Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 27th December 2013 Written Update

Parvati devi tells Mahadev, that all the times when she was effected by some incident or the other- which the whole world had to face and now its with him, now he is so effected by this depression that the whole world is facing its consequences.. and she wants to assure him that she is perfectly fine and its cause of him- his shakti that she is doing well now.

And now that she is good.. at least now he must came out of this depression.. Then Shiva is slowly healed.. he finds solace in Parvati devi- his wife’s words. He holds his wife’s face by his palm.. then Vishnuji comes to his original form and requests Shiva to play the damru just once for the world to come out of this darkness.. and spread the wave of music in this dying world to

make it alive again.

Then Parvati devi makes the trishul appear in her hand and gives it to Mahadev.. she then makes the damru appear and hands it over to Shiva…
As Mahadev holds the damru.. the nature reacts to this.. the whole world after the dark times awaits for life again.. awaits for seeing itself rejoice in the divine love.. waiting to find its symphonic in the rhythm of Shiva.

(A soulful Title track plays)

MahaShiva plays the damru and waves of its sound travel all over the brhmhand restoring balance back.. a drop of water falls on the barren ground and makes it greener.. the showers of divine love fall as rains blessing the world and its dwellers.. re assuring that the worst has past by.. every one has a peaceful smile lit on their faces..

The rain washes away all sorrow from the earth… and it stops when the damru stops playing.
Nandi gets back to his normal self and so do the other beings.. he feels Maahdev’s presence again.

Everyone start to sing, dance and pray in joy- in the guard of the divine love… the world starts to come back to its happier self.
Vishnuji shares that as Mahadev has played the damru for 14 times which has created the sounds which are gonna travel and echo in the universe till eternity. This is called sutra- SHhiv sutra.. which time is ripe a Rishi would feel these sutras and will be got to existence to the world by him.

Back here Arunasur has planned to woo Brhmdev… so he does penance on Brhmdev’s name.

Everyone come together to greet Mahadev back… Nandi falls on Mahadev’s feet and is content to know that his prabhu is fine.. then Kartikeya realizes his behavior towards Vishn mama.. and acknowledges the fact that even in the darkest of hours and deepest of depressions, anything done by his father Mahadev has always positive consequences.. He doubted his, his moms and dad’s abilities..

Naradji too seconds to that saying that even he for a brief moment doubted abt the situation going out of everybody’s control. Naradji adds.. firstly 5 Mahabhut SHiv ling have been established and then after Maahdev played the damru the world has leaps back to normalcy.. with the creation of 14 Shiv sutras.

Vishnu ji says there is one pb.. after that depression time its very important to revive back the joy and happiness in the atmosphere .
MAhadev agrees to being the world back to its normlacy.. burr before that there is an important thing to be done.. Shiva calls Chandr dev with all the affection and utters.. ‘when I denounced you, you agreed to it without questioning me, and today I seek if you still want to adorn my fore head giving me the status of being ChandrShekhar, Chandr dev feels both humbled and honoured ‘

Then Shiva calls in Vasukhi, who says that he was waiting for Mahadev’s call.. Shiva adorns himself with the serpent Vasukhi.. Mahadev is complete now.

Ganesh suggests his parents to have some lone time together..

Brhm dev’s smile disappears when he observes Arunasur carry on his penance .. Brhmdev appears before Arunasura and gets to hear some rude talk, Arunasur asks for weird boons like- He should not be killed by one, two, three or four legged creature.. and if he is to be killed, then it has to be in his own rajy and that the only one whom he invites can kill him… when Brhmdev thinks on it.. Arunasur taunts him if he can give sucha boon.. and Brhmdev gives him the boon.
Arunasur is now confident of his eternal life.

Shiv and Parvati have a good time at their fav garden.. with flowers and nature around…
He wishes to do something for Parvati devi.. then Shiva takes a seat n plays the veena for his Shakti.

Arunasur conspires to defeat Bhoothnat and control the prakriti (nature) so that he can mend it to his wishes to get back his mom alive..

Shiva plays the Apoorn sangeet bina track and

The world echos with laughter.. joy and praises of ‘Har Har Mahadev’
Parvati devi is mesmerized with the song… Shiv Shakti feel like the old times.

Arunasur is after Kamdhenu putting Mahadev/ Bhootnath in a tight spot.. as he can’t defeat Arunasur uninvited.
Parvati devi is worried for Kamdhenu.. Shiva tells even though he can’t save her being their physically, he’ll certainly save her from Arunasur… he’ll soon be facing his Pashupatinath form as he wished for.. but the consequences would be unlike his wishes.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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