Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vikram asking Khanna to get lost. Khanna asks him to send the cheques on time. Payal and Rubel have an argument about Adi and Kaira. Payal says Sheela always taunts me, I m concerned about everyone here. Rubel says I m sorry, I m wrong fine. He leaves. Sameer and Preeti are happy that Vikram realized his mistake. Sameer says Vikram released me of that job contract and I will quit it. Sameer says I have good news, he calls his parents. He tells them that he got a good job. Everyone are happy. Sameer says I think I should join. He says we all are going together. Preeti says how can we shift like this to Singapore. Sameer says I understand, but I think we should go. Sameer says we should tell Diwaans.

Varun and Kaira come to meet Amrita. She hugs them.

Pankhudi and Nani also come. Nani says they were ready to come here. Vikram hugs them with love and says I can’t believe you both are here. He thanks Pankhudi for bringing them. Avantika and everyone are happy with Sameer’s progress. Harish says how will the sisters gossip now. Avantika says there is something like cell phones. Avantika says but I will miss Preeti a lot. Preeti says fine, so Sameer can reject the offer. Avantika says no ways, you guys go. Preeti says I will also miss you. They hug. Sameer says we are thinking to inform Adi also.

Harish says I hope Adi and Pankhudi stop fighting. Sameer says they both are right. Pankhudi sees Kaira and Varun happy with Vikram and Amrita. Pankhudi tells Nani that Amrita needs her family at this time. Kaira tells Pankhudi that she and Varun wants to stay here, so send their luggage. Vikram is happy. Kaira says we want to come back to Amrita as she needs care. Kaira says I need your support. Pankhudi says yes. Kaira thanks her. Nani says I heard you and Varun talking, so I told Pankhudi to let you free. Varun asks about Adi. Pankhudi says I will talk to him.

Vikram says you should first inform him. Pankhudi says I will manage. She says I will send the luggage and then we will see. Nani says I know Pankhudi will manage well. Adi and Rubel talk about a flat for Varun and Kaira. Payal tells them that Kaira went to Vikram’s house. They are shocked. Sheela scolds her. Pankhudi comes home alone. Adi asks where is Kaira. Pankudi says there is good news, Kaira decided that she will stay there. Adi argues with her. Nani says is this the way to talk to her, she did this for Kaira’s happiness.

She says I gave the permission. Rubel says we are finding a flat for her. Sheela is happy and asks Payal to help her in packing. Adi says Kaira won’t go anywhere. Pankhudi says Kaira is happy there. Adi leaves annoyed. Rubel says Pankhudi you should have not done this. Sheela says one day Adi will understand his mistake, you did right.

Adi leaves from home and Khanna’s man follows him. Nirmala packs her bag. Sameer and Preeti come to her and see her many bags. They smile. Preeti says I will help you in packing. Sameer says I m feeling strange, as we will be going from here. Preeti says we will be coming back soon. Pankhudi tries to convince Avantika about Kaira. She says Kaira is very happy there. Harish says I think your decision is right. Avantika understands Pankhudi. Pankhudi says Adi is upset with this. Harish jokes. He says I have the solution, go to Kullu. Adi sees a car following him and wonders why.

Pankhudi says I can’t go to Kullu leaving him upset. Harish says its fun. Avantika says perfect, go to Kullu tomorrow. Avantika says Adi will come running after you, he will apologize. Harish says I will book the tickets. Pankhudi says my family wanted me to come there. Harish says you can spend time with Adi there, call Bau ji. Avantika says I will help in packing. Adi stops his car and the man goes ahead. Adi thinks he was overthinking. Khanna asks his man to make Adi’s hit should look like an accident and he should not reach meeting. Varun tells I love you to Kaira. She smiles. Pankhudi imagines Adi around her and they argue again. pyaar ka dard hai…………….plays……….. They have an eyelock.

Khanna and Vikram argue about Adi. Khanna says sorry, now its too late, Adi won’t be saved now. Vikram gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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