Veera 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Veera 28th April 2014 Written Update

Balwant tayaji says, ranveer. Ranveer comes downstairs. Baldev says, stop. Dont move. Papa ji everybody is selfish here. Baldev brng balwant tayaji back to his home. Biji says, have you seen veera that how sarpanch ji is crying. Veera says, i also want to give pain to everyone but i do this only for gunjan bhabi and veerji. Biji says, i trust you but i have to tell everything to him. Veera says, i know this is wrong. Baldev give sweets to his biji and his papa. Baldev tell everything to balwant tayaji and bansari ji. Balwant tayaji says, why we doing this acting. Baldev says, they are not live happily. Bansari ji says, why dont you told us previously. Baldev then tell him tomorrow program.
Gunjan cries and says, how will ranveer decides to marry with another girl.
i know i have done wrong with him but i was trying to correct my mistake. He does nt want to meet me, now ok i will not see his face. Biji goes to meet ranveer and says, pandit gives your and anokhi marriage date tomorrow. Ranveer says, please forgive me, i dont want to marry again. This is final decision. Biji says, what about your promise. Ranveer says, how will i marry on promise. Biji says, ok then dont tell me next time that i will care you. You cant spent your whole life alone. I and chaiji will not live with you forever. so please do marry.
Now everything is in your hand, whether you want to see me in pain or in happiness. Veera says, please see biji’s face before taking decision. Biji always supports you, she always stand up on your decision. Biji want to see you happy. Ranveer says, i know you do all this for me. But i want some time to think for deciding all this. Biji says, he will give some decision or not. Ranveer walking on street and veera follows him and says, i am going to dalveer paji’s dhaba, i feel alone to go there. Ranveer bring her to dalveer’s dhaba.
Veera says to dalveer, have you prepared item that biji said you. Here gunjan and baldev reaches at dhaba. Gunjan and ranveer sees each other.
Veera says, we have to prepare everything, we dont have enough time. gunjan says to herself, oye ranveer, dont you need to inform me. Gunjan then says, ya veerji i am hungry. baldev then order food item. Gunjan says, yes veerji, you are right, i will now always be happy and i want to eat sweets. I want to go to delhi, i will live happily at delhi. Baldev says, yes you can go there. Gunjan says, i was thinking that i will go tomorrow. Ranveer says to veera, i am going, you bring items to home.

Precap:- Baldev inform to veera that gunjan is going to delhi tomorrow.

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