Maharana Pratap 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 28th April 2014 Written Update

Mamrat ji says to their soldier that pratap is not here, lets find him somewhere else. Mamrat ji moves towards horse and he sees that pratap was on land and he bring back him to fort. Pratap remember his mother rememberance. He
see ajab in his dream as his wife. mamrat ji says to pratap, what do you want? Pratap felt down in dizziness.
Uday singh says to JB, relax, this is not so dangerous. JB says, i called to purohit ji. Purohit reaches to fort and says, we have to pray to goddess to clear our evil. JB says to uday singh, lets start all the working of pray.
Ajab and phool gets worried about pratap. Phool says, what happened to pratap?
DOctor says, we have few minutes left for pratap. Mamrat ji says, i will not live because i was unable to save pratap’s

life. Ajab stops him. Mamrat ji says, how dare you to stop me. Ajab says, pratap is still living and if you kill yourself then it is shameful to you. I will everything to save pratap’s life. Here uday singh and JB start yagya. Pratap opens his eyes. Doctor says, he is still very in danger but we can save his life by jag giri maharaj. Ajab says, why are you saying this. Mamrat ji says, jag giri maharaj will not come in our city. Phool also says, we have to beg in front of him to save pratap’s life. Hansa mosi says, yes they are saying truth.
Mamrat ji says, i will beg in front of anyone for pratap. Ajab says, i will also come with you. ajab says, please let me come with you. i also do this for pratap. hansa mosi says, let her go with you and right now we should only thinks about pratap. Doctor says, dont let pratap go to sleep because he will go in sleep then he can die. Phool says, i will put him awake. mamrat ji says, dont allow anyone to come near to pratap.
Pandit ji thinks something and Jb ask from him, why are you so worried. Pandit ji says, we can only do that i will do. JB says, i will do what i can for pratap. Gohar reaches at pratap’s room. Gohar says to herself, now i will kill pratap. Gohar goes into pratap’s room and hansa mosi stops her. GOhar says to her, who attack him. Hansa mosi says, i know that you save pratap’s life but forgive me i will not allow you to go near to pratap. Gohar says to herself, hansa rani, you will not save pratap from me.

Precap:- Pandit ji says, i burn this light and it have to light up for next 7 days, Pandit ji shouts on ajab. Here light goes down and pratap close his eyes

Update Credit to: tushar

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