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Itti Si Khushi 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aman’s words echo in Gayatri’s head. She also recalls how Neha remembers every minute detail related to Aman (including pineapple halwa). Neeta asks her mother about flowers that are to be delivered. Gayatri is lost but then tells Neeta to tell them to wait. We will call them in a while. Neeta ends the call after conveying the message to Pandey ji (florist). Neeta asks her mother if everything is alright. Gayatri is worried over what Aman has told her. Neeta wants to know more but they notice Sunita and Neha and go quiet.

Neha expresses her relief when she gets to know that Dadi isn’t home. She calls Aman her jija ji somehow. We have brought mehendi for Aman jija ji. She keeps the boxes of sweets on the table while Sunita congratulates her as she extends the mehendi thaal in Gayatri’s direction. Gayatri takes it after a mulling over it a lot. Neha picks up the bowl. She tells Neeta to keep it in the fridge. We did the same with our bowl of mehendi. In the process Neha’s hands gets henna. Gayatri observes it and looks all the more disturbed. Neha says no to Neeta when she offers to bring a tissue for her. I love mehendi. She has even made a design and shows her hand to Gayatri, Neeta and her mom. Sunita wants to talk to Gayatri so they sit down for a cup of tea. Neha goes out as she had told her mother beforehand that she doesn’t want to stay back at Aman’s place (not even for a tea). Gayatri is observing Neha the while.

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Outside, a feather lands in Neha’s hands. Title track plays as she tries to hold it but then it flies as soon as she opens her fist. She jumps to catch it but in vain. Aman returns home and smiles seeing her like that. He walks towards her though she is unaware of his presence. She turns and stumbles as they both reach each other resulting in their fall. She laughs happily as she falls over him while he looks at her adorably. They share an eye lock after which they both get up feeling a little uncomfy. He complains that she always makes him fall. She calls his courtyard tilted. Someone or the other keeps falling. He smiles at her answer but then blames her again. He pulls her up and his hands get henna too. Neha tells him that being his sister-in-law he brought mehendi for him else she wouldn’t come at his house ever. She doesn’t have an answer when he asks for reason. he asks her if she wont even come to meet him. she denies. you aren’t a captain anymore that you will take me in your team. He says what if I indeed take you in my team. She gets excited at the idea but then notices the feather that has fallen on Aman’s shoulder. Don’t move ok. She leans closer while sweet background music plays as he looks at her. she carefully picks it up. She suggests him to blow it together. Sunita comes there before they could do it. aman greets her. she has to leave with Neha to make preps for tomorrow. gayatri calls out for Aman so he heads inside only after waving a happy goodbye to Neha. She too waves back happily.

Dadi and Jayanti are returning home. They talk about the children of today who can go to any extent to make their parents agree to anything. They both notice Sunita and Neha at their door. dadi gete irked again. jayanti too adds fuel to the fire. Who will feel good losing a guy like Aman! Sunita is relieved that Gayatri bhabhi wasn’t angry with us. Neha replies this is what I had told you. Talk straight. Dadi and Jayanti turn the other side to hide their faces. Dadi is upset with Gayatri for she will ruin Aman’s life this way. Don’t know what have they said to that mother son duo. I wont spare anyone. Jayanti stops her but Dadi is in no mood to wait. She leaves for Agarwal House.

Sandeep had a word with decorator who will come by 7 pm. Neha comes running and drinks water. She finds Akku all quiet. She gives a glass of water to Akku. Drink it, you will need it as you will go to that Hitler Dadi’s house after your marriage. Dida when I go there my throat dries up in mere 5 minutes. Akku will go for her whole life. Practise drinking loads of water from now on. Sunita tells her not to talk like this but Neha continues talking in fun way. We should get a helmet for Akku. Dadi will shout on Akku and she will wear helmet to protect herself. Her family members smile but Neha is shocked to see Hitler Dadi at her door. they too follow her gaze and go serious.

Dadi tells Neha to make as much fun of her as she wants to. Neha greets her but Dadi is as usual angry. Neha walks out of the house with Suraj on the pretext of buying colour pencils.

Anand greets Dadi worriedly. Dadi looks at Sunita pointedly as she remarks that they are trying to get rid of their headache. Jayanti waits to see the drama from outside.

Neeta talks about the call from florist yet again. gayatri tells her not to pick their call. Aman asks for Dadi. Gayatri says she has gone to temple. Mehendi has come from Agarwal House. Whatever you want to do, do it fast! He is waiting for Dadi to return from temple only. He gets call from Akku. She asks him if he told his decision to Dadi. He says I am waiting for her to return from the temple only. Akku realises that maybe Dadi got to know about it which is why she has come here. She is very angry too. Akku ends the call hastily. Neeta asks Aman about the call. He too leaves for Agarwal House with Gayatri following him. neeta stands there all tensed.

Dadi talks against Neha. You could have told me I would have brought proposals for Neha but you eyed our house only. They are confused at whatever she is saying. Dadi still continues to rant about their sending Neha after Aman. Aman is a simple guy and eventually fell for Neha. Anand speaks in Neha’s favour. She is still a kid at heart of 14 years only. She never thinks ill against anyone. dadi refuses to make any relation with them, neither with Akku nor with Neha. Everyone is taken aback. Anand says Aman is getting engaged to Akku. Who spoke to you about Neha? Dadi blames them for making Neha stick with them since she has returned from the hospital. Why are you sending her after us? Dida is very much moved to tears. Mind your language please, this isn’t a way to talk. Dadi doesn’t relent. Find a guy somewhere else who himself is not sane. Otherwise who will marry this mad girl? Neha’s mom is in tears while everyone else is shocked. Aman steps in and agrees to marry Neha, shocking everyone else.

Dadi tries to stop him from making such a mistake. Forget all this rubbish. Stay away from both Neha and AKku from now onwards. Aman refuses to back out from his decision. Trust me your fear is wrong. No one has misguided me. It is my decision. Anand and Sunita are confused while Akku supports Aman. Dadi yet again declines to let Aman marry a mad girl. aman takes Neha’s side. she isn’t mad but innocent. She is simple girl who only knows how to be happy. I know I will be happy with her. dadi reprimands him for it. that girl wont come in my house till I am alive. He requests her to bless them if she really wishes for his happiness. Dadi looks away helplessly. Aman apologizes to Neha’s parents and then proposes to marry Neha. Gayatri too reaches Agarwal House. Dadi taunts her indirectly. Gayatri takes them both home. Dadi taunts Agarwal family before leaving from there which angers Aman. Gayatri keeps him in check.

Precap: No one is ready to listen to Aman at Agarwal House. On the other hand, Dadi warns Gayatri that Neha wont come in this house. Tell Aman to get this thought out of his head. kartik hears it from a distance. Dadi swears not to eat anything till Aman agrees with her.

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