Laut Aao Trisha 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sonali tries to brainwash Amrita and says she does not know how she is tolerating Pratik’s extramarital affair and says she would have kicked Gaurav out of her life or walked out of house. She thinks she will brainwash her and suceed in her plan. Amrita says it is festival today and she does not want any drama here. She says it is Pratik and my family issue and she will punish Pratik, but will not ruin her family life because of it.

Saniya comes there well dressed and asks when will bhai dooj start and if she will tie rakhi to Vivan and Bobby. Amrita says she will not, but will get gifts from there. Vivan comes there, shows her gift and pampers her. Pratik sees that and gets irked. Bobby also comes with his parents. Lavanya wishes happy bhai dooj to Pratik, but he does not reply anything. She then performs pooja on Pratik and feeds him laddu. Pratik asks if she has done with her pooja. Sanya asks Pratik if he will not give Lavanya gift. He says he will give Lavanya’s gift on time with interest and walks out from there. Everyone are shocked to hear that.

Amrita handles situation and asks Gaurav to sit for pooja. After pooja, he gifts apple to Lavanya. Amrita asks him to sing. He sings phoolon ka taaron ka…… song. Everyone clap for him. Meghan then performs pooja on Bobby. He gifts her watch. Amrita asks Vivan to sit for pooja. Meghan hesitates to perform pooja, but performs it. Amrita says Meghan that Vivan is your brother and on festivals there should not be any rift between brother and sister, so she should smile. Lavanya tries to interfere, but Meghan says Amrita aunt is right. Sanya then performs pooja on Vivan asks him to sing song like last time. He says it was for Trisha. Everyone get sad hearing that. Vivan walks out from there.

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Kidnapper’s goon plays FM radio. RJ announces that a brother wants to dedicate a special song for his sister and Phoolon ka Taaron ka….song plays. Trisha hears song and gets emotional. She thinks she used to enjoy bhai dooj with Vivan and Bobby and she is sure they are also missing her this time. She hears goon walking out.

Neha tries to speak to Pratik, but he says he does not want to talk to her. Neha says she made a mistake by not letting him speak to Amrita, but she did it as she loves him and wanted him to relax. He asks her to walk out, but she french kisses him and calms him down.

Trisha tris to make hole in a wall with knife.

Kushan thanks Amrita for arranging festival at her home and says when he came here he thought he is just coming here as a ritual, but he enjoyed it a lot. Bobby says he and Meghan want to stay at Amrita’s house and asks Lavanya to go back home. Lavanya says it is festival today and they cannot stay here. Meghan says when she did not perform any festival with them till now, then why she is insisting this time. Amrita asks her not to misbehave with her mom. Meghan apologizes and asks Kushan’s permission to stay, he permits and walks towards car.

Abhay asks Kabeer if he has to tap even his phone to catch Prem’s murderer. Kabeer says he is not the real murderer and is hired by real murderer to divert his attention.

Neha lures Pratik and says she will leave now, else people will badmouth about them.

Swaika group’s broad meeting starts. Neha joins them. Lavanya says it is board of director’s meeting and secretary cannot stay there. Pratik says looking at Neha’s dedication, he has promoted Neha as tower project manager. Everyone are shocked to hear that and Neha smirks. Pratik then asks Neha’s opinion about the lobby which Kushan had designed. She says it is not needed. Pratik says he agrees with Neha. Lavanya says these designs are approved 2 months ago and they cannot make last minute changes. Pratik says Kushan he has to redesign lobby in 1 day and get his design back.

Precap: Pratik says Neha that he made her project manager to take his revenge. Vivan admits in front of Amrita that he was attracted to Trisha but never got intimate with her.

Update Credit to: MA

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