Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 27th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Payal apologizing to Adi. She cries and asks him not to fight with Pankhudi because of her. She says, Pankhudi can’t see anyone sad. She thanks Pankhudi for trusting her. She says your goodness changed me but it was too late. She says sorry to Harish. Adi asks Payal, are you done with your talk and says I will drop you at the station. He says I want you to go away from Rubel’s life and from our family. Pankhudi says, I thought you will stop her. Adi says, decision was hers and asks her to come outside. Kaira tells Rubel that Payal left. Rubel says, this is not done. She should have meet me once. Rubel asks, how can you be so casual about the situation. Kaira asks, why you are blaming me. Rubel feels bad. Sheela looks on.

Payal sits in the

car. Pankhudi asks Adi, why you are behaving like this. I thought you will forgive her. Adi says, it is not necessary to do as you think. Payal says, it is my decision and asks her not to fight with Adi. Pankhudi asks him to answer her. Adi sits in the car, followed by Pankhudi. Sheela gets kheer for Rubel. Rubel says, my mood isn’t good. Sheela asks him to forget everything and says, if she doesn’t care about you then why you are tensed. She says, I will get a good girl for you. Rubel asks her to stop the nonsense. Sheela says, I was happy as Payal is gone but Rubel splashed water on my happiness. Adi says, so Payal you have realised your mistake. Payal says yes I do but it was late. Adi says, so you are punishing yourself. He says, your point of view have changed about Rubel. Payal says, he is a nice guy but I couldn’t worth him.

Harish calls Adi but he doesn’t pick the call. Avantika comes and Harish tells her everything. He says, I tried to stop him but couldn’t as he is mad. Avantika says, it is difficult to handle Adi but I am sure he will take the right step. Harish says, afterall he is your son. Avantika says, test results have come and my kidney matches with Preeti. And Doctor said, I can have a normal life after donating a kidney. Harish asks, about the BP. Avantika says, I can control my BP. She says, Sameer kidney is not matching with Preeti. Harish shouts at her and says, I will test and Adi and Pankhudi will go for test too. Why can’t you wait. I can’t support you in the self destruction as I love you. Sameer comes and listens everything.

Adi asks Payal, if you are given a second chance, will you accept our family. Payal says, your family is unique and loving. I didn’t know what is family after my mom’s death. i got a family for a small time. Adi asks, will you accept Rubel. Payal says I loves Rohit but phuphaji is right, he was wrong. If given a second chance, I would have fall for Rubel. I respect him a lot. Adi asks, can you handle house responsibility like Pankhudi? Payal says yes. Pankhudi is sitting helpless. Sameer comes to Avantika and says, test results have come and our kidney doesn’t matches with Preeti. He says, I lost my hope. Avantika asks him not to lose hope and says, I will donate my kidney to her. Sameer thanks her and asks, is everyone ready. Avantika looks at Harish and says yes. Adi stops the car and asks Payal to get off the car.

Adi asks Payal, yes/no. Payal thanks him. Adi wishes her all the best and hopes she will start her life with honesty. Payal promises. Pankhudi hugs Adi. Adi says, I did this for Rubel. Kaira asks Rubel to call Payal.

Sheela tells Rubel that I will search a good girl for you. Rubel says, if I she is gone, will you search for a girl. Adi comes and says to Sheela that you will get a good girl like you. Adi says, I got a good girl for you. Rubel is tensed. Adi asks Sheela to close her eyes as the surprise is waiting. Adi asks them to come. Pankhudi and Payal enters. Rubel smiles. Sheela opens her eyes and gets shocked. Kaira says, Pankhudi would have force you to bring her. Adi says, decision was mine to bring her home.

Adi asks Rubel to say what is in his heart. Rubel says, she went with her consent. Pankhudi says, you didn’t stop her even. Adi says, we did so many mistakes but others have forgiven us. Pankhudi asks him to forgive Payal. Sheela says, Rubel don’t want to talk to her. Adi says, decision shall be Rubel. Adi asks him to say. Sheela says, Rubel’s decision won’t change. Rubel says, it is not easy for me to forgive her but I don’t want to upset her family so she can stay here. Sheela says, you didn’t do the right thing. Pankhudi interrupts. Sheela asks her not to lecture her. Payal says, everyone is unhappy with her. Kaira and Adi asks her to cheer up.

Avantika tries to convince Harish. Harish says, I am going to shoots and leaves. Adi and Pankhudi does their regular argument. Adi asks for a chumma/kiss. Pankhudi comes and stick the tape on his mouth.

Rohit comes to Adi’s office as Kushal Maheshwari. Adi looks on.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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