and says he is feeling old today, he has two young handsome sons today, finally we are together. Rubel says no, we all are not together. Payal has to leave this home, she did wrong with our family. Pankhudi says everyone make mistakes, but we should forgive. Rubel says how many times, she has told all the personal matters to media and has shut door for herself. Avantika is shocked. Rubel says Payal has leaked everything in media. Avantika goes to talk to Payal.

Payal cries in her room. Avantika comes to her and drags her to the living room. Pankhudi says mum please, let Payal speak once. Rubel says there is nothing to say now, she has to leave home. Avantika says I know she did mistake, I m sure she has a reason, can’t we forgive her, everyone here did some mistake, still we all are together and happy. Sheela says we got forgiven as we rectified our mistake. Avantika says whats wrong in giving Payal a chance. Pankhudi asks Rubel to forgive Payal, as we are all responsible for this. Rubel says whats the guarantee she won’t do this again.

Adi says so we are family to cover the less strengths. Pankhudi asks Sheela to forgive her. Sheela says Payal can never become Pankhudi. Harish says why do you always compare her with Pankhudi. Adi asks Rubel to hug Payal. Rubel says no Adi. Payal apologizes to Rubel and cries. She says she can’t leave this house, she was alone in her room and she realized she can run after property, but she is nothing without her family. She apologizes to everyone. Rubel says no use now, you have to leave this house. Payal cries.

Avantika gets a surprise. Adi asks Avantika and Harish to go on world tour. Pankhudi says yes. Avantika looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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